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Wednesday June 16, 202

Born on this Date

John Cho - Videos - Filmography

'Wish Dragon' star John Cho says his work is informed by a desire to please myself as a kid

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Biden and Putin meet in Geneva

Are these the men who are going to create global peace or perpetuate age old political games? All eyes on Geneva as Joe and Vlad go through the motions at a summit. Topics: cybersecurity, ransomeware attacks, Ukraine aggression, election interference and more. Does Vlad have a 'tell' when he's lying? He always seems so cool. I believe he understands English and is a skilled player. Is he waiting for his old buddy Donald to return to office? Do they still talk on the phone?

Rank Choice Voting Comes to NYC

Back in April I met NYC Republican Mayoral Candidate Curtis Sliwa outside a local store. This picture does not mean I endorse him or anybody else for that matter. I'm not following politics because candidates make promises - with good intentions - but rarely keep them and there are too many conspiracies.

How Does Ranked-Choice Voting Work in New York?

When voters select their party's nominee for mayor of New York City, they will find themselves filling out a different type of ballot. The city began using ranked-choice voting for primary elections this year, and the first major test comes on June 22. This mayoral campaign is one of the highest profile instances of a ranked-choice election in the U.S. Rather than selecting only one candidate, voters can instead choose up to five and rank them. The system has some big advantages.

In a traditional election, people who vote for a long-shot candidate - like Ralph Nader, the Green Party presidential nominee, in 2000 - can end up hurting a top-tier candidate - like Al Gore that year. With ranked choice, progressive voters could have listed Nader first and Gore second. Once Nader failed to finish in the top two, the final round of the election would have reallocated his voters to their second choice, which often would have been Gore. (Ranked choice is also known as instant-runoff voting, because people vote only once. The various rounds of voting all occur during the counting of ballots.)

The basic idea is to allow people both to select their favorite candidate and to indicate their preferences among the other candidates. That combination can allow the most broadly popular candidate to win the election, while also making clear the full spectrum of votersŐ views. If Nader had received, say, 20 percent of first-place votes in 2000, it could have signaled the appeal of his platform and inspired other progressives to run in 2004.

Wikipedia - Instant-runoff voting (IRV), also sometimes referred to as the alternative vote (AV),preferential voting, or, in the United States, ranked-choice voting (RCV), though these names are also used for other systems, is a type of ranked preferential voting counting method used in single-seat elections with more than two candidates. Read more

Happening in NY

'One of the all-time greats': Kevin Durant puts in historic
performance as Brooklyn Nets beat Milwaukee Bucks

This was an all-time performance from Kevin Durant

Fireworks Honor Essential Workers As New York Lifts Most COVID Restrictions

UFOs in the News

Government UFO report is the product of years of military infighting over whether to take sightings seriously

Members of the House Intelligence Committee will receive a classified briefing this morning on UFOs - or, rather, UAPS (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). UFOs have been a very controversial topic circling Washington, as military leaders have argued for years over whether to take the sightings seriously. Even as sightings of unexplainable objects rose into the hundreds, Pentagon officials have wrestled with how much time and resources to devote to investigating them. So far, it's been a hard road separating science fiction-level public fascination from real national security implications. In a few weeks, the US intelligence community is scheduled to deliver an unclassified report on the matter for Congress.

Health in the News

Reports Are Emerging of 'Covid Nails'. Here's What You Need to Know

First-of-Its-Kind Alzheimer's Vaccine Just Passed Safety Tests in Latest Human Trials

Deposits of Copper And Magnetic Iron Found in Alzheimer's Patients' Brains

Headache and running nose linked to Delta variant

Earth in the News

The most ancient ice in the Alps will be preserved in Antarctica

Rocky Mountain forests burning more now than any time in the past 2,000 years

How is the Western U.S. drought impacting the power grid?

Western wildfires spread through California and Arizona as drought furthers extreme fire conditions. This drought is impacting the entire American west

Rocky mountain forests now burning more than any point in past 2,000 years

Major summer storm hits Greece with a month's worth of rain in just 40 minutes

Significant heatwave developing over Europe after unusually cold spring

Archaeology in the News

The remains of a Great Wall fort dating back to the Ming Dynasty were discovered in Northwest China's Shaanxi Province.

At underwater site, research team finds 9,000-year-old stone artifacts

Negev Desert archaeological site illuminates an important chapter in modern humans' origin

Space in the News

Astronomers discover largest-known spinning structures in the universe

Dark matter is slowing the spin of the Milky Way's galactic bar

First-of-its-kind study finds lightning impacts edge of space in ways not previously observed

The First-Ever 3D Map of Our Solar System's Heliosphere, And It's Amazing

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What happens in China Stays in China - Covid-19, Politics, more Text and Vlog

Dropa Stones, Extraterrestrials Text and Pic Blog

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