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Thursday September 29, 2022

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Zachary Levi - Videos - Filmography

Reality has this way of resetting itself. Pay attention and you will notice change beyond what the eye records.

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In the World of MLB

Aaron Judge slams 61st home run of 2022, tying the single-season AL record. with Roger Maris. The New York Yankees slugger equaled the mark of fellow Bronx Bomber Roger Maris in 1961.

Judge still has time to beat the record and I think he will.

Hurricane Ian

Hurricane Ian   Wikipedia

Weather has a way of speaking to us - sometimes with greater emphasis than initially understood. Those with family and friends in Florida will be watching Ian moving across the state and praying for the safety of loved ones.

Wednesday morning I listened to a woman who lives in Florida talk about an increase in home owners insurance and that some insurance companies have gone out of business so there will be no reimbursement after the storm. Many Floridians never had insurance and will lose everything reminding me of the aftermath of the wildfires in California.

Sadly there is no going back in every definition of the word. This storm is going to change neighborhoods, communities, towns, not just for weeks, months, or years, but possibly forever.

I spent most of Wednesday morning texting with friends and family in Florida - the weather service announcing that Ian is the fifth most powerful storm to ever hit the United States.

Wednesday afternoon I met my friend Diane to do some shopping. As we passed a Halloween display we couldn't resist taking a few pics ... along came three high school students on their way home from school and joined in reminding me of my teaching days.

Increasing extreme climate change - developing into natural disasters - certainly are one of the learning lessons of society today - but on this day we all wanted a treat not a trick.

Back at home I spend the rest of the afternoon ... into the evening ... checking in with Florida relatives and friends coping with Hurricane Ian. So far so good Life aways seems to be about coping one way or another ... doesn't it?

Climate events often pave the way for natural disasters

Thursday - Ongoing earthquakes continue in the Reykjanes Ridge since Hurricane Fiona slammed Canada's Atlantic coast. The submarine section of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge close to southwest Iceland is known as the Reykjanes Ridge.

As previously posted, the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is rising which will affect everything that borders on the Atlantic Ocean including Florida.

Planet Earth in the News

Planet Earth

Massive 7.6 and 6.8 Mexican earthquakes warn Southern Californians - Seismologist recommends preparing for inevitable temblors

Stronger hurricanes that are re-energized by jet stream winds are twice as likely to cross the Atlantic and wreak havoc in Europe than weaker ones

How hot could heat waves get? Climate expert discusses record-breaking temperatures

Climate change is turning trees into gluttons

How does climate change impact fall foliage?

Climate change makes living at the coast riskier, but more people keep coming

Diamond From 660 Kilometers Below Earth's Surface Reveals a Water-Rich Environment

Key phases of human evolution coincide with flickers in eastern Africa's climate

Plants evolved even earlier than we thought, exquisite 3D fossils suggest

Archaeology in the News

Archaeology & Paleontology

Fossil-Filled Australian Caves May Be 500,000 Years Older Than We Thought, Study Finds

See the striking facial reconstruction of a Paleolithic woman who lived 31,000 years ago

Amazing New Fossils Provide Earliest Known Traces of The Evolution of Our Jaws And Limbs

Artificial islands surrounding British Isles were used for ancient parties, archaeologists find

Evidence of the use of baby carriers 10,000 years ago

Not just for the gods: New insight on the use of cacao among the ancient Maya

The neighbors of the caliph: Archaeologists uncover ancient mosaics on the shore of the Sea of Galilee

Space in the News


Astronomers discover secret star at the center of gorgeous Cat's Eye Nebula

Shimmering 'Lakes' Under The South Pole of Mars Might Be Something Else Entirely

We Might Have Underestimated The Size of The Asteroid Behind Earth's Largest Crater - the Vredefort crater in South Africa

Behold, The Epic Last Images Taken by NASA's Asteroid Redirection Test Spacecraft

The Milky Way is 'rippling' like a pond, and scientists may finally know why

Health in the News

Health Files

How does the brain store memories?

Effects of stress and coping strategies regarding COVID also depend on pre-pandemic state of brain networks

A Rare Condition Makes Hair Truly Untamable, All Thanks to These Genes

New study IDs what brings our senses and thoughts together

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