Ellie's Archives 2002

The Holographic Universe, Simulation Theory

Lattice, Consciousness Grids, Reality

'Taken', Alien Abductions
Ellie Crystal and Ellen Crystall, Researchers, Authors
Phoenix Projects
Aliens Among Us
Alien Mythology
Ellie and the Alien

Christmas 2002, White Pigeons and Unicorns
Christmas in New Zealand 2002
Christmas Break(down), Teenage Clients

An Earring Manifested Out of Nowhere
Thinking Outside The Box

Vegetarian Day
Allergies and Metaphysics, Nesting Time With Partners
Graffiti, The Writing is on the Wall
12 Days of Magic, October 21 - November 1

The Elgin Clock, Balance DNA, Consciousness
Job Hunting, Mercury Retrograde
September 11, 2002, A Day Of Remembrance
Ellie and the Sopranos, Life's Dramas, Teenagers
Opening Gantenbrink's Door, Masonic Program

Either It Works Or It Doesn't
Soul Mates and Seniors
Nervous Habits and the Chakra System
Waiting For a Partners
Riding The Emotional Roller Coaster
Why Can't We Be Friends?
Frequencies of Making Love
Relationships With Metaphysical Partners
You Deserve Better
'Signs', Crop Circles, UFOS
Sine Waves, Riding The Wave of Reality

Y.A.N.A - You Are Not Alone
Putting the Puzzle Together
Sandcastles in Time
Sea Salt and Healing
Reality and Film
Goldilocks and the Bear Market

Conical Hats
Mastering Your Reality
Acupuncture and Conception
The Spirit in the Back Seat
The Geometry of Sacred Places, Major Grid Points
Conspiracy Games, Who Should Control Them?
The Bubble Effect, Living in the Bubble That is About to Burst
The Flow of Creation, Dolphins

The Domino Effect
3, 2, 1 Countdown: Sequential Digital Triggers
Bicycles and the Wheels of Synchronicity

Spirits of 911, Projected Illusion
Projections - Religious Apparitions, How Do They Work
Frozen in Time, The Car Accident, Projected Illusion

Renovating An Old Home
Foreigners, Returning to Your Roots, Going Home
Ellie The Teacher
Fonts and Personality, Graphology

The Metaphysical Center
Journey in the Labyrinth of Life
Energy Changes in April, May and June
The Call of the Wild Syndrome
The Transition Person, The Interim Lover
The Transition Situation
Syndromes vs. Patterns of Behavior

People Who Disappear and are Never Heard From Again
The Stigmata Priest
Basic Black: Oscar Goes to Halle Berry and Denzel Washington

Zebron and Alexandra
Michael Meets E.T.
The Man on the Moon
The Blue Goddess
Detective Dick
The Spirit in the Woods

Zero Point
The Alchemy of Time
Harmonic Tuning Forks
The Sounds of Soul - Thuup
Lunar Journey, The Lost Tablets
The Illusion of Mind
Blue Star Maiden Crystal Skull

Sarah and Alexander, The Music Box Played
12 Fibonacci Goddesses
Virtual 2002, Hyperspace
Wings, Faravahar
Persian Gulf, Consciousness Recycled, Religon, Zoroaster
Biogenetc Engineering, The Labs
Grid Travel
The Grid Shifters

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