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Ellie's Adventures and Videos
Moving to 2018 ... Ellie's New Years Blogs, Full Wolf Moon, Supermoon
2018 New Year's Thoughts from Ellie and Ron, A.I. and the Simulation
News Predictions and Ellie's Messages for 2018

Ellie's 2017 Hanukkah Blogs
    Day 1 - 12.12, Family, Friends, Neighbors, El Sherif, Egypt, The Script and The Algorithm
    Day 2 - Lighting Up The Lobby - Lobbying For the US Senate
    Day 3 - Ellie Goes to Temple in Bay Ridge
    Day 4 - Magic With Santa on National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day ("Santa Baby")
    Day 5 - DJ at a 50th Birthday Party
    Day 6 - Football and Hanukkah
    Day 7 - Aliens, Christmas, News - - - Aliens, Creation, and the Story of Christmas
    Day 8 - The Last Day, Verrazano Bridge, Up on the Roof, Freedom Tower, Joe

Reunion With El Sherif
Supermoon Reflections - Full Cold Moon 11° Gemini
Ellie's 2017 Christmas Blogs, Dyker Heights, Matrix, Magi, Much More
Sing-Along Christmas Carols and Christmas Files
Aliens, Creation, and the Story of Christmas
New Moon 26° Sagittarius, Sagittarius is Jupiter, Zeus, Jesus, Galactic Center, Holographic Universe
12/21/12 - Mayan Calendar 5 Years Later - Winter Solstice Monuments, Verrazano Bridge - View from my apartment
Ellie's Journey to the Department of Motor Vehicles
Terrorism - Perceptions and Conditioning - Woman in Black in the Snow
First Snow of the 2017-2018 Winter Season

Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting Five Years Later - Anxiety, Depression
Women in 2017 - TIME Person of the Year - Sexual Predators Outed #MeToo

Ellie's Adventures and Videos
Reunion with Linda Z - Creation Coming Full Circle - FADE TO BLACK
Thanksgiving in Basking Ridge, NJ
4.1 Delaware Quake - 6.7 Mid-Atlantic Ridge Quake
Meeting Raquel After Dreaming About Her
Ecotherapy - Ellie Hugs a Tree
The Food Cart and The Gyro
Reunions in The Autumn of Time: Coffee Cake, Bridge Pics, The White Pigeon Returns
NYC Marathon 2017 - American woman wins for 1st time in 40 years Text and Video

Earthquake Iran-Iraq, Saudi Stone Structures, Stargates
11.11 - Veterans Day 2017 - Past Life as a Veteran - Why People Join the Military
The Great Pyramid of Giza
Khufu's Folly
Gondwana - Australia Discoveries

Ellie's Adventures and Videos
Meditation Tips With Ellie Text and Video Blog
2017 Las Vegas Shooting Text and Video Blog
Bay Ridge October 2017 - Clouds - Halloween Decorations Text and Video Blog
Over your head in Brooklyn Text and Video Blog
Past Lives With Joie - The Cotton Fields at Queen Creek, AZ Text and Video Blog
Sunsets Over The Verrazano Bridge
Double Rainbows

2017 Westside Highway Terrorist Attack
From BC to DC in the Matrix - Exposing Conspiracies - Kennedys in November
La Palma Volcano: Atlantic Ocean Mega-tsunami Theory
Antarctic: Science and Pseudoscience
Yellowstone's supervolcano could erupts within decades
Art by Leonardo Da Vinci: "Salvador Mundi"
"Origin" by Dan Brown - "Stargate Origins"
2017 Nobel Prizes and Articles
World Vegetarian Day
Sexual Harassment

Ellie's Adventures and Videos
September 2017 Earth Changes Science and Pseudoscience Text and Video Blog
Google it ... Google celebrates 19 years - Ellie's Google Stats
Autumn 2017 with Ellie in NJ
New Moon - Rosh Hashanah, Sunsets Pics and Video
The White Pigeon, Nikola Tesla Weather
Labor Day - Burning Man Incident, Phoenix Rising, Labor Days Ahead For Dee, Full Moon

