Pink Sunrise Journey

December 14, 2009, Brooklyn, New York

This morning I was pleasantly surprised by a spectacular pink sunrise, most unusual this time of the year, if ever where I live.

Its graceful arc extended clear across the horizon, blending with the bridge as if a harmonic, one that resonated for me.

Camera in hand I took the photos above then sat down to blog.

My mind wandered to this photo .... creation ... the goddess transcends the bridges of time.

From the pink goddess my thoughts turned to Monday's post on NASA.
Saturn's Hexagon Comes to Light and a similar story from 2007.
Saturn's Mysterious Hexagon Emerges from Winter Darkness   Science Daily - December 10, 2009

We go to 2007 for more on Saturn's North Pole, depicted in Pink

A Mysterious Hexagonal Cloud System on Saturn NASA - March 27, 2007
Cassini Images Bizarre Hexagon On Saturn Science Daily - March 27, 2007
Hexagon Spied Around Saturn's North Pole National Geographic - March 28, 2007

The Hexagon

This took me to 2007 the year my friend Stuart Mitchell became famous by creating music to break the codes at Rosslyn Chapel and opening something, to discover something buried beneath by the Priory de Sion. I never saw his harmonics (which he based on the architecture of Rosslyn) opening anything - and I was correct. As with most events, whatever needs to be revealed, will show itself at the end of the program. The harmonics needed to opening anything are not in this dimension ... yet, or we would all be out of here.

It's interesting that Sunday I watched The Da Vinci Code again making several personal connections that I didn't get when I first saw the film in 2006 - which featured Rosslyn Chapel at the end. So Jesus had a daughter named Sarah cool! The answers in The Da Vinci Code were linked in part to 'Alexander' Pope. The Priory of Sion are the Guardians of the Bloodline. My books takes us to the female Guardians of the Seed of which Mary Magdalene would be one. All of this energy seems to come from the same place in the grid.

In 2007, Stuart became fascinated with the hexagon on Saturn and believed it was linked to his cymatic research - the patterns of sacred geometry - patterns produced from sound frequency or harmonics. As all things in the program/universe are created by the same geometry, that would be true.

The hexagon goes to the Star of David Frequency
Movement of Consciousness Above and Below (Thoth)

The Music Box and The Geometry Create

The Star Tetrahedron Spiraling Consciousness

Star Tetrahedron and Metarton's Cube

The Star Tetrahedron in Cymatics