Current Earthquake Activity and Aftershocks

Friday May 14, 2021

Born on this Date

Mark Zuckerberg Facebook, Programmer - Videos

More than 40 attorneys general ask Facebook
to abandon plans to build Instagram for kids

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May 15, 2021

146th Preakness - Wikipedia - In the News

Health in the News

New study reveals where memories of familiar places are stored in the brain

Adolescents and older adults lack attention in social situations

Bizarre Discovery Suggests Pink Drinks Make People Run Faster, But Why?

Researchers identify a missing piece of the Lyme disease puzzle

Vegetarians have healthier levels of disease markers than meat-eaters

What Are Vitamins And Do We Really Need to Take Them?

Space in the News

Rare 'Alien' Isotopes in Earth's Crust Point to Recent Brush With a Cataclysmic Event

Extraterrestrial Plutonium Atoms Turn Up on Ocean Bottom - The rare form of the element found on the Pacific seabed points to its violent birth in colliding stars

Solar wind from the center of the Earth

A mysterious 'hum' vibrates interstellar space. Voyager 1 has a recording of it.

Astronomers Discover What Could Be One of The Oldest Stars in The Known Universe

Scientists find liquid water inside a meteorite, revealing clues about the early solar system

Abundant harvest in Antarctic greenhouse shows promise for moon agriculture

Surprise meteor shower! 'Finlay-id' 'shooting stars' will appear for the first time in 2021.

Not all auroras slither through the sky like snakes. Diffuse auroras more like an even glow dispersed throughout the sky

Planet Earth in the News

Earth's oldest minerals date onset of plate tectonics to 3.6 billion years ago

Saharan dust pours off Africa Coast, stretching across Atlantic Ocean

Climate change could make atmospheric 'meteotsunamis' more common

Eastern Pacific Hurricane Season Officially Begins This Weekend

2021 Hurricane Season Will Challenge Businesses With Early, Increased Storm Activity

Climate change: Mathematicians find core mechanism to calculate tipping points

Caldera collapse increases the size and duration of volcanic eruptions

Oceans' extreme depths measured in precise detail

Volcanic eruptions, hurricanes affect rainfall on Hawai'i Island

Geoscientists find that shallow wastewater injection drives deep earthquakes in Texas

A hidden continent birthed a new subduction zone near New Zealand

Earthquake early warning system uses AI to predict shaking

Ocean-bottom sediments tell a story about ancient Greenland summers

Water reservoirs drop to critical levels as Taiwan suffers worst drought on record

Archaeology in the News

The Aqueduct of Constantinople: Managing the longest water channel of the ancient world

Bronze Age migrations changed societal organization, genomic landscape in Italy

WWI Relics Uncovered in Italian Alps as Ice Melts

Cambodia region: Large Medieval City Housed Nearly a Million People Before Its Abandonment

Brighton Beach Memoirs

To me there is nothing like spring weather to get out in jeans and jean jacket - meet a friend and revisit the place I spent part of my childhood - Brighton Beach sandwiched between Coney Island (ages newborn - 11) and Manhattan Beach (ages 11-20 and back). In the far background you can see the red parachute jump a symbol of Coney Island.

It had been three decades since I walked on the boardwalk and it felt good to be back. Friends from that timeline - if you are reading this - you can't help but notice the beautiful apartment buildings, homes, condos and co-ops that line the streets and gentrify the neighborhood - construction everywhere. As you glance down an exit from the boardwalk to the street you sometimes see WWII pre-war buildings or older. Diffuse cultures - different energies - all seeking the serenity that living along the ocean provides.

Brighton Beach, as most people know, is predominantly Russian and yet that goes back to my European heritage almost a continuity of the Jewish community I grew up in dozens of years ago. Am I really that old? 78 ... I guess so.

As my friend and I walked past several people seemingly in my age group, I wondered if they were classmates from Lincoln High School who had remained in Brooklyn, though most moved long ago and now reside in ... you got it ... Florida remaining along the eastern seaboard.

On a day that lessened restrictions on mask wearing - my friend and I strolled along the boardwalk in sunshine mixed with clouds - a cool sea breeze brushing against our cheeks, blowing through our hair and invigorating the soul. There is nothing like the pull of the ocean. Sometimes the simplest pleasures in life are the most profound - a lesson many learned during covid.

For those of us who grew up and played on the boardwalk at Brighton Beach - it was so sad to see what had become of it. Seniors walking along had to hold on to someone - or their walkers - so they wouldn't stumble.

We walked out onto the beach to watch the children play while others parked themselves close to the water and went for a swim.

Restaurants along the boardwalk included Tatiana's and Garden of Joy (sounds sexy). We decided against them and went in search of salads.

We found a salad bar and deli along the way - with hot and cold food - then drove back on the Belt Parkway which runs parallel to the Atlantic Ocean. I am home.

Coronal Mass Ejection

A coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetic field during the early hours of Wednesday May 12, 2021, sparking the strongest geomagnetic storm of young Solar Cycle 25. It sparked this and other beautiful auroras some as far south as Illinois and Oregon. ~

CME impacts Earth, sparking G3 - Strong geomagnetic storm

Interesting view of the sunset Wednesday evening from my terrace looking west. There is something about this photo that triggers me to other grids - multidimensional storylines. The lower lights connect to some sort of spacecraft somewhere that I've been on. I can experience it now.

In the Beginning

Slowly but surely the country is opening up and with that - if you follow the political climate - you know we are back to watching democracy erode as if into the abyss. This goes beyond Trump and more about power and control in a landscape where everything is shifting exponentially. I'm sure there are many Republicans who don't want Trump back in power and would rather substitute a more upscale version of him to rule autonomously yet in the name of democracy. They may even be conspiring against Trump - using him as a means to an end. The only thing I see "ruling" is chaos as is written on graph paper aka the grids.

In the beginning ...

Crop Circles and Grid Lines

If you still have interest in crop circles and their messages... here's the first recorded formation of the 2021 season in the UK. Some relate it to a Pinwheel Clock that is winding down. Tick tock!

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