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Saturday March 25, 2023

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I have stopped, trying to figure out the craziness in the world.
It just seems to get worse all the time.

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Trump's Emotional Decline - Going Batty

New York Post Shows Trump as a Deranged Bat Wielder Going after District Attorney Alvin Bragg!

I often blog about Trump's declining emotional state especially since January 6. He is running scared with four indictments coming up - and a strong possibility of losing everything and going to jail.

The news clips I've seen of him since he went out on the campaign trail to make money - show a pathetic individual babbling on in a nonsensical way. Even his followers must stop and wonder if something is wrong with his mental state.

In his delusion - Trump believes he can rally his followers as he did on January 6 - but that is not the case. This time he is more blatantly obvious about inciting violence and could wind up in jail on new charges and have a complete mental collapse as he loses control.

His followers believed they were doing the right thing on January 6 - looking at Trump as a god and then realizing he is just a man who is after money and power and will stomp all over everything and everybody to get what he wants.

They need to see that he is not fighting for them - but is just as corrupt as the 'system' he tells them he is protecting them from - if not worse - to get what he wants. Sadly a large majority of Trump's followers have the same psychological profile as him making them gullible enough to believe his lies.

The will may be chaos and protests once he is finally indicted - but it only makes the case for keeping him out of office and locking him up. It will be interesting to see what bizarre behavior he is planning especially after yesterday's outrage against Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

The (cuckoo) clock is ticking on Trump's downfall. Republicans really have to stand up to him and his crazy associates who support him in Congress.

Trump is like Mercury Retrograde - repetitions and delays - though in his case it's more like diversions and delays. The storyline continues as Trump continues to fight on to the death.

Astrology 2023

How We Know Astrology Isn't Real - It's been scientifically tested many times despite the slipperiness of adherents' claims, and it seldom performs well

All Oracles (Tools) of Divination are subjective and based on different factors including interpretation of one's chart by an astrologer. You can draw conclusions based on someone's natal and/or progressed charts but if you don't have psychic abilities and understand the psychology of today's world you miss out on a lot and lack clarity when clients want answers.

Spring is a relationship time of the year. Relationships often begin or end depending on many variables - and that is where an experienced psychic comes in not just someone who gives peripheral answers based on your chart.

Your chart says your relationship is ending now and it does .. but then come questions charts can't answer ... Why don't my relationships last? Do I have a soulmate? Will I end up alone? Should I seek therapy? Who will find somebody first me or the other person? Should I seek out another psychic who will tell me what I want to hear ... etc etc. etc...

At the end of the day - as a psychic, astrologer, numerologist, card reader, photo reader, or whatever tools you use - clients need to walk away understanding something about their situation whether they act on it or not.

Do I ever tell clients that their behavior is pre-programmed? It depends on whether or not they understand the nature of reality as a simulation. You would be surprised how many people understand and base their decisions on factors other than emotions. Reality check.

More and more every year clients understand the nature of relationships and whether or not they are capable of sustaining one. It's definitely a slippery slope in today's crazy world of anxiety, depression and burnout.

Spin the astrology wheel and see what's in store for your future. Between the squares and the trines and the movements of the planets - if some of them still are planets - such as Pluto - the best and worse will always come 'out of the blue'.

Space in the News


Geologists have discovered the earliest evidence of a meteor collision with Earth: tiny fragments of melted rock that showered down on our planet 3.48 billion years ago.

Galaxy Gets Reclassified Now Its Supermassive Black Hole Is Shooting Straight At Us

Searching for life with space dust

Scientists Discover RNA Component Buried in The Dust of an Asteroid

Research uncovers details about the mysterious author of early astronomy textbooks

A 'Dark Big Bang' may have flooded the universe with invisible matter, new study proposes

AI Could Be Our Best Chance of Finding Life on Mars. Here's Why.

Mind-Bending Animation Shows How The Universe Would Look if We Could See Gamma Rays

New findings released from world's most powerful solar telescope

Risk of Giant Asteroids Hitting Earth Could Be Worse Than We Realized

Physics in the News

Crystalinks - Physics

Signatures of neutrinos, or ghostly particles that rarely interact with others, were tentatively spotted in the Large Hadron Collider in 2021. Now, physicists have confirmed they are real.

AI Could Be Our Best Chance of Finding Life on Mars. Here's Why.

The Mystery Of Where The Energy Goes In Quantum Turbulence May Have Been Solved

Scientists open door to manipulating 'quantum light'

Theories about End Times

There are age-old theories about End Times encoded in each of us from the beginning to the end - as all is a virtual construct. You chose your version of closure based on your programming and the timeline in which you experience - but always there is an End Time that frees us as the Human Experiment ends.

