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Sunday August 1, 2021

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Jason Momoa speaking at the UN about Climate Change

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Psychic Readings and Earth Changes

The way a psychic gives a reading must evolve through the years along with everything else to bring a greater perspective to the patterns of reality. Today a reading incorporates many factors from a client's psychological profile, to their peripheral influences, to a greater understanding of how our current timeline works.

Climate is changing the way we live, work, and exist on planet Earth. There is no going back just adapting until the simulation of reality ends.

When I started doing professional readings in 1987 the topic of climate change was never on anyone's mind. Personal issues in the client's life were the topics of each reading as time seemingly would continue on indefinitely ...

That's all changed. What's going on with geophysical planet affects everyone everywhere - in one way or another - so it's important to know the science behind it.

The golden years where California was the place to live in an almost perfect climate are giving way to extreme heat, drought, wildfires, and more.

The entire West Coast is becoming unhealthy not to forget earthquake activity on the Pacific and North American Plates.

In recent weeks wildfires from the west coast and Canada have blanketed the northern part of the US creating health hazards.

Alaska had an 8.2 earthquake three days ago. The landmass beneath the Pacific Ocean is one of a few dozen tectonic plates that make up the earth's crust. Each year, the Pacific Plate pushes a couple of inches towards Alaska, which is generally considered to be part of the North American Plate.

Climate also affects emotions. Extreme weather shifts and fear of losing everything due to a climate or nature disaster are exacerbating mental illness issues.

And so I incorporate climate change into each person's reading alongside their personal issues. It may sound negative but it's important to understand what's going on - and why - as the simulation of reality ends.

Earth Changes in the News

Climate is changing the way we live, work, and exist on planet Earth. There is no going back just adapting until the simulation of reality ends.

Africa’s most populous city is battling floods and rising seas. It may soon be unlivable, experts warn


'The animals are on fire,' say devastated farmers as wildfires sweep Turkey

Thousands of animals perish, 1,500 people evacuate as massive wildfires ravage Sardinia, Italy

'We need more people': Exhausted firefighters battle Siberia blazes

Firefighters battle California blaze generating its own climate

Wildfire smoke in New England is 'pretty severe from public health perspective'

How Indigenous Ecological Knowledge Offers Solutions to California's Wildfires

Possible future for Western wildfires: Decade-long burst, followed by gradual decline


A wet winter, a soggy spring: The negative Indian Ocean Dipole

High concentrations of 'forever' chemicals being released from ice melt into the Arctic Ocean


The landmass beneath the Pacific Ocean is one of a few dozen tectonic plates that make up the earth's crust. Each year, the Pacific Plate pushes a couple of inches towards Alaska, which is generally considered to be part of the North American Plate. 8.2 magnitude earthquake struck off the Alaskan peninsula

Scientists warn they have no accurate way to predict when an apocalyptic supervolcano explosion could occur because ...

Small climate changes can have devastating local consequences - it happened in the Little Ice Age


The Arctic Is Now Leaking Out High Concentrations of 'Forever Chemicals'

Southeast Europe heat wave seen as among worst in decades

New Zealand is rated as the best place to survive a cataclysmic global collapse - with the UK and Ireland also topping the list

The Book With No More Pictures

This summer's programming is indeed strange - borderlining on surreal at times. Like a book without pictures we are left to envision what lies ahead in the story of humanity ... set adrift in the illusion of time as the hours/ours tick by.

Adding to the illusion of it all are many factors - internal and external - climate, Covid, increased awareness of mental illness in all its iterations as the brain is a machine that determines our perceptions and behavior.

Oftentimes it feels like we're in a bubble - a state of suspended animation - or a dream where nothing is as it seems as the streaming images of what we are trying to process speed up becoming a blur as they become one ... and done.

For many people their childhood traumas have come to the fore. To this end a client - who works with kinesiology - offers this tip. Relax. Get comfortable. Imagine an electromagnetic energy field going outward to an event in your past that traumatized you. In your mind (bio-chemical computer) sever the connection. Delete.

What's really going on? Mind over matter. We live in a world where we don't understand Time and Programming as algorithmic constructs - so we give power to others - visiting them when certain aspects of our programming finish then believing they helped us. ... It all would have happened anyway.

If we are to look at reality as a book filled with pictures - or projected illusions on streaming screens of consciousness through which we experience - the pages are no longer filling up. They are deleting ... until all that remains is the truth about reality.

Health in the News

Exploring empathy in everyday life

Scientists uncover how decisions about what we see are relayed back through the brain

Eating for hunger or pleasure? Regulating these feeding behaviors involves different brain circuits

Tracking the traces of light in the short-lived memory of the eyes

You're not you when you're tired! A poor night's sleep increases the risk of sending rude work emails in the

A new vaccine for an ancient illness: Scientists are testing a jab against the plague based on the AstraZeneca

Scientists Extract 15,000-Year-Old Viruses From Tibetan Glacier

How Does the West African Talking Drum Accurately Mimic Human Speech?

