Leveling the Playing Field

If you plan your life based on current trends, there are bargains to be had everywhere - and new ways of looking at the situations in your life. You will learn a lot about yourself, no matter how the recession affects you and things continue to decline.

You have psychic abilities. You see the fall coming. You look for recovery and know it's there, no matter what that means to you. Life has given you years to heal your issues ... now, as the healing grid gives way to truth, you will look at life with a new perspective and make decisions not as you would have before you worked on yourself.

You can't manifest by ritual, prayer or any other tool from the past - as you should now realize that doesn't work. It's your soul above (higher frequency of consciousness) that has always set the foundation for who you are and what you experience. Your soul recognizes what lies ahead and how it can best bring you into awareness.

Simple is best. Souls are being shown their direction/mission ... the one you have always felt within. You are becoming less a material person and more a being of light and energy. For example ... you can't afford a vacation this year. You are not going to get into credit card debt over this vacation, so you stay home and find something to do from there. You take a class at a local school, investigate new ways to make money ... simply put, this is a time to seek out things you never had time for in the past. They may work, or not work, but its all about the journey.

The economic situation begs the question ... Are we in a mini depression, or headed that way? We will not go into a Great Depression such as that experienced in 1929, but the energies read that in order for the program to create balance, it must rid itself of those who took/take advantage of others (the players) and level the playing field at the end of the game. Many people will now pay their dues and you will sit back and feel good about it.

Years ago clients would tell me they don't want to work unless they like the job or it inspires them in some way (consciousness was beginning to shift). One would think that in today's marketplace that would not seem important, yet it is more so now than ever before. If you look at the collapse of the global economy from a consciousness level - souls simply got burned out from the hours, pressures, bull, of the corporate world - economies that never work and exploit people. There is a method to this madness here. Souls realize that physical labor vs. the power of mind is where it's at.

Over in the world of media, a SAG strike looms in the forefront as issues go unresolved. As if the Writers Guild of America strike in 2007 didn't cause immeasurable damage to the industry, an actors strike could really cripple it. Then there are those who believe performers have become grossly over paid. It's like any other market that sent the economy into an inflated tailspin - the party has to end somewhere, some time - credit, housing, salaries, and on and on. We all have opinions on these matters. So where would a SAG strike take us ... back to 'reality' of course and more programming of this nature. It's the wave of the future and reflects the truth of what is going on in today's world.

Sometimes you have to put new spin on things and

Level the Playing Field