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Monday January 23, 2017     2:00 PM EST

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On a busy Monday morning I ran errands before the storms that are sweeping the country come this way. The wind is getting so strong people are having trouble walking. I watched a lady chase her shopping cart across the parking lot in the supermarket. Tornadoes Leave 19 Dead as Severe Storm Outbreak Pounds the South   Weather.com - January 23, 2017

Other storms take us to Donald Trump who starts his first official day as president. Good luck to everyone in the path of the storms. All of this can be followed on your local news or internet.

Donald Trump's White House counselor Kellyanne Conway coined a new term Sunday morning when she told Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press" that White House Press secretary Sean Spicer was not lying about the size of the crowd at Trump's inauguration. Instead, Conway claimed, Spicer simply told us "alternative facts." Our entire reality is based on "alternative facts", misconceptions and diversions. Size matters but so does truth.

If you follow football like I do - Tom Brady did not disappoint as the New England Patriots became the AFL champs - with only one important game to go - Super Bowl LI - against the NFC champs Atlanta Falcons. Super Bowl LI: What to Expect From the Patriots and Falcons   New York Times - January 23, 2017

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