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October 1 - World Vegetarian Day
October 2 - Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year
October 7-11 - Durga Puja
October 11 - Yom Kippur
October 12 - Columbus Day
October 12 - Thanksgiving Day in Canada
October 16-23 - Sukkot
October 24 - Simchat Torah (Sundown)
October 22 - Make a Difference Day
October 31 - Halloween, Magic Day, Samhain

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How would they handle it?
National Coffee Day
"Forum of Reality"

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How would they handle it?

Did you watch "Designated Survivor" last night? Watching Kiefer Sutherland, who suddenly became the president as the country is falling apart, makes you wonder how Hillary or Trump would react in the same situation. It's at times like this that you want the person who is most professional to step up and take charge, which in this case would be Hillary. Though she represents the establishment and everything we don't like and respect, she still is better than Trump at leading the country in times of crisis as real time events are getting worse. Trump has neither the temperament, experience, ability, nor connections. Taking Trump out of the equation would leave us with Mike Pence another seriously bad choice. With either Trump or Hillary winning, we have to look at VP options and they are not pretty.

How would they handle it? Yesterday it was a shooting in South Carolina. Racial tensions continue. Today we go to NJ where three people have died so far ... People who work in the city often live in Hoboken as it is an easy commute or at least it was.

  Hoboken Crash: New Jersey Transit Train Didn't Have Positive Train Control   CNN - September 29, 2016
The commuter train that crashed into New Jersey Transit's Hoboken terminal during the Thursday morning rush was not equipped with the positive train control technology that could have prevented it from roaring off the rails.

In today's world you need more than coffee to get you through life's challenges.

National Coffee Day

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October 1. 2016 - New Moon 9° Libra

October 2, 2016 - Rosh Hashanah

"Forum of Reality"

Wednesday afternoon I was a guest on a YouTube show hosted by a client named Pat Dengel (wearing a tie) and his friend Mike called

"Forum of Reality" which broadcasts from The Ohio State University South Centers. They will let me know when it's live on YouTube.

This is me at home adjusting my video cam, lighting, etc. before the show.

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