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Novel Ideas: Conspiracies, Family Business: Trumps, Rockefellers
Trump - Collusion and Diversion March 20, 2017 Video Blog
Remembering Chuck Berry Text, Music Videos, Quotes
Flood Stories: Swept Away in the Tsunami of Time and Illusion, Peru, "Inception"
Autism Spectrum: Emotions, Healers, Careers, Biomarkers
We Could Back Up The Entire Internet On A Gram Of DNA (Video)
Winter Storm Stella Pics, Text, Video Blog
Filming in the Park Pics, Text, Video Blog

Conspiracies 2017, Vault 7, WikiLeaks
    Shiny Objects, Diversions, Shining Ones, Anunnaki, Nephelim
    All Seeing Eye, Mystery Schools, Thoth, There does exist . . .

Egyptian Themes Revisited - Irene and Ellie in Egypt - Egyptian Plant Blooms, Shining Ones, Thoth

Metaphysically Speaking ... Ellie and Diego Video Blog
International Women's Day 2017 - Back to the Beginning Video Blog
International Women's Day - Goddess ... Priestess Tips For Women - Reality Check 2017

Algorithm For Humanity
Walking Styles and Foot Shape Reflect Your Personality

The Phoenix Lights (UFOs) 20 Years Later Video Blog
Exit Flight Simulation ... 3.3.17 (Healing)
Ellie Mentoring the Hologram - Lucid Dreaming

What if the US Power Grid Went Down?
Fly me to the Moon in 2018: NASA or SpaceX - Elon Musk

Walk-ins, Wanderers, and Inserts Video Blog
Inserts in the Hologram Video Blog

Nikki: Food Network Salesperson of the Year Award
Ellie Turns 74 on 2/17/17

Trump Blogs: February 14-16
    First Solo Press Conference
    Netanyahu - Meeting of the Minds
    Straight off the Runway
What I would say if I was Trump's Psychic

"Dynamic Tower" Mirrors Spiraling Consciousness or DNA
Ascension As We Understand It Today Video Blog
Acceleration 2017
Reacting Emotionally Before an Event Occurs Video Blog
When Your Elderly Landlord/Landlady Leaves
Blizzard of 2017, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Video Blog
How We Watch TV Today

Oscars - Did the Oscars just proves that we live in a simulation?
Grammy Awards 2017, Beyonce
Super Bowl LI, Tom Brady, Lady Gaga, Commercials
Gorgeous Pop Singers Who Had Twins
Groundhog Day, Time, Holographic Universe
Valentine's Day 2017 - Relationships
Rumor Wins The 2017 Westminster Dog Show
    Dogs Mirror Owners' Personalities

Trapped in the Matrix of Time
    Study reveals substantial evidence of holographic universe
Life Review Experiences - LRI's After Death

Immigration Then and Now
Trump's First Week in Office
The Time Traveler 2017 - It's about Time
Actors Mary Tyler Moore and John Hurt die on the same day
    Ellie with Mary's hair style - Doomsday clock moved forward
Reset :: Doomsday Clock Reset - 2.5 Minutes to go - Tick Tock
Trump's Mexico Wall, Wall Street Hits 20,000, Facebook, Emotional, Illusion
"Dumpster Fire" - Phrase of the Year
"Alternative Facts" - Kellyanne Conway Phrase
Millions March for Human Rights
Post Inaugural Blog Video Blog
Inauguration Day - The Trump Era Begins
Philosophy on Life, Simulated Thoughts, Augmented Reality

Channeling - The Switchboard Effect Ellie on YouTube
Being a Teacher Video Blog
Inauguration Week January 2017 Video Blog

On the Matter of Political Blogs
On the Matter of Prophecies - Matteo Tafuri
Politics and Aliens - Josh Holloway and Steve Colbert
Weather - Week 2 January 2017
Dealing With Stress Video Blog
Nibiru and Doomsday Predictions
The Return of Nibiru Video Blog
74th Golden Globes
SAG Awards - Politics and the Immigration Ban

2017 Year of Transition, Z Day, Earthquakes Continue, Algorithm
Chinese New Year - Year of the Rooster 2017
The Z Files (Harbor Lights)

Psychic Reading With Ellie

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