'Talking drum' shown to accurately mimic speech patterns of west African language

Rare inherited variants in previously unsuspected genes may confer significant risk for autism

Machine learning used to successfully measure attachment in children

Biomarker could help diagnosis schizophrenia at an early age

Scientists can detect brain tumors using a simple urine or blood plasma test

Early signs of frontotemporal dementia found in personalized cerebral organoids

Mental Health - The Tsunami of Emotions

Most people are realizing that mental health issues are everywhere exacerbated due to forces both internal and external as the simulation of our reality ends.

You have seen this expressed for years by people in the entertainment industry, sports, politics, and every walk of life. It is all part of the bipolar nature of reality to experience emotions.

Most recently gymnast Simone Biles withdrew from the Tokyo Games to focus on her mental well-being. Internally she deals with depression and ADD. Externally she deals with the pressures of being the best and competing.

Physical reality - or the Games of Emotions - are always challenged. Today - as never before - people report stress, anxiety and burnout. It's all part the tsunami of emotions at closure.

Navigating Life in a Bipolar Reality

We all navigate life based on our genetic programming. Most people are encoded with the concept that free will is real and not part of the illusion because they don't understand the nature of reality as created by physics and math - algorithms set in linear time through which we experience and explore emotions.

Emotions and sensory experiences ground humans allowing them to believe this is real ... until the simulation comes to closure and they start to question everything as making no sense. That is where we are. That is who we are. The question we ask ourselves is where are we going as we navigate life - or should I say our DNA until the end.

Death and Reboot

Text and Video Blog

You've heard of Death and Rebirth meaning when one subroutine in a simulation ends and another begins but there's also individual experiences that generally go unexplained. It's happened to many of us. The answer is simple ... you die but your programming in the simulation of reality is not complete so your projected image reboots. If you still don't get that reality is a simulation - time to play catch-up to understand why everything is happening the way it is.

Space in the News

Einstein's theory of general relativity is proven after scientists see light coming from behind a black hole for the first time ever

Warped Light Emerging From Behind a Black Hole Has Been Detected For The First Time

German X-ray space telescope captures most complete map of black holes ever

This Newly Discovered World Is The Closest Directly Imaged Exoplanet Ever

Hubble finds first evidence of water vapor on Jupiter's moon Ganymede

We found a new type of stellar explosion that could explain a 13-billion-year-old mystery of the Milky Way's elements

SpaceX retires giant net boats that caught rocket nose cones

Jeff Bezos asks NASA for moon lander contract, offers to cover billions in costs

Astronomers show how planets form in binary systems without getting crushed

8 ways life would get weird on a flat Earth

Fireball streaks across North Texas, creating light show and sonic boom

Flashing meteor that exploded over Norway landed somewhere in a nearby forest

Astronaut watches Russian space station module fall from space in fiery demise (photos)

Physics in the News

Can quantum physics explain consciousness?

Scientists Have Transformed Pure Water Into a Metal

YouTuber Wins Crazy $10,000 Bet With Professor by 'Breaking' The Laws of Physics

Unknown Liquid Phase Discovered in Glass Is 'A New Type of Material', Scientists Say

Why does gravity pull us down and not up?

Physicists Have Developed a New Way to Levitate Objects Using Sound Only

Archaeology - Paleontology

Archaeologists find stunningly preserved 1,400-year-old Visigoth sarcophagus filled with human remains buried under Roman villa in Spain

4,000-Year-Old Urn Reveals The Charred Remains of a Woman Pregnant With Twins

Remains of twin fetuses and wealthy mom found in Bronze Age urn

Archaeologists Discover 2,550-Year-Old Carving of the Last King of Babylon, Nabonidus

Incredible Fossil Discovery Shows Ancient Animal Brain From 310 Million Years Ago

Mysterious Fossils Could Be Some of The Oldest Signs of Animal Life Ever Found

Remains of Giant Vampire Bat From 100,000 Years Ago Found in Argentinian Cave

Denisova Cave Occupied by Neanderthals, Denisovans and Humans at the Same Time

Scientists say 310-million-year-old horseshoe crab fossil found in Illinois creek shows the crustacean species' brain has barely evolved since then

Treasure Hunter Finds Very Valuable Gold Coin From the World's Most Valuable Shipwreck the Nuestra Senora de Atocha that set sail in 1622.

Nine New Sites, From Chinese Port City to Saudi Rock Art Complex, Join Unesco World Heritage List

Chile's ancient mummies added to UN heritage list

Mexican Archaeologists Forced to Bury an Unusual Discovery Made in Old Aztec Capital

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