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Wednesday November 20, 2019

Born on this Date

Joe Biden 47th US Vice President - Videos

Look ... freedom is an overwhelming American notion.
The idea that we want to see the world, the peoples of
the world free, is something that all of us subscribe to.

Biden to Trump, "I'm not going anywhere." - October 2019

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Wednesday in Politics

Before I post about earthquakes on The Hill - click on the earthquake map above - a 6.3 happened that sent seismic waves along the west coasts of Mexico and California and perhaps beyond. Loosening Plates.

And now we return to our regularly scheduled programming ... Yesterday was an all day - into the night - impeachment double header that brought a few surprises that were not in Trump's favor.

Wednesday 3:44 PM EST - Riveting bombshell testimony by Gordon Sondland and closing statement by Adam Schiff. Check your favorite news source for more. CNN Coverae

At times this reads like a spy novel. At other times people pay attention to see how Trump will finally be defeated or make it to the final round November 2020. If this nothing else it's history in the making and one way our attention is riveting at different points.

Republicans know the truth though no one ever knows the entire truth. There are Trump apologists and Americans who have been saying for weeks, "Just get to the end." Well spoken in any sense of those words.

Urged on by Trump - Republicans are allowing Democrats to slowly pull their party apart piece by piece - day by day - week by week - and as they do the presidents numbers are falling and the number of people who think Trump did something wrong is rising.

You can never drain a swamp filled with reptiles because others will replace them - but you can engage in all things related until the simulation closes. The way things are going the Republicans are going to suffer great losses in 2020. For example they have already had back to back loses in key gubernatorial races this month.

You can watch the impeachment hearings online or TV or wherever each day and wonder why the Republicans are so stupid as to not just impeach Trump and move on. The answer ... they aren't programmed for impeachment - just as you and I are to either defend Trump or want to see him out of the White House forever. And then what? Where's the the next drama? Ah ... there is so many of them out there I don't know where to start

Speaking of the White House another day has passed and Mayor Bloomberg has still not throw his hat into the ring. You have to wonder if there's a strategy behind this, poor timing due to the impeachment hearings, he's waiting until after tonight's Democratic presidential debate, or it's just all part of the program.

So on we go with our reality series "Trump Runs America (finish the title)"

Watching and waiting in the wings ... Vladimir Putin.

Snakes in the News

Beautifully Preserved Skull of 'Biblical Snake' with Hind Legs Discovered
On very rare occasions, an exceptional fossil is unearthed that provides an extraordinary glimpse into the evolution of a group of organisms. This time, it is the beautifully preserved skull of an ancient snake with rear limbs, Najash rionegrina. This and other new fossils help answer long-standing questions on the origins of snakes, such as how they lost their limbs and evolved their highly specialized skulls.

New fossils shed light on how snakes got their bite and lost their legs
The evolution of the snake body has captivated researchers for a long time - representing one of the most dramatic examples of the vertebrate body's ability to adapt - but a limited fossil record has obscured our understanding of their early evolution until now.

Simulation Theory in the News

Are we actually living in a computer simulation feeding us our sensory information? That was the question asked by two University of North Carolina at Wilmington professors at Cucalorus Connect. Read more ...

Holographic Universe - Simulation Theory

Space in the News

Stellar Death Releases Some of the Highest-Energy Light Ever Seen

Hubble studies gamma-ray burst with the highest energy ever seen

Photos show evidence of life on Mars, Ohio entomologist claims

Outback telescope captures Milky Way center, discovers remnants of dead stars

Breaking the limits: Discovery of the highest-energy photons from a gamma-ray burst

Supernova 1987A: 'Blob' hides long-sought remnant from star blast

Black Holes Grow Hair, Then Go Bald Again

What If Space-Time Were 'Chunky'? It Would Forever Change the Nature of Reality.

Neptune's Wobbling Moons Are Locked in a Never-Before-Seen Orbital Dance

There's a network of invisible filaments across the universe, creating a previously unknown order to all the galaxies: Small ones are aligned with it, while big ones flip and turn sideways

Light-sensing camera may help detect extraterrestrial life, dark matter

Earth's magnetic song recorded for the first time during a solar storm

Hibernating astronauts would need smaller spacecraft

A Radar Station in Puerto Rico Can See Ice on Mercury

First detection of sugars in meteorites gives clues to origin of life

What's Inside a Black Hole?

Blowtorch jets from a black hole drive starbirth

Mira, the Pulsing 'Wonderful Star,' Flashes into Sight This Week

Physics in the News

From sci-fi to science lab: Holograms you can 'feel. Scientists in Britain say they can make even more realistic 3-D versions - a butterfly, a globe, an emoji - which can be seen with the naked eye, heard and even felt without the need for any virtual reality systems

Physicists Just Created the Most Detailed Simulation of the Universe in History

Nazca Lines in the News

Over 140 New Nazca Lines Have Been Discovered, And We Finally Have Clues to Their Use   Science Alert - November 19, 2019

Scientists have discovered over 140 new geoglyphs known as Nazca lines: a mysterious, ancient cluster of giant figures etched long ago into the desert terrain of southern Peru. Archaeologists report that a long-term research effort conducted since 2004 has uncovered 143 previously unknown Nazca geoglyphs - with one carved figure, which had eluded human detection, being discovered by artificial intelligence. In all, the newly identified geoglyphs are thought to have been created between at least 100 BCE and 300 CE. While the purpose of these large motifs drawn by the ancient Nazca culture remains debated, we do at least know how they were constructed.

Crystalinks: Nazca Lines

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