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Wednesday May 25, 2022

Today's Birthdays

Robert Ludlum - Videos - 27 thrillers some made into films and mini-series - Jason Bourne Series

I try as best I can to enter the realm of nuances of human behavior and alternatives of that behavior.

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May 25, 1944

Frank Oz Actor, filmmaker, puppeteer - Videos - Filmography

Truly wonderful is the mind of a child.

Robb Elementary School Shooting

Sadly there was another school shooting after a local 18 year old gunman, Salvador Rolando Ramos, killed 19 students and 2 adults at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas in what will be remembered as the Robb Elementary School shooting. The attack was the deadliest school shooting in the U.S. since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012 and the deadliest school shooting in Texas history. It was the 27th shooting on school grounds in the United States for 2022.

It didn't take long for this disaster to revert back to polarized politics - that the public has no control over. Today we realize that everything is political and people are out to vent their frustrations any way they can and it's getting worse. Always remember ... follow the money.

You may think ... It's happened again and hopefully won't continue as summer break was two days away - but this type of insanity is just the tip of the iceberg (melt-down of the human emotional experience) .

Sadness ripples through the lives of those directly affected and others in this small predominantly Hispanic community of approximately 16,000 people - 60 miles from the United States-Mexico border - who will never recovery from this senseless attack. Many are immigrants who came here from Central and South America to escape tyranny only to find tragedy on these shores.

Others watching events unfold at home - may have also lost loved ones to a similar tragedy - awakening their grief and mourning once again.

If you understand that chaos rules End Times ... continue to the rest of this post or else seek further justification and clarification in any way you are program to.

For those who get it ...

Today we face many criminal and unspeakable acts - from war to political anarchy. There are the predicted pandemics, earth changes, societal decay, and more.

What catches my attention is a screaming harmonic that echoes through the grids perhaps an echo of the tones that permeate through the black hole at the Galactic Center which goes along with Quintessence (Dark Energy) and an imploding Universe.

The black hole - as it appeared to me beneath Antarctica - has grown larger as if it has a consciousness guiding it - but I don't know what that means yet.

I don't experience through the metaphysical lens that love and light will solve and heal anything - or that religious paradigm about god will save humanity - or an alien hypothesis that promotes a rescue by god and creator. Not happening.

I see what's coming and am grateful for the good things in my life and those of my family.

As I wake up each morning - before turning on the news - I quickly check the grids and timelines. If something major is happening I see the spike then watch the news immediately otherwise I tune in later.

Sometimes I notice that a new insert has been added to - or deleted from - the simulation which peaks my curiosity.

From there it's back to 3D or physical reality where we play all of our games. Humans were never programmed for an easy journey and so shall it be until the End of the Illusion of "Time".

Beyond our senses there are realms of ongoing activities not visible to human awareness ... but just a glimpse shows how broken this reality was set up to be for emotional reaction. Most people are programmed to process first through emotions - then through intellect.

So here we are as the days slip away and we wonder where it's all going and why we are here ... or we've already figured out the answers and are in Waiting Mode enjoying wherever we can.

New York City Welcomes Fleet Week 2022 - Memorial Day Weekend

Bada bing Bada BOOM ... as ships sailing under the Verrazano Bridge welcome Memorial Day Weekend with the loud thunderous roar of a five-gun salute. The first year I moved here it scared me and a client as we sat at the table doing a reading - then rushing to see what happened. It's Fleet Week 2022 baby - sailors waving as this ship sailed into New York Harbor.

Memorial Day 2022

Memorial Day features a parade in Bay Ridge where collectors get to show off their antique cars. The parade ends at John Paul Jones Park outside then on to Fort Hamilton down the block. Memorial Day speaks to some people as a time to be patriotic even though the country is at odds with itself. Go out and be with friends and family wherever that takes you.

Another Sunset from Another Time

The Sands of Time and "First Time"

Remembering the Zep Tepi and the way we were.

Ancient Egypt


Scientists Recreate Cleopatra's Favorite Perfume

Thoth wrote the story of our reality. Here is depicted as a Penguin God - Ibis, Crocodile, and Snake Scribes With Feather Pens

Archaeology in the News

Archaeology & Paleontology

Peruvian Pyramids As Old As Egypt's Pyramids

Ancient crocodile found in Peru sheds new light on their origin

Ancient 'Dragon of Death' flying reptile discovered in Argentina

Ancient Maya Practice of Gluing Gemstones Onto Teeth May Have Been For More Than Bling

Physics in the News

Crystalinks - Physics

Physicists Have Found a Way to Simulate The Beginnings of Fast Radio Bursts

What Would Happen if Someone Moved at Twice The Speed of Light?

Visible light is the portion of the electromagnetic spectrum that can be detected by the human eye.

Space in the News


NASA shows off early plans to send astronauts to Mars for 30 days

Incredible New Views of the Sun - As You've Never Seen It Before

New calculations of solar spectrum resolve decade-long controversy about the sun's chemical composition

Wealthy nations are carving up space and its riches and leaving other countries behind

Planet Earth in the News

Planet Earth

Giant Magnetic Waves Have Been Discovered Oscillating Around Earth's Core

Iconic Iran river threatened by droughts, diversions

People in Brazil's Amazon rainforest again reel from floods

One of The Hot, Dense Blobs Deep Inside Earth Has Been Revealed With New Imaging

Climate Change This Summer

NOAA Predicts Abnormally Strong Atlantic Hurricane Season: The 7th Year in a Row

Weather fluctuations - highlighted by extreme heat conditions - mean you have to rethink outdoor activities. I know some people don't like air conditioning but the body can only withstand just so much heat especially mixed with humidity. In NYC we call it the 3 H's - hazy hot, and humid.

Summer heat leads to violence and confusion. Mix heat with alcohol and other substances and we're in for a wild ride.

We know the planet won't be sustainable much longer (end times) so please be careful dealing with climate change, blackouts and related issues. We all handle heat differently. To me it's all about the humidity.

Wildfires will definitely increase air pollution and exacerbate respiratory conditions even those recently created by covid.

Do you remember last summer when smoke traveled across the country from west to east reaching the east coast where we posted pics of the smog?

Health in the News

Crystalinks Health

California coronavirus spread significantly worsens; cases double in some areas

Heart inflammation found in one in eight patients after hospitalization with COVID-19

How do you know not to laugh at a funeral? This region of the brain is key

Speech analysis app predicts worsening heart failure before symptom onset

A subtle genetic change gives new clues about epilepsy

'Bio-glue' could mean end to surgical sutures, staples

How do you know not to laugh at a funeral? This region of the brain is key

Monkeypox found in three new countries, as scientists look for cause of outbreak

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