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Friday November 25, 2022

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Christina Applegate - Videos - Filmography

My dream is to have a house on the beach, even just a little shack somewhere so I can wake up, have coffee, look at dolphins, be quiet and breathe the air.

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Ellie's Thanksgiving 2022 + 2

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November 26, 2022

Small Business Saturday - In the News

Archaeology in the News

Ancient Rome ~ Ancient Roman Roads

Ancient Roman Roads Still Have a Mysterious Effect, Even When They Vanish

Ancient Roman coins thought to be fakes now authenticated

Ancient Egyptian mummification was never intended to preserve bodies, new exhibit reveals

Otzi the Iceman's mummified corpse was found in an Alpine gully - but he didn't die there, new study finds

30 amazing facial reconstructions, from stone age shamans to King Tut's father

Paleontology in the News


What Would Dinosaurs Look Like Today If They Never Went Extinct?

Ancient Traces of Burnt Food Reveal a Surprising Truth About The Paleo Diet

Rare Fossil of Extinct American Lion Discovered Thanks to The Mississippi Drying Up

Graham Hancock - Searching for Truth

Graham Hancock ~ ~ "Ancient Apocalypse"

With Netflix's "Ancient Apocalypse", Graham Hancock has declared war on archaeologists

I like and admire Graham Hancock's work in addition to theories about ancient aliens visiting the planet and being part of the human biogenetic experiment. I found this Netflix documentary recycled events in a 2022 venue mirroring years of personal research and watching 'Ancient Aliens'. It's for people programmed to connecting the dots (grid points) from the past to the present to the foreseeable future and feels like another wake up call for people seeking truth.

I've never met an archaeologist who didn't feel their discoveries would bring answers to age old questions encoded in each of us: who we are, why we are here, and where we are going ... and I've met many. I generally concur with those who take it to humanity as a bio-genetic experiment perhaps created by ancient alien visitors and now coming to closure.

Every time a discovery is made - or evidence brought forward - at least one person 'remembers'. For visual learners like me today we have various forms of media to that end.

Archaeological discoveries add another preprogrammed piece to the puzzle (like a time capsule) - which generally makes it all worthwhile if archaeologists can get funding and hopefully media coverage and distribution. It's more about being programmed for the quest than anything else. One must follow their intuition but just as important ... follow the facts.

What does an alleged previous apocalypse or extinction event signal to our programming? For some it is a reference point to humanity's future based on the past replicating climate change and natural disasters today. Makes you wonder if any of that ever happened or these are just inserts in our grid to help guide the way.

For others it brings mythology and religion together with physical facts. You decide based on personal programming, explorations, and research about what the landscape of the journey of humanity is about.

To me it's all about algorithms - or cycles of time - that repeat over and over again until the simulation of reality stops rebooting and ends in what like seems like an eternity for all sentient lifeforms that have been part of this experiment.

Simulation Theory

Expert Proposes a Method For Telling if We All Live in a Computer Program

The nature of our reality is one of the greatest mysteries out there. The more we take the simulation hypothesis seriously, the greater the chances we may one day prove or disprove it.

How to test whether we're living in a computer simulation

Planet Earth in the News

Planet Earth

What is Thundersnow?

Lake Effect Snow Event produced record-breaking snow amounts around the Great Lakes highlighted in Buffalo.

Unabated Carbon Is Shrinking Earth's Upper Atmosphere, Scientists Warn

Scientists Solve 100-Year-Old Mystery About How Plants Took Root in Land

Space in the News


How was the universe created? Short answer: We don't really know how the universe was created, though most astrophysicists believe it started with the Big Bang

19 jaw-dropping James Webb Space Telescope images

Beautiful 'Earthset' photo taken during Artemis mission a nod to Apollo 'Earthrise' image

Two Black Holes Met by Chance, And It Created Something Never Seen Before

Colossal Exoplanet Is One of The Most Massive Super-Earths Ever Discovered

Mars' water may have come from ancient asteroid impacts

Fireballs and Meteors

James Webb Space Telescope reveals an exoplanet atmosphere as never seen before

Astrophysicists chronicle the history of mathematical cosmology

New research reveals invisible meteors

The Milky Way's Halo of Stars Isn't The Neat Sphere Astronomers Expected It to Be

Health in the News

Health Files

Psychology 101 - If you have emotional problems - especially anxiety disorders and depression - you are more likely to want out of here - your behavior depicting how do you plan to get there.

Patients with PTSD are less likely to survive COVID than those without, finds new research


Long Covid, as we are learning, encompasses many things particularly those that affect the brain and emotions. There is Covid fog, fatigue, anxiety disorders and more.

Using a special type of MRI, researchers have uncovered brain changes in patients up to six months after they recovered from COVID-19


The brain is a computer or biochemical machine that processes through binary code so therefore this can be done if someone is programmed for it. In metaphysics they say you see higher frequency colors when your vibration is raised or something like that. That's not exactly how it works. It's all about physics not metaphysics.

Could we train our brains to see new colors?


Mysterious Changes Identified in The Brains of People Who Get Migraines

Using ultra-high-resolution MRI, researchers found that perivascular spaces - fluid-filled spaces around the brain's blood vessels - are unusually enlarged in patients who experience both chronic and episodic migraine.


Evidence found of structural changes in the brain during pregnancy Prior research and anecdotal evidence has suggested that pregnancy in some people can lead to what some have described as "mommy brain," where pregnancy leads to foggy and/or forgetful thinking.

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