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Thursday October 22, 2020

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Life is based on conspiracies and mysteries.

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October 22, 2020

5 things to watch in last Trump-Biden debate - - In the News

Iran and Russia deny FBI accusation they are behind threatening emails sent to Florida Democrats

October 22, 2020

National Nut Day lends itself to edibles or crazies

You're not nuts. This really is a crazy time. Here are a dozen ways to cope

It's a Sign

This is the back of my building.

What does that say hanging from my neighbor's terrace?

Reverse psychology. Trump would like Biden locked up.

Let's move to a new chapter.

Astrology and #22

Email from my friend Dean who is an astrologer.

Helloooo Ellie !

Happy fall. I hope you are doing great. The weather in NYC has been so mild and lovely. I'm really enjoying it.

I love reading your blog and I have been meaning to write you regarding your post on the master number '22'.

Thursday is the 22nd of October ... the first day of Scorpio.

Remember our chat about the great black scorpion and 'things' happening during the time of scorpio? Tomorrow may be a day to look out for.

What you may not be aware of is that the number 22 has been a trigger point all year for the astrology of 2020. It was at 22 degrees Capricorn that Pluto & Saturn first conjuncted on January 6th, that set off the pandemic & the reverberations that were to follow this year. All the cardinal signs have been majorly affected, especially when planets went over 22 degrees.

And, here we are 10 months later. On Halloween, at the full moon, once again, Pluto is back at 22 degrees Capricorn.

On November 12, Jupiter is exactly conjunct Pluto for the last time again at 22 degrees. Mercury finally leaves its shadow on this day and we most likely will be told who the next president will be.

Yes, this is an exact astrological repeat of 2000, when Bush vs. Gore was decided by a judge based on an 'hanging chad'. This time it will be the question of validity for mail in ballots.

And, then we begin to exhale ... and wait for the next chapter of our story to unfold. The 'Covid Clump' of pandemic planets, Pluto, Saturn, and Jupiter, will begin to separate.

On the solstice of December 21sth, Saturn and Jupiter meet at exactly 0 degrees Aquarius foretelling the new era to come.

Enjoy the ride !

Let's catch up next week.

Big hug,


Scorpio Rising in the Hourglass of Time

The shiny black body of the scorpion that Dean was referring to is in fact a black hole connecting space time and the simulation.

October 22, 2020

Sun in Scorpio

Happy Birthday to the Crystalinks readers born in Scorpio.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign ruled by Mars (ancient) and Pluto (current).

Space in the News

The First Star in Our Galaxy Caught Sending Out Fast Radio Bursts Is Doing It Again

NASA mission successfully touched down on asteroid Bennu

A Handful of Asteroid Could Help Decipher Our Entire Existence

NASA's Perseverance rover bringing 3-D-printed metal parts to Mars

The strange story of near-Earth object that had been designated 2020 SO: How an asteroid turned into rocket junk and the NASA scientist who figured it out

Voyager Spacecraft Detect an Increase in The Density of Space Outside The Solar System

There Are Snowcapped Mountains on Pluto, And We May Finally Know Why

Planet Earth in the News

'Lost' tectonic plate called Resurrection hidden under the Pacific

Ghostly 'UFO cloud' hovering over mountains wows judges in weather photo contest -- Lenticular Clouds

Deep magma facilitates the movement of tectonic plates

'Monster' storms and frozen bison: The most spectacular weather photos of 2020

The Ozone Hole Over Antarctica Has Grown Much Deeper And Wider in 2020

People evacuate after tsunami warning prompted by magnitude 7.5 earthquake near Alaska

Ice Melt in Alaska Threatens to Unleash Unprecedented 'Mega-Tsunami', Scientists Warn Geologists 'resurrect' missing tectonic plate

People evacuate after tsunami warning prompted by magnitude 7.5 earthquake near Alaska

Map: The wildfire season across the West Coast of the US has so far burned a record-breaking 3.7 million acres

All-female scientific coalition calls for marine protected area for Antarctica Peninsula

UFOs in the News

Demi Lovato Claims Having a UFO and ET Close Encounter in Joshua Tree National Park

Chris Mellon claims he got the Pentagon's UFO Videos in the Pentagon parking lot

The Nazca Cat

Scientists Uncover Gorgeous 2,000-Year-Old Etching of a Giant Cat in Nazca Desert

Seriously? This is silly and looks like it was designed by a child. It's like the crop circles people believed were created by aliens. You simply can't attribute every enigmatic formation in our simulation to aliens or by humans guided by aliens. At the end of the day everything is a memory activator created by the Simulation.

If the cat was recently discovered - it's a new insert in the simulation and may refer to:

- The Matrix (the cat who kept walking by so Trinity realized they were trapped in the Matrix)

- Schrodinger's Cat which has been in the news again lately.

- The Anunnaki - The animal has the tail of a reptile. Is that a reptilian reference or memory trigger about the Anunnaki?

My friend Michelle believes there are two aliens races battling for control of Planet Earth - the Felines vs. the Reptilians. Somehow she connects this to Trump and why he is in office going along with the conspiracy theory of Trump taking down a cabal ... etc.

Celebrating October Birthdays During Covid

Since Covid began sadly I haven't had any company in my home (family, friends, or clients) or visited anyone in their homes, though my children and grandchildren come to Brooklyn. We've spent the days outdoors, enjoyed curbside dining, and walked along the esplanade and in the park. We've talked about our usual big Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings - but not this year.

October brings birthdays for two of my daughters - so on this beautiful Autumn day I'm driving to Connecticut to celebrate with Nikki and Zsia while their children are in school and their husbands at work - just the three of us.

Happy Birthday Nikki

Breaking out the champagne. Come on down!

Nikki and Zsia whose birthday is October 27th.

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