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Paranormal and UFO News

Ellie's Winter Photos from Brooklyn

The cold weather continues ... a bit milder today ... the official start of winter one month away.

Like a kid with a new toy ... I'm having fun with my Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

I hope you're staying warm and safe.

Northern US braced for more snowstorms after seven die   BBC - November 20, 2014

More women my age having fun ... I've never done drugs and take no meds. Enjoy ...

Media Moments

I was never a Bill Cosby fan. Something about his behavior was always off for me. Now he joins the list of male celebrities involved with sexual scandals and mental illness. He preyed on young innocent women who would be too afraid to report what happened to authorities though carrying the scars for life. Awful ...
  New Bill Cosby TV show scrapped by NBC   BBC - November 19, 2014
US TV network NBC has scrapped a proposed project with comedian Bill Cosby after accusations that he sexually assaulted women resurfaced.

This film will set box office records...

How High Can Hunger 'Games: Mockingjay' Fly at Box Office?   The Wrap - November 20, 2014
Lionsgate hopes Part 1 of its franchise finale can match the $150 million openings of the two earlier films starring Jennifer Lawrence -- The Hunger Games

Another 24 year old women setting records ... and selling them ...
Taylor Swift is first female to succeed herself on US chart   BBC - November 20, 2014
Taylor Swift has become the first female singer to succeed herself at the top of the US Billboard Hot 100 chart. The 24-year-old's latest track, Blank Space, rose 12 places to bump her previous number one hit, Shake It Off, from the top after a four-week run.

I'm a big fan of J. Law and J. Lo ... just girls having fun ...
How to DRAIN your dragon? Jennifer Lopez flubs her lines at Hollywood Film Awards... then flirts with winner Gerard Butler   - November 18, 2014

If you live in NYC ... you probably remember and have seen works by Mike Nichols...
  Multiple award-winning director Mike Nichols dies at 83   CNN - November 20, 2014

Director Mike Nichols, one of the few people to win an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar and a Tony award, died Wednesday evening, according to a note from ABC News' president to its staff. Nichols, 83, who directed "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf" and "The Graduate," was the husband of former "ABC World News" anchor Diane Sawyer.

  U2's Bono suffered extensive injuries, had hours of surgery after bicycle crash   CNN - November 20, 2014
U2 lead singer Bono is not having a good month. Days after a rear hatch flew off his aircraft midair, a bicycle accident in New York landed him in an operating room this week.

Time and the Hologram

Willow Smith, 14, said "There's a feeling of being like - this is a fragment of a holographic reality that a higher consciousness made. I have to wonder if she concluded that on her own or from reading it somewhere. She is reading about quantum physics ... and maybe Crystalinks. Many clients have told me that since childhood they knew we exist in an illusion. I agree with what she says about Time as I can do it too.

5 things we learned from that Jaden and Willow Smith interview   CNN - November 18, 2014

50 Years Ago the Verrazano Bridge Opened


Verrazano Bridge   Crystalinks

On November 21, 1964 the Verrazano Bridge opened to much hoopla in Brooklyn and Staten Island. I was 21 years old and have never forgotten the thrill of crossing over the bridge for the first time with my husband Ralph, in our shiny new convertible.

In the decades that followed, what was farm country became suburbia to families who migrated over the bridge from Brooklyn, to raise their families. From Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge to Staten Island then later to New Jersey - that pattern continues.

Living on or near water is part of our physical experience here. I have never lived more that 2 blocks from the Atlantic Ocean. 26 years ago ... moving to an apartment facing the bridge never crossed my mind ... and yet something about the bridge stirred my soul.

On June 10, 2009 at 8:00 AM - when everything outside physically Faded to Black for 5 minutes - intuitively I ran to the window facing the bridge as if I knew that is where I will be facing when the hologram ends.

Many people have reported seeing UFOs over the bridge, including my students while meditating here, though I have never seen a ship pass over. It's the ships that pass under that always attract my attention ... as they enter NY harbor. I've watched ocean liners embrace the sea on their maiden voyage. It's all very inspiring when I sit here writing every day.

The bridge is like a giant megalithic structure. It's arches have been called tuning forks and antennae ... the cables resonating harmonics into the grids. It is often referred to as a gateway between realities.

I have written many blogs incorporating the Verrazano Bridge into my story lines. The bridge been used as the backdrop for many famous movies including "Saturday Night Fever".

I never go to bed without looking out over the bridge perhaps to watch a majestic sunset or just to experience the energies. I know it's part of the reason I am here.

  Retired Engineer Looks Back on Verrazano Construction   NY1 - November 17, 2014
It's a slide show Mark Carter hasn't looked at in years - but on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the Verrazano Bridge, the 79-year-old was more than happy to show photos he shot while working on his first job as an engineer charged with figuring out how to make way for the road beds that serve as approaches to the bridge in both Brooklyn and Staten Island.