You may feel you will be rescued by aliens from a star system to which you connect or by a mythological God you have been conditioned to believe in or - something else that you cannot define at this time but you can feel it close.

For some closure is a good thing because physical reality is more of a nightmare than the dream indigenous people have always proposed - while for others the thought of The End elicits the emotions of fear and anxiety - the key emotions that highlight The End.

None of us know how our simulation ends - but we do know is one day reality as we experience it will seek to exist.

How Ancient Greek Philosophers And Mythology Saw The End Of The World   IFL Science - March 23, 2023

In more recent times, our visions of the end of the world have ranged from the quite drastic threat of the climate crisis and nuclear war to imagining artificial intelligence absorbing and replacing us.

The Sunset of Old Technology

[View From My Terrace Wednesday Evening]

Technology always gives way to something newer ... faster ... better. It also brings new challenges and the need for power and control. Welcome to the Age of Artificial Intelligence in an Unstable Reality.

The Age of AI began years ago - from gray aliens and UFOs to reverse engineering and expanding technology. It was all meant to happen.

Nothing about it ever signaled a threat to me and still doesn't. It's part of the algorithm of closure.

We exist in a matrix of unknown origin at this level of awareness - slowly but surely realizing the nature of our existence.

We also exist in the world of duality meaning everything that happens results in positive and negative behavior.

You may have mixed emotions about artificial intelligence and I wouldn't blame you - all part of fear of the unknown and loss of control.

Movies like The Terminator and I Robot set the stage for the negative aspects, where as breakthroughs in science and technology produce the opposite results.

Never forget reality has always been created and controlled by something beyond human design.

The Age of AI has begun

Planet Earth in the News

Planet Earth ~ Geology

The Wave Of Arizona Is A 190-Million-Year-Old Geological Masterpiece

NASA is actively monitoring a strange anomaly in Earth's magnetic field

Scientists Discover Intense Heatwaves Lurking at The Bottom of The Ocean

Scientists make disturbing find on remote island: plastic rocks

Atmospheric Rivers

Spring Comes to the Giza Plateau

Ramadan, Passover, Sound Waves, Levitation, Mohammed, Ellie

Archaeology in the News


Complete Depiction of The Zodiac Found in Ancient Egyptian Temple

Ancient Egyptian pharaoh-sphinx statues unearthed at sun temple

Listen To The Sound Of A 9,000-Year-Old Flute Made of Bone

Ancient 3,500-Year-Old Bronze Hand Is A Mystery To Archaeologists

Abandoned and Unloved, A Stone Giant Lies On The Island Of Naxos

Mexico’s Chichen Itza Is Getting a New Museum. Officials hope the new facility will attract an influx of tourists arriving on the controversial Maya Train

Archaeologists Find the Persian Gulf's First Known Pearling Town

Notre Dame's Fire Reveals a Major Surprise Hidden in Its Architecture

Paleontology in the News


Ancient Bison Found In Permafrost Is So Well Preserved Scientists Want To Clone It

Extinct 'Lord of The Rings' eagles had a 10-foot wingspan and probably could have carried a hobbit

Smiling Bug-Eyed God Seen In Unparalleled Prehistoric Cave Engravings

Ancient Marsupial Sabertooth Had Teeth So Big Its Eyes Were Sticking Out Of Its Head

Bones Like Aero Chocolate: The Evolution Adaptation That Helped Dinosaurs To Fly

Incredible Dinosaur Had The Longest Neck Known to Science

How Ancient Gondwanan Life Survived Ice Ages In Antarctica

Health in the News

Sweets change our brain: Why we can't keep our hands off chocolate

A Single Enzyme Could Be Behind Some People's Depression, Scientists Say

Misophonia, The Hatred Of Specific Noises, Is Way More Common Than We Thought

Nearly 1 in 5 UK adults may have misophonia, experiencing significant negative responses to sounds

New research reveals competition between brain hemispheres during sleep

How the brain's 'internal compass' works

Telomere shortening - a sign of cellular aging - linked to signs of Alzheimer's in brain scans

An emerging fungal threat spread at an alarming rate in US health care facilities, study says

Paralysis Outbreak in Europe Tied to 'Stomach Botox' Procedures

How Your Native Language Changes The Structure Of Your Brain

Ozempic Is a Weight-Loss Sensation, But These Foods Give The Same Effect

Tick-borne parasite is spreading in the Northeast, CDC says

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