The Road to Change

Life is an endless cycle of winding and twisting roads
that create endless changes at every turn.

You can't change fate in the loops and illusions of time,
you can only adapt and move on.

Friday October 24, 2008 ... New York City

This month has seen unprecedented changes in the US economy having global ramifications that will eventually cause a paradigm shift on all levels. The global financial meltdown is not going to get better any time soon, even if it appears to and we believe it will heal as things did after 9/11 ... or did they?

Alongside the global changes, is a growing spiritual awareness not about a god or group of aliens who will return to help up, but a shift in consciousness and understanding from the physical to something more that affects and connects each of us. It is about creation and where it is all going.

On this day, I was invited to the city initially meeting with a financial broker on Wall Street, then on to the home of a celebrity to speak with her recently deceased mother.

Friday was a wild day on Wall Street, which has been the pattern all month, October never being a good time for the stock market. It certainly was an interesting time to be there.

I met with my client John at 10:00 am, discussing his company and its future. John maintains a positive attitude and sees a turn around by 2010. The energies on Wall Street were electrifying - other people stopping to ask my opinion on the economy and specific investments.

Everyone at the stock exchange has spend countless hours strategizing what will happen, most believing that it will all turn around as in the past. It's all about cycles - emotional and financial. It's is a game within a game and truly a metaphor for what is happening on a much grander scale - fear factor.

One trader, Tom, told me that on Thursday he bought stock at 10:00 AM for $1000 and sold it 4 hours later for $4000, using his instincts, and 20 years of experience, to guide his decision on when to sell. In the grand scale, $3000 is not a lot of money, but as I watched him passionately describe how he made a fortune in the past, it was all about the game. The market is a male dominated game - they work hard, but also play hard which is why many people want them to lose.

After John's reading ... the car service drove me to an upper west side 5-story brownstone, the home of a celebrity whose 70 year old mother, let's call her Mary, died suddenly last week. What's interesting about this story is ... at the moment Mary died, my client was talking to a famous psychic medium, who never saw it coming. The lesson is simple, some events are meant to happen and should not be changed. I've heard of incidents where intuition has saved someone's life, the person wanting the leave the program, finding a way out shortly after.

When you step back and think outside the box, you will understand why things manifest as they do, then just keep yourself busy and ease on down the road until zero point. I hear another song in my head ...

Ease on Down the Road

(YouTube - 4 minutes - Michael Jackson)

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