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Saturday April 17, 2021

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Victoria Beckham Singer, designer - Videos - Discography

Our country mourns the loss of Prince Philip

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April 17, 2021

CNN: The Funeral in Pictures

BBC: Royal Family Honours Duke's 'Humour and Humanity'

Prince Philip, UFOs, and the Journey of the Bloodline

Good-bye Prince Philip. Your passing is the closing of an era as Queen Elizabeth II carries on alone - her 95th birthday on Wednesday April 21, 2021. What an interesting experience you embraced during your almost 100 years here. The Funeral of Prince Philip was like stepping back in time and embracing the energies of the bloodline. I could feel the presence of Prince Philip, Princess Diana, among others remembered in the annals of history.

Death and Rebirth

The Anunnaki Creators, the Flower of Life and Plant Seeds. He wears a wrist device to teleport, time travel, communicate, and more.

IMG SRC="AnunnakiFOLRattles.jpg" width=600>

My Winter Cactus stretches its neck to welcome the spring.
It has lived here for 10 years and each time it blooms it grows taller.

For the first time it has decided to bloom in the Spring. Set against the
Verrazano Bridge it reminds me of a Peacock - Rebirth - the Phoenix
She who resurrects from the ashes in the alchemy of time.

What are the odds that the man who lived here before left me an almost new sofa covered in a peacock pattern. It was a semi-circle which is the shape I have repeated 3 times over the 30 years I've been here as I updated furniture. There was always something about that peacock pattern that made me feel connected and protected.

In this pic the energies seem to be spiraling through the skylight - mirroring the movement of consciousness above and below. An astronaut once measured the energies at that spot and explained what the readings indicated - not dangerous just something he had never read before and very powerful. From the day I walked in I knew where the indwells and outwells of energies were for spirits to come and go and so they did and still do. Sometimes pics of me in front of the sofa produced "spirit" effects.

On one occasion a scientist brought his invention here. We separated the sections of the sofa and created a 6-foot pyramid from my 9-foot one complete with capstone. From there he set things up after which we took turns sitting inside whatever this was. It was supposed to elevate consciousness I think but it was really just silly, reminding me of my time with Preston Nichols (time travel, Montauk Project). Think of all the silly things you've done through the years - or even today - to raise consciousness. It will only happen when your DNA triggers and your memory returns at the end of the day. Until then don't say, "I'm doing the work." Say, "I'm having fun." Then let the good times roll. This experiment could've been a whole lot better if Nikola Tesla had showed up.

The Touchstone of the Human Experiment

People seem to enjoy reality shows so they can empathize when contestants cry and get emotional even if it's fake which 'reality' is. They are programmed to look for anything emotionally relatable or they move on. They scan events ...and from a program perspective aligning their matrix with events that match their emotional profile at a given time.

Reality is after all science and math trying to gain understanding of emotions. It seems to go along with social media argumentative behavior wherein each side has no ability to see the other's point of view - Point of Fact the whole Trump fiasco that divided the country almost in half - a bipolar experience that lingers. The way life has evolved ... no matter what you say someone is going to counter with negative criticism.

Human behavior has never made sense to me not now - and throughout history - and never will as we wrap things up.

Frustrated people on social media are programmed to want to find something to lash out about even if they don't have the facts as long as they have their '15 minutes of fame' and allegedly believe they are Making a Difference - the touchstone of the human experiment today.

Warmer weather and end times will create an atmosphere of Shooting and Looting. Be careful.

A stunning visualization of America's mass shooting problem

The US has reported at least 45 mass shootings in the last month

Today aggressive behavior is finding itself heightened in all walks of life from systemic racism, the emotionally disturbed linked to mass shootings, the ongoing depressive aftermath of Covid, among other programmed events that stir emotions allowing people to detach from the consciousness grids that allow them to believe this is all real. Without attachments and emotions reality would fold. As we know it's all just a simulated experience to study emotions ... until it ends. Until that happens I remain in 'waiting mode'.

Without attachments and emotions reality would fold. As we know it's all just a simulated experience to study emotions ... until it ends. Until that happens I remain in 'waiting mode'.

After the Storm - Pics from Ellie's World

Pentagon Confirms 'Pyramid-Shaped' UFO Video Footage Is Authentic

Yuri Gagarin and Other Soviet Cosmonaut Experiences in Space

Space in the News

Will we ever know exactly how the universe ballooned into existence?

After 48-year search, physicists discover ultra-rare 'triple glueball' particle

Several hundred people have already booked their tickets and begun training for a spectacular voyage: a few minutes, or perhaps days, in the weightlessness of space.

Breathtaking NASA Image Shows a Magical 'Sea of Dunes' on Mars

Current Volcanic Eruptions

Earth in the News

In the chaos of a thunderstorm, upward moving lightning occasionally springs from the tops of tall structures

Warm Water Under The 'Doomsday Glacier' Threatens to Melt It Faster Than We Predicted

Thawing permafrost cools Arctic currents: This might affect fish stocks

Tremors triggered by Typhoon Talas tell tales of tumbling terrain

Historic, Category 3 Tropical Cyclone "Seroja" batters Western Australia, causing widespread damage

Australia's 'Black Summer' Fires Have Left a Shocking Effect on Earth's Atmosphere

Historic freeze wreaks havoc on the majority of this year's fruit harvest in France

Dinosaurs in the News

There Were a Whole Lot More T. Rex's Terrorizing Earth Than You Might Imagine

Woman spots a 175million-year-old dinosaur footprint of a 'real Jurassic giant' on the Yorkshire coast while collecting shellfish for her dinner

How gigantic dinosaurs with 'ridiculously long' necks could fly: Pterosaurs had spoke-like vertebrae that allowed them to take off while carrying heavy prey, study finds

Stones Hint at Possible 600-Mile Dinosaur Migration From Wisconsin to Wyoming

Scientists unearth the remains of an ancient skunk in Chile that walked among dinosaurs 74 million years ago

Meet the Monkeydactyl! New species of flying reptile is discovered that lived in China 160 million years ago and had the earliest-known opposed thumb

Health in the News

Scientists identify human genes that fight Covid infection

More Than 500 Genes Linking Depression And Anxiety Discovered in New Study

One COVID-19 Strain May 'Break Through' Pfizer Vaccine, Early Results Show

More than the sum of mutations: 165 new cancer genes identified with the help of machine learning

People want to improve mental health by exercising, but stress and anxiety get in the way

Profound loss of pleasure related to early-onset dementia

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