Sink or Swim - Marriage or Divorce? The Defining Line

It's September 2008 (Virgo) and with that come major changes including partners - some after many years - others after a summer fling.

We read about dealing with divorce issues and therefore know why people eventually make that change - or remain abused or in dead space.

We also know all the wrong reasons they get together and stay together and how, at the end of the day, many discover a better life after the experience is over.

Most divorcing clients want to know when I see The One coming into their lives? No rehashing ... You know who The One is ... You.

People mostly want partners who have worked on themselves and healed their issues and vices, a reflection that they are healed. Segue to .... the Metaphysical Partners who are mostly lost souls on a journey whose issues pre and post your meeting must be evaluated. They say things like, "I just healed ...... Let's meditate and do energy work. Let's Reiki." They view reality through the healing grid and talk about issues all the time. When they discuss a topic it always goes to ... "Let's look at the issues of the people involved." These souls really are a lot of work and always talk about issues. When you're healed you don't want to be around the wounded. You want the positive things in life.

Always there is one person who wants to stay in a relationships while the other needs/wants to move on ... fear factor, loneliness ... blah blah blah.

The reasons for separation and divorce are endless, but at the end of the day, when it's over, it's over.

Don't remain in the same house - privacy lost.

Don't fight in front of the kids - they don't deserve that.

Some people don't want to split until they find security with another person. What they don't realize is that there is no guarantee, especially in today's world, that the other person will stick around either. Co-dependency is becoming outmoded. Make sure your children educate to earn a living when they are grown.

You know our motto - either it works or it doesn't in which case move on. You have better things to do than chase a dream, especially now when more and more people are becoming emotionally and physically unavailable - intimacy issues.

Lost people want to know why they've never felt connected to anyone or anything - and it's getting worse as souls detach.

There are those who are destined to find themselves through a partner, but most of us are here to find out the truth on our own, partners becoming playmates.

I know you get it, until it hits your life, your heart and your pocketbook.