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Sunday September 26, 2021

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September 26, 2021

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Working Alone Versus Working With Others
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Simulation Theory

For those who still haven't figured out that we exist in a consciousness hologram ... A new theory begs the question ... What if there are no advanced beings running the simulation - and everything in reality generates from pure thought? There was never a god nor aliens creating the algorithms of the simulation.

The Where and When of Reality Closure

While you're busy processing your own emotions and that of others in your sphere of reality ... take a second to consider the mental health of the growing number of migrants and persecuted people in the world. Humans are challenged at every turn in an algorithm based on chaos. For many the 'saving grace' is understanding the nature of the simulation and where it is taking us. It ends where and when it began ... or perhaps it never really happened at all ...

Atlantic Ocean Mega-tsunami Theory

On September 19, 2021 La Palma volcano started erupting again after a seismic crisis rocked the island. Lava continues to flow sending toxic ash into the air. Is this a precursor of something yet to come such as the collapse of the western flank causing the predicted tsunami? The wave would radiate out across the Atlantic and inundate the eastern seaboard of North America including the American, the Caribbean and northern coasts of South America some six to eight hours later. This theory calls to me was if a memory from another timeline. This is an End Time marker.

Loops of Time and Emotions

Humans are so controlled and overwhelmed by their emotions - it often causes mental collapse. People constantly talk about dealing with their emotions, what has happened to them in the past, and how they can heal and help themselves and others. Just recycling this over and over is as stressful as whatever they're going through. It's the old 'emotional roller coaster 'metaphor that just goes round and round and up and down and never goes anywhere at all in the loops of time.

Ellie's Rainbow Bridge

Thursday night I posted this pic on Facebook. I wrote: "I just took this pic of a small rainbow, peeking through the clouds, for my grandson Noah on his 16th birthday. Happy Birthday Noah. The rainbow symbolizes good luck and hope - something we can all use a bit of.

The next morning two people had posted their interpretation of the rainbow: "Somebody is watching over you and wants to let you know." "It is God's promise." Thanks Z!

My friend Pat once told me that the first time she drove over the Verrazano Bridge with her young daughters they stopped in traffic at the center of the bridge. One of her daughters looked up and said, "This is the opening to heaven."

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Earth Changes in the News

Ice Melt at The Poles Is Now Causing Hidden Changes to Earth's Crust on a Huge Scale

Ancient Mayans built pyramid partly from ash after catastrophic volcanic eruption

Iceland's volcanic eruption the longest in half a century

Scientists still don't know how far melting in Antarctica will go, or the sea level rise it will unleash

What are Urban Heat Islands? - - In the News Sequoia National Park's Giant Forest unscathed by wildfire

Rechargeable 'Glow in The Dark' Plants Are The Green Light We've Been Waiting For

People say a lot of things ...

- To impress or placate others

- For personal glory, healing, warning, or wish fulfillment

- Promises we've heard before that can never be actualized

Trump taught us that delusions of grandeur create fictitious believe systems to the detriment of those they are meant to impress.

Biden at his first UN General Assembly: "This is a decisive decade for our world."

This is indeed "a decisive decade for our world".

It's why you're here. It's why you follow the news when you do. It's why you discuss things with friends and family.

Health in the News

We know that for autism, the causes and changes to the brain are happening long before birth. But in a groundbreaking new study, an intervention in infants showing early signs of autism has been able to reduce clinical diagnosis by two-thirds

Patients with COVID-19 who have been admitted to the intensive care unit are very likely to experience unusually persistent delirium

Daycares in Finland Built Their Own 'Forests', And It Changed Kids' Immune Systems

What are Urban Heat Islands? - - In the News

A Landmark Autism Intervention Study Has Shown Dramatically Reduced Diagnosis Rates

Large-Scale Study Shows The Moon Exerts a Powerful Influence on How We Sleep

The Placebo Effect Is an Amazing Illusion, But That Doesn't Mean It's Medicine

Why don't we breathe equally out of both nostrils?

Space & Physics

Mysterious, Never-Before-Seen Signals Picked Up By New Gravitational Wave Detector

Three Record-Breaking Quakes Have Been Detected on Mars, And They're Fascinating

Life support cooked up from lunar rocks

Those Cracks Found on The ISS Are Likely 'Serious', Says Former NASA Astronaut

Scientists finally have an explanation for the most energetic explosions in the universe

Giant Space Rock Blast Wiped Out Ancient City With 1,000 Times Hiroshima's Ferocity

Why do the planets in the solar system orbit on the same plane?

How many satellites are orbiting Earth?

"Gabby Petito Mystery - Finding Brian Laundrie"

Thursday morning Gabby showed me a sign that read ... "Timberlake". Brian's family lives in North Port, a city located in Sarasota County, Florida, on the west coast. I googled Timberlake, Florida to see if actually existed. It does. As I love maps I goggled a map from North Port to Timberlake and got the map above (Sarasota and Timberlake). If you can 'see' Gabby - she is pointing to a wooded area near a body of water the size of a lake.

Wearing a baseball cap. Shaved. Wears a Covid mask. Will be caught.

Brian and Gabby planned a long road trip. As I posted earlier this week too much togetherness does not bode well in relationships with issues and at the time of the incident they were already getting on each other's nerves. It was time for Gabby to fly home and Brian to drive home but that's not what happened. One of them was pressing for more than the other could handle and things got ugly.

Directly or indirectly Brian is responsible for Gabby's death yet I still don't see this as premeditated murder. It may have been an accident after a fight or he left her, she panicked and ran hurting herself along the way which caused a blow to the head and death. Mental health issues are the key to all of this.

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