June 12, 2002

When I awoke this morning I was dreaming that I was talking to Osiris, an Egyptian God who wore a conical shaped hat. His partner was Isis. As a watched him, his headdress suddenly started to spiral from the top of his head. It became a pyramid of light energy then changed into the flame of creation into which he disappeared. The top of Osiris' headdress is torus shaped. This is a reference to creation by consciousness.

The Tube Torus is derived from the basic study of the Flower of Life. By using a simple compass one can create the Flower of life very easily. There are seven basic steps in the composition of the Seed of Life which, if continued to its conclusion, yields the study of the vortex through the Flower of Life. This goes to spiraling consciousness, coiling (DNA) back to source.

Seed of Life

By ratcheting the Seed of Life one obtains the basic structure of the Tube Torus. The Tube Torus is basic in the study of Vortex forms. This first simple study of a one dimensional form leads to the understanding of multidimensional vortex forms.

View of the Tube Torus from

the side and nested.

Views of the Tube Torus as the

polar grid in other positions.

Golden Ratio/Mean Spiral

from two different calculations

If you copy the Golden Mean Spiral several times and use the same center point, then place it in a circle, you obtain another means of viewing a vortex. This can also be done with any calculable spiral such as the Fibonacci spiral.

View of the same vortex

from an angle with reflection.

Looking at the Golden Mean

from the side.
Zero Point
As is Above, So is Below

Harmonics of Sound

View of the polar grid derived from the Flower of Life containing the same Golden Mean Spiral. As you contemplate this image, the beginning of the study of Character Math seems to appear. This is a one dimensional look at the polar grid which is actually 3 dimensional. The study of music and how it pertains to the Flower of Life and the polar grid, yields harmonic calculations which describe other proportional properties in Sacred Geometry. Phi Harmonics research continues at San Graal School of Sacred Geometry. There are links on the front page to other articles and downloadable music files which are pertinent to the study of The Language of Light, according to Phi and the Vibration of our Universe.

Calculating the polar grid from a different perspective we get the harmonics of music equaling the twelfth root of two, which is the standard for tuning harmonics as we know them.

Conical Hats Worn By Gods

Quetzalcoatl wears a conical cap as wind god Ehecatl. He brought love into the world by mating with the maid Mayahuel as a single tree with flowering branch.

Pharaoh Akhenaten, from a statue in the library of the British Museum. The Pharaoh is equally a priest and a ruler, and wears the crown of the two halves (upperworld and underworld) of his dominion. the lower crown denotes the upperworld, the high conical hat the lower.

They also wore conical hats

A conical hat is a hat shaped like a cone. Conical hats and caps can generally be subdivided into two types by the angle through their cross-section:

The Donut Effect

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Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry

Metatron's Cube

Zero Point

Tube Torus