Current Earthquake Activity and Aftershocks

Earthquake activity continues to accelerate
exponentially in the Pacific Ring of Fire.

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Sunday March 29, 2020

Born on this Date

Lucy Lawless - Videos - Filmography

We live at the edge of the world, with a pandemic raging around us.

More Birthdays and News

From Lincoln High School in Brooklyn With Love
Neils and Carols

First we had Neil Diamond from West End Avenue cheering us with his version of Sweet Caroline called Hands Washing Hands. Now we have Neil Sedaka from Coney Island Avenue bringing us a special message of Hope to the tune of "Oh! Carol". Neil Sedaka was four years older so I didn't know him from high school, but we did meet once at a school dance and he chose me as they winner of a dance contest. I can still see him sitting at the piano in the excitement of the moment. I was probably all of 14 when he walked over and whispered to me, "One day you will be famous."

The way we were (1959)

61 years later ...

Ellie's Quarantine Selfie

Earth in the News

Giant glacier in Antarctica is melting, and it could raise sea levels by 5 feet, scientists say

In Earth's largest extinction, land die-offs began long before ocean turnover

As the ocean warms, marine species relocate toward the poles

Dig for artifacts confirms New Guinea's Neolithic period

Piece of lost continent discovered beneath Canada

Coral tells own tale about El Nino's past

Dust could have spread evenly over Earth after Chicxulub asteroid strike

Space in the News

Space Force launches its first mission with virus precautions

Not enough Americans understand the need for Space Force, a top commander says

Seeing coronavirus impacts from space: Before-and-after satellite photos

Scientists use the Milky Way to hunt for dark matter

Earth's own evolution used as guide to hunt exoplanets

Solar system acquired current configuration not long after its formation

We might be living in a gigantic, intergalactic bubble

Study supports contested 35-year-old predictions, shows that observable novae are just 'tip of the iceberg'

Mercury’s Messy Surface May Have Once Had Crucial Ingredients for Life

Distant 'quasar tsunamis' are ripping their own galaxies apart

NASA Warns 6 Asteroids To Approach Earth This Week

A large asteroid ignored social distancing norms over the weekend An asteroid as wide as a football field passed through the neighborhood

Supermassive black holes shortly after the Big Bang: How to seed them

Ellie's Archived Coronavirus Blogs

Ellie Interviews Sylvia Browne's - Sylvia's Prediction
Neil Diamond Sings "Hands Washing Hands"

Destiny: My Parents Understood Many Things
Ellie's Dream Scene From Spielberg's Miniseries "Taken" TWA
Coronavirus: Aliens and Conspiracies

Ellie The Poster Child for Preparedness
Shopping During the Coronavirus Pandemic
The Barren Streets of Brooklyn
Taking My Temperature

Ellie and Rick's Podcast "Destiny Echoes"
Coronavirus: Whole Foods for Seniors: Blog by Rick

The World in Shutdown - Dealing With Coronavirus 2020
Coronavirus - Stuck in a Bubble
March Madness - Self-quarantine - Michael Rapaport's Rant

The Emotional Test of Reality
Coronavirus: Should You Worry?
Journaling Your Coronavirus Experience

The Way It Is ... Reset Virus
Reboot into the Matrix

Trump and Coronavirus
Video: Bill Gates 2015 - Being Unprepared for a Global Pandemic

Coronavirus Humor

Reading with Ellie

Ellie on YouTube

Podcasts 2020

My Heart Remembers January 2020 - (1:36:31)

Destiny Echoes March 2020 (30 minutes)

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