Conspiracy Games - Who Should Control Them?

June 9, 2002

Physical reality is programmed for conspiracy to challenge the mind and awaken the souls to the greatest conspiracy of all, the nature of our reality as virtual reality consciousness program, that had a beginning and has an end time. In ancient times the knowledge about creation, end times, and the truth about our destiny was known and passed down to be shared by all. But it wasn't destined to play out that way.

The 'keepers of the records' were the priests, who lie the priests of today, have their secrets and enjoy playing conspiracy. It would seem there are deceptions in all walks of life, from personal to global.

The priests of old, hid the information in many ways, from physical means to those of specific bloodlines or DNA. Encoded within, this information would one day surface and as the program ended. And so it is ...

Hiding information has always been a KEY part of the game.

The keepers of the secrets belonged to the ancient mystery schools. priests, initiates, and teachers, who allegedly guarded the secrets until now. Much was hidden in crystals, oral traditions, scrolls, cave writing, and texts, some so cryptic they have never been decoded and remain a mystery.

As we are programmed for drama and fear, the keepers became dysfunctional, or went on a 'power trip', and thus became corrupt. Most were men playing their game while women watched and said little. Men were the Protectors, Knights, Priests, Elders, Shaman, part of different Brotherhoods. Who would believe this still exists today?

We know what happens when information gets passed down - it gets distorted - the original knowledge eventually becoming lost, until someone programmed to bring the truth into the grid arrives.

The games were ruled by male energy, which is why some call this a patriarchal experience, the feminine aspect emerging now to restore balance and bring souls out of the illusion.

It's about the alchemy of time and consciousness.

The original knowledge is encoded within you at the base of your spine which contains the original eight cells at the time you were conceived. These are the only cells in your body that never change as you move through this experience. All of the knowledge is within you. Human DNA is encoded with everything you are searching for. You will awaken to the truth when you are ready. You will unlock the door of your memory and the conspiracies will be found out.

The hourglass is turning quickly, freeing the soul sparks.

That which was concealed in the program is flowing like the sands of time.
A new beginning is surfacing. 'Waiting Mode' is almost over.