Valentine's Day 2009

Let's talk about Love and Relationships 2009 style...

Times have changed and with that comes the awareness of who we are, what we want from relationships, and whether or not we are good at them.

For most people, love comes along at least once in a lifetime, and if the timing is right, and the partners respect and nurture the relationship, it can last and Valentine's Day can be about gift giving and romance.

Valentine's Day opens the heart for many people, and with that a need to address the concept of love in their lives. Love is one of the more powerful emotions, yet the way we handle it often goes with the dramas it produces, until many decide it simply isn't worth the effort. As people get older, they either heal their issues and become better partners, or lose interest and focus on other things.

Much of romantic love goes to sexuality, as there's nothing like having great sex with someone in a healthy relationship.

As people live longer, their needs change through the decades and with that comes a desire for different types of relationships along the way. The person you love in your 20's could easily grow in a different direction, and so the time comes for the relationship to move on, or one of you cheats to meet needs not satisfied at home. The same holds true for those in their 30's, which are the years people have families - but then the 40's happen and with that change again - and so on down through the years.

When two people want different things, they tend to feel controlled by the other's needs which signals a separation. We live in a time of healing, awareness and self help in a world that is seemingly falling apart at every level. People who can afford it, enjoy living alone, while spending time with partners for fun, without the burdens and responsibilities of a day to day relationship, which generally ends anyway.

So here we are on Valentine's Day 2009 when thoughts of love, especially romantic love, touch our hearts, reminding us of - a past relationship, something unrequited, or a simple fantasy that may make the day pass easier. The romantics respond emotionally, others move on feeling it is just another day and they have other things that take priority, yet if a karmic love came knocking they would open the door. Like all things that present themselves, this day will come and go and hopefully be sweet for you - even if it is just a matter of someone giving you a heart-shaped box of candy and flowers.

In our multidimensional experiences, there is nothing that pulls us so strongly as love and soul reunion.

Whoever you pick for your valentine this year, be sure they make you happy.

Happy Valentine's Day

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