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Sunday June 26, 2022

Today's Birthdays

Sean Hayes - Videos - Filmography

Coming out was difficult but I knew I had to portray my true self.

More Birthdays and News

Ellie and her Daughters - June 25, 2022

It's not that often my three daughters and I get to spend time together as we live in different states. Happily here we are today in Westport enjoying lunch at a local restaurant in town. ... Zsia, Nikki, Ellie, Tracy and Zsia's husband Jon. We're toasting birthdays missed and those coming up.

Many of you have watched my children and grandchildren grow over the years - either in person as family and friends - or on the pages of Crystalinks since 1995. Our journeys continue as does yours - with an open heart and lots of love.

NYC Pride March June 26, 2022

Planned Parenthood will be leading the march with massive crowds expected since Roe v. Wade was overturned two days ago. The Pride March will make its way to the Stonewall Inn the birthplace of the modern gay rights movement as people come out to celebrate the gains they have made since 1969 - three years before Roe v. Wade. Concerns about overruling gay marriage and more are on the forefront of discussions.

Roe v. Wade Overturned - A Country in Chaos

Below I posted about everything reversing to "zero" as the simulation ends (see Fibonacci Spiral). This week featured gun legislation and the overturn of Roe v Wade as we revert to outdated paradigms - with more to come.

The entrance of Donald Trump into the equation (political arena) was another 'End Time' marker destined to have a domino effect of consequences and collateral damage challenging the civil rights of Americans. One of his main goals was to pack the courts in his favor and look where it has gotten us. The Supreme Court will now turn its attention to gay marriage and other institutions that created freedom for minority groups of which most of us are in some way a part.

Remember our "C" Words ... Covid, Climate, Crime, Chaos.

The amount of violence in America is going to accelerate exponentially. Stay safe.

Reality by the Numbers

On December 21, 2012 (12.21.12) ... the algorithm of our reality moved the reversing sequence from ... 1,2 to 1,1 ... hence the number 11 reported by millions of people.

Today the Code is at 0,1.

If reality is a dream ... you've slept like a log-arithm ... lucid dreaming your entire experience in physical time.

Inclusive Numbers

Whether you follow climate change and natural disasters (in your area or globally), the economy (highlighted by inflation), politics (highlighted by revelations and confirmations concerning the events of January 6), health (physical and mental, highlighted by Roe v. Wade), or you refuse to be a participant in any of it and prefer to go off-grid and live in a secluded area ... it's all going somewhere rapidly and as all things are connected in the simulation you are included (inclusive numbers).

Double Divorces

After years of being in an unhappy relationship (marriage) you meet someone who makes you feel alive and loved. That person is also in another relationship.

You spend time getting to know each other. After a while - often with ultimatums about divorcing or breaking up - you both decide to divorce (leave) the people you are with.

In the realms of reality ... what happens if your partner then decides they enjoy their freedom wanting to move on to see what else or who else is out there? This then turns into a 'transition relationship' which helped you move away from a bad marriage but didn't end as you had hoped. You were then left with two divorces one after the other.

This has been a recurring theme in my readings this year as we speed toward closure as 2 becomes 1 becomes 0.

Climate Change in the News

Planet Earth Files

Afghanistan earthquake: "There is no meaning to my life any more," Rahmat Gul tells us, "I saw my three daughters and four grandchildren die, my heart is broken."

BBC: Afghanistan earthquake: Images show scale of devastation

June 2022 Afghanistan Earthquake   Wikipedia

Hundreds of thousands evacuated as floods ravage southern China

Melting Arctic ice could transform international shipping routes, study finds

As Colorado River reservoirs drop, Western states urged to 'act now'

Research reveals northernmost glaciers on the globe are melting at record speed

Pollution from California's 2020 wildfires likely offset decades of air quality gains

Scientists Have Found The Oldest Wildfires on Record, Dating Back 430 Million Years

Yellowstone flooding underscores environmental pressures facing US national parks

Spain, Germany battle wildfires amid unusual heat wave

The Amazon rainforest is disappearing quickly and threatening Indigenous people who live there

4 buildings at observatory in Arizona lost in wildfire

Physics in the News

Crystalinks - Physics

A Huge Step Forward in Quantum Computing Was Just Announced: The First-Ever Quantum Circuit

Breakthrough in quest to control light to evolve next generation of quantum sensing and computing

Atom-smashing CERN to 'terminate' work with Russia, Belarus

Planets in a Line

This is the best time to spot a rare alignment of five planets

Space in the News

Crystalinks - Astronomy

Giant sunspot doubled in size in 24 hours, and it's pointing right at Earth

Strange Honeycomb Pattern on Mars Appears to Be Formed by Water Ice And CO2

Pluto's Moon Has a Mysterious Red North Pole, And We May Finally Know Why

Astronomers link 64 telescopes to observe the structure of the universe

Astronomers Have Detected a 'Missing Link' Shockwave in Merging Galaxies

Meteorite Discovery Challenges Our Understanding of How Mars Formed

Spirals of blue light in New Zealand night sky leave stargazers kind of freaking out and thought to be from exhaust plume of SpaceX rocket

Bizarre spiral object found swirling around Milky Way's center

'Betelgeuse on steroids' sheds light on how rare massive stars die

Hubble Space Telescope shows 5,000 ancient galaxies sparkling like confetti

Andromeda galaxy bears scars of a catastrophic collision

Health in the News

Crystalinks Health

Scientists Detect Intriguing Differences in The Eyes of Children With Autism And ADHD

Americans Are Wasting Billions Every Year on Useless Supplements, Scientists Warn

Study shows inhaled toxic particles take direct route from lungs to brain

Pollution's deadly toll continues unabated

Social Isolation Actually Changes The Structure of Our Brains, Neuroimaging Reveals

Our Blood Could Be Coming From a Previously Unknown Source, Study Suggests

Single brain scan can diagnose Alzheimer's disease

41% of adults in the U.S. are beset by health care system systematically pushing patients into debt on mass scale

Paranormal Moments

The answer is ... it all goes to the way your brain is programmed to go into the grids and connect with information and the signatures of those no longer - or never were - in physical reality.

Researchers Are Figuring Out Why Some People Can 'Hear' Voices of The Dead

Archaeology in the News

Archaeology & Paleontology

A 3,400-year-old city in Iraq emerges from underwater after an extreme drought/Users/elliecrystal/Desktop/Crystalinks/Ellie 2022/622 Nikki Zsia Tracy/WestportJune2022.html

Archaeologists find ancient city from Hellenistic Period

600,000-Year-Old Artifacts Reveal The Identity of Some of Britain's Oldest Toolmakers

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