Photos: Verrazano-Narrows Bridge at 50: Before 1964, Staten Island was rural oasis, a world away from 'The City'   SI Live - November 17, 2014
It was a haven for roaming farm animals, known for its wide open spaces and the comforting scent of the ocean. Yes, Staten Island was a different place in the years before the Verrazano-Narrow Bridge collected its first 50-cent toll. That day - November 21, 1964 - would change the Island forever.

UFOs in the News

It's interesting that UFOs are reported over volcanoes, nuclear plants, and fault lines.

They are either delaying or accelerating events. I go with delaying until the hologram reaches Zero Point.

  'UFO' Discovered (Sigh) In Apollo 12 Photograph, 45 Years Later   Huffington Post - November 18, 2014

The European Space Agency's comet lander might have died after just three days - but as we know, data recovered from space can yield insights long after the mission itself is over. Take Apollo 12, for instance. You might think that the second manned mission to the Moon - while remarkable even now - has given up all of the scientific secrets we could expect over the last 45 years. Well not so, according to the UFO community, who claim to have spotted somethingÉ unusual in the depths of one of the photos from the mission.

Is the truth out there? Chilling snap shows UFO photographed over British city   Express.UK- November 18, 2014

An image shows a UFO hovering over Manchester, its photographer has claimed.

UFO Traffic Report: Mid November 2014   Examiner - November 18, 2014
UFO testimony this past week documents more low-to-ground sightings with one California witness suggesting a "major UFO corridor" and another wondering if the object was a drone. The most compelling case occurred over the Ohio Turnpike where the object was under 150 feet. The five cases reviewed here were some of the most interesting from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

UFO Sightings 2014: Google Earth Captures UFO Over Victoria, Australia   Epoch Times - November 18, 2014
A UFO was captured over Victoria, Australia, on Google Earth, according to bloggers.

  UFO Buzzes Nuclear Plant In Mexico, Latest Of Many UFOs Seen Hovering At Nuke Facilitie   Inquisitr - November 18, 2014

A UFO filmed hovering over nuclear power plant in Veracruz, Mexico, and posted to YouTube November 7 is just the latest in a long series of UFO sightings over and near nuclear facilities - as history of ominous sightings that stretches back six decades, to the earliest days of nuclear energy production.

National Museum of the American Indian

The National Museum of the American Indian is part of the Smithsonian Institution and is dedicated to the life, languages, literature, history, and arts of the Native Americans of the Western Hemisphere. It has three facilities: the National Museum of the American Indian on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., which opened on September 21, 2004, on Fourth Street and Independence Avenue, Southwest; the George Gustav Heye Center, a permanent museum in New York City; and the Cultural Resources Center, a research and collections facility in Suitland, Maryland. The foundations for the present collections were first assembled in the former Museum of the American Indian in New York City, which was established in 1916, and which became part of the Smithsonian in 1990. Read more ...

Heritage Month at the National Museum of the American Indian   Epoch Times - November 19, 2014

One became the Van Cleef & Arpels of Navajo jewelry making, and the other lived the Native American experience in epic proportions. The achievements of two extraordinary families, the Yazzies (Navajo) and the Poolaws (Kiowa), are the focus of two recently opened exhibits at The National Museum of the American Indian in New York. While the museum's permanent exhibit, An Infinity of Nations, feels thoroughly Smithsonian with its showcase of tribal artifacts from throughout North and Meso-America, the new exhibits zero in on, make personal, and bring up to date modern and contemporary Native American life.

Native American Tribes and Related Themes

Sexy Men Ahead ...

"Thor" star Chris Hemsworth is People's Sexiest Man Alive, topping challengers Chris Pratt, Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey   ABC - November 20, 2014
He succeeds last year's honoree Adam Levine, the Maroon 5 lead singer.

Chris Hemsworth is an Australian actor. Hemsworth began dating Spanish actress Elsa Pataky in early 2010 after meeting through their mutual representatives,[23] and they wed in December 2010.[24] They have three children: daughter India Rose (b. May 2012) and twin sons, Tristan and Sasha (b. March 2014).

GQ's Men of the Year

GQ (formerly Gentlemen's Quarterly) is an international monthly men's magazine based in New York City. The publication focuses on fashion, style, and culture for men, through articles on food, movies, fitness, sex, music, travel, sports, technology, and books. 73% of the readership are men, and 63% are single. 65% of readers had an annual income of $50,000 or greater; and 25% had an income greater than $75,000. Read more ...

Chris Pratt, Steve Carell, more: See GQ's Men (and Women) of the Year covers   NBC Today Show - November 17, 2014

Shailene Woodley   Wikipedia

If you watch the second video - it's about a news anchor who wore the same blue suit
every day for a year to see if anyone noticed. I would have notice after two days.
The point ... women's clothing and hair get noticed more often than men ... I agree.

This is George's nephew Christopher Minaya an actor and model.
I think he looks like a young George Clooney and definitely looks like George.

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