Current Earthquake Activity and Aftershocks

Earthquake activity continues to accelerate
exponentially in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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Wednesday June 26, 2019

Born on this Date

Sean Hayes is an award winning actor and comedian.

We learn our lessons only when we are ready.

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Democratic Debates June 26-27, 2019

NBC Coverage

Why is it that incumbent candidates talk about what they'll do if reelected as if they're on Pause Mode until after the next election. Do it now.

Am I the only one who feels it's ridiculous that Democratic candidates are going to demean each other in battle rather than state what they would like to accomplish and how they hope to get there.

They need to show unity and strength against Trump. Many candidates say they will support anybody who can defeat Trump and yet they continue playing the political games of ... I am the person who can resolve the issues once we get Trump out.

Pitting 20 Democratic players against each other opens the flood gates for Trump to win in 2020. Is there one Democrat candidate who can fix the issues even though they say they can? You know the answer.

Do we want to go back to the corrupt ways of the good old boys running the political machine taking away human rights for personal gain and glory? No. It's one of the reasons Hillary lost. Down with establishment control.

As I look at Trump and all of the Democratic candidates I don't think any of them is powerful enough to make change especially in end times. This takes us to science and technology to force and resolve issues remembering that reality is a Simulation.

We chose Trump in hopes that things will get better instead they not only got worse they border on chaos most days. Maybe that was the game plan/play all along.

Our reality runs on a constant state of bipolar EM (electromagnetic) energies that has to give sooner or later. Many people are programmed to follow the patterns of chaos even if their intuition tells them not to.

Trump doesn't realize he's being manipulated because he's not programmed to. He's emotionally being fulfilled in the role he's playing as president and that's what satisfies him on a day-to-day basis - instant gratification or change the subject (diversion). He is good at redirecting human focus and attention. He's one of those people who lives in the moment as it pleases him. Nothing lasts forever or 5.5 more years..

At the end of the day campaigning should last no more than three months. Recent elections just roll right into each other without a pause. It doesn't matter what goes on during campaigning the person who is programmed to win will be the next president and right now that's looking like Donald Trump.

2020 A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey is widely regarded as one
of the greatest and most influential films ever made.

Also Sprach Zarathustra - aka Zoroaster - Z who guides our journey.

2020 promises to be just as interesting if not moreso.

What's Next?

It has long been told to me that billionaires in the private sector have agendas involving the creation of lunar and Mars bases. They allegedly travel by spaceship or portals in conjunction with aliens and alien technology - mostly for mining and perhaps other agendas. To date these projects go without government restrictions and interference, but one has to wonder if Trump's space force is part of a plan to take control. If this is the case, he will be re-elected in 2020 by whoever wants him in power.

If you have anything to do with extraterrestrial research you know, or sense, that we are on the brink of evolution - especially as climate change, natural disasters, war, and the threat of being hit by an asteroid are not supposition but fact.

This brings to mind something I always felt about Z's personna as Zoroaster which translates for me as "zero point asteroid". "Aster" in Greek means star. Star resonates as either our sun or Sirius A or Sirius B.

From a mythological perspective it's about destruction and rebirth but enough myths, suppositions, and synchronicities - time for truth about the future if humanity as we know it has one.

Things that were once science-fiction are part of reshaping humanity's destiny one way or another. It takes me to the alien-human hybridization programs/experiments that began at different points in history, - more recently in the 20th century. Are aliens creating humans as a more evolved race? Many people will say yes and that it's time for us to move into a new chapter and race - one with greater knowledge, gifts and abilities.

To me this is all part of the simulation's programming and may or may not come to pass when the simulation ends rather than reboots another storyline.

Physical reality as we know it is about to evolve one way or the other - be it in space - or in another simulation. Tick tock.

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Scientists map huge undersea fresh-water aquifer off U.S. Northeast

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