Friday October 3, 2008

Today on "Ellie's World" Blog Talk Radio, my special guest was James Gilliland whose website is Eceti.

The show left me in a strange, yet powerful space. It wasn't so much what was said, as most readers of this blog have already heard, or read the information through the years - but the energies experienced when I projected to James' ranch while doing the show. It was truly a transformational experience that resonated with my grid.

How wonderful it was to share with someone who is in the same 'space' and has also had interesting ongoing adventures. Just connecting through the phone, comparing our lives, listening to his recent white pigeon/dove adventure, spoke to my soul. If you listen to the MP3 file of the show, relax and project yourself to his ranch. James and I didn't have time for a meditation, but the energies were so high, it wasn't necessary. To me the experience was about the energies, and I have no plans to rush off to Wash. State. James asked to do another show, so we will set something up in the months ahead.

Magic and Alchemy - You Can Feel it all Changing

October brings busy times, global changes, Magic (Halloween) and Alchemy. The focus in the US is the upcoming elections and the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 passed by Congress on Friday. There is no right solution for an economy that was based on illusion in the first place. Just watch it all quickly evolve from what it is to something different, and manage your finances as best you can, trying to avoid destructive fallout in your life. In the 'season of bailout' - who will bail you out if needed? Are you waiting for the other shoe to drop, or for it all to just go away?

With economic collapse comes emotional and physical collapse - it's a lots of work keeping your life in balance now ----> on to spiritual evolution ... it's all going somewhere. If you are on My Page, you feel it, see it, sense it, and embrace what's coming. Anything can, and will, happen. Expect the timelines to spike like the richter scale on a 10 day, or the economic indicators.

Mercury Retrograde ends October 15 and reality check comes for everyone. I am just a messenger like the white dove who came to visit me last week. The God Mercury was Merlin the Magician and Hermes which takes us to Hermetic Philosophies ... and all things related, which go back to Thoth who was Jesus.

Earliest reference describes Christ as 'magician'
MSNBC - October 2, 2008
The engraving reads, "DIA CHRSTOU O GOISTAIS," which has been interpreted to mean either,
"by Christ the Magician" or "the Magician by Christ." (wink)

It will always be about Magic and Alchemy and figuring out the Illusion.

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