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Thursday September 17, 2020

Born on this Date

Austin St. John - Videos - Filmography

I was born in Roswell, NM ... alien territory.
We exist in a crazy reality where people
expect aliens to show up soon.

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September 17, 2020 - New Moon 15° Virgo

September 18, 2020

Rosh Hashanah - Jewish New Year 5781

UFOs and Aliens in the News

How big money is powering a massive hunt for alien intelligence

Pilot who witnessed infamous declassified UFO says object committed act of war during encounter

Are the aliens we never see obeying Star Trek's prime directive of non-interference

My favorite physicist Brian Greene - September 16, 2020 - Various Topics

Brian Greene explains the Holographic Universe

Consciousness in the News

Solipsism is the belief that you are the only human being who has ever existed; all others are the inventions of your imagination

What happens to our consciousness after we die?

All that glitters ...

The True Origins of Gold in Our Universe May Have Just Changed, Again

Can we next expect the return of the Anunnaki and Niburu?

Solar Cycle 25 is here. NASA, NOAA scientists explain what that means

I remember Solar Cycle 24 which more or less peaked in the year 2012 - though uneventful. Some people connected that with December 21, 2012 Mayan Calendar predictions of whatever ...

Ellie's Aura Photo

Chakras, The Bloodline in Time

When a recent client asked if there was a metaphysical link to Trump and End Times it resonated as TRUE - followed by goosebumps up and down my body and a pressure behind my left ear which indicates an important truth for me. Even as I sit here typing - I'm experiencing the same reactions. Conclusion - things have to play out the way the algorithm of reality is written in TIME so we don't loop back. Researching the possibility of chakra pressure behind an ear further enhanced my connection with TIME and the reason I am here.

- The Seventh Level of the Future Chakra deals with the illusory nature of time, which exists to organize experiences to make them easier for us to learn from. Few people have this Chakra well developed, as it allows us to move beyond the constraints of time, though it will be found open and well developed in adepts of 'time magic'. For most people this Chakra functions at a rudimentary level and allows us only to glimpse glitches in time ... Read more ...

Wednesday - three days before the Jewish New Year Rosh Hashanah - leaders from Israel, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates gathered in Washington with President Trump to sign the Abraham Accords, a peace treaty that essentially normalizes relations between Israel and the two Arab nations - Trump calling the moment "the dawn of a new Middle East."

Going back in time - the Middle East is the first insert of our journey on planet Earth which takes us to the Anunnaki, Nibiru Mythology, Sumer and the Journey of the Bloodline in the Golden Alchemy of Time. [Left ear pressure].

Anunnaki Ship

Moving Through Space-Time ~ Blackholes (Projected Realties) ~ Worm Holes (Time Travel)

Alchemy, Gold in Blood, Bloodlines

Gold makes up about 0.02% of human blood.

Phi - The Golden Ratio

Golden mean, golden section, divine proportion, golden number, Phi

Space in the News

A chemical long thought to be a signature of life is floating around in the clouds of Venus

Study casts doubt on Nebra 'sky disk' thought to be oldest representation of the heavens

Melting Down

Sea ice triggered the Little Ice Age, finds a new study

Climate change: Warmth shatters section of Greenland ice shelf

Antarctica's 'Doomsday Glacier' Is in Serious Danger, New Research Confirms

Ice shelves propping up two major Antarctic glaciers are breaking
up and it could have major consequences for sea level rise

Planet Earth in the News

Fires continue to rage in US as smoke reaches Europe

Arctic transitioning to a new climate state

Ancient volcanoes once boosted ocean carbon, but humans are now far outpacing them

There's actually a word for the climate change-induced despair you've been feeling - "solastalgia"

Northern Hemisphere summer was hottest on record, scientists say

How bushfires and rain turned our waterways into 'cake mix,' and what we can do about it

The consequences of spraying fire retardants on wildfires

Wildlife experts in New Mexico say birds in the region are dropping dead in alarming numbers, potentially in the hundreds of thousands

Health in the News

Study shows widespread epigenetic defects in the human genome

One Brain Circuit Links Stress, Sleep And The Immune System

New research connects the hormones we're born with to lifetime risk for immunological diseases

A new approach to understanding the biology of wound healing

Three Reasons It Can Be Hard to Know What You Really Want

Four Types of People Unfazed by the Coronavirus Pandemic

Over a quarter of people say their lives are very different now compared to before COVID-19

Reading with Ellie

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Ellie's Archived Coronavirus Blogs

Crystalinks turns 25

August 25, 2020

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My Heart Remembers January 2020 - (1:36:31)

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