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma - Controlling Weather
World Tourism Day
Why today's teens aren't in any hurry to grow up
Hebrew Alphabet and Hidden Codes
Remembering Country Singers Don Williams and Troy Gentry

Ellie's Adventures and Videos
Crystalinks Turns 22 Text and Video
Reading Cards With Ellie - Creating Your Own Deck of Divination Cards Text and Video
Hurricane Harvey and Other Natural Disasters Text and Video
The Great American Solar Eclipse - August 21, 2017 Text and Videos
Two New Moons in Leo and Two Eclipses Summer of 2017 Text and Videos
Check out Ellie's solar eclipse sunglasses YouTube
The New Goethals Bridge - Fun in NJ Text and Video
Removing Two Robert E. Lee Plagues in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Video Blog
Nibiru will not return on August 21, 2017 Video Blog
North Korea - August 2017 Text and Video Blog
Book Lovers Day 2017 Text and Video Blog
Ellie on Ice Cream Sandwich Day
Politicians in the Park, Ellie Meets NY Senator Martin Golden
Under the Verrazano Bridge - The Verrazano Medallion
Ships and UFOs - Queen Mary 2 and The X-Files

The Black Sun, Solar Eclipse
Social Media August 2017
Suicide August 2017
Abusing alcohol, drugs, and opioids 2017
8/8/8 - Finding Hidden Chambers in the Great Pyramid
Remembering Jim Marrs, Author, Researcher
Baron Trump Books - Politics - Diversions

Ellie's Adventures and Videos
DNA Human Biogenetic Experiment Text and Video Blog
Ellie Talks Politics - The Mooch Text and Video Blog
Two Leo New Moons and Two Eclipses Text and Video Blog
Crop Circles 2017 - Fidget Spinners and Spiraling Energies Text and Video Blog
Lincoln High School Class of 1960 - Ellie, Ellie, and Anita Text and Video Blog
When should you change therapists? Text and Video Blog
The Akashic Records Text and Video Blog
Alchemy - Science and PseudoscienceText and Video Blog
Antarctica - Science and Pseudoscience Text and Video Blog
Time, Time Travel - Ellie's Phone Booth, Classic Cars Text and Video
Trump Collusion - All in the Family Text and Video Blog
Trusting Your Intuition Text and Video Blog
Affordable Health Care Text and Video Blog
Reality Check July 2017 With Ellie Text and Video Blog
Freedom: Bastille Day - Ellie and Pat on the NY Ferry, Statue of Liberty, Samantha Stone Text and Video Blog
QE2 Revisited
Ellie's Alien Alignment - Accident Pic
Ellie "Taken" ~ Ellie in Monticello ~ Remote View With Ron
Remote View with Z and Michelle in AZ
Ellie and the Breath of God
Gone fishing ... Ellie catches her first fish
Happy Birthday Matthew - National Cheesecake Day
Ellie's on the QE2

North Korea, G20 Summit, Putin and Trump, Plate Tectonics
Happy 4th of July with Harold
150th Anniversary of Canada Day - The Lure of Canada
Remembering Martin Landau

Ellie's Adventures
Reunions: Ellie's June 2017 Florida Adventures Video Blog
Ellie's Adventures at Jaguar Land Rover Fairfield, CT Video Blog
Telepathy 2017 Style With Ellie Video Blog
Ghosts or Ghosting: The Element of Surprise Video Blog
Back in our old haunts as George visits Ellie Video Blog
Nikola Tesla is Driving Me Crazy - Messages Video Blog
Conspiracy Theories With Ellie Crystal Video Blog
Ellie Revisits the Holographic Universe and Finds Herself Trapped in the Matrix Video Blog
James Comey Hearing - About Truth - It's Time Video Blog
Crime Watch: #Mobsters #Scores #Clients and #Neighbors Videos
Paris Climate Accord ~ A Different Perspective Video Blog
The Written Word, Lists Then and Now - Supermarket
Reunion With Sherry - Bags and Hats
Father's Day 2017: Ellie's Dad
Remote Viewing For Answers - Then and Now
    WWII and Time Travel Experiments
    Remote Viewing with Z and Michelle in AZ
Egypt: Mummies and Mommies With Dee
Terrorism in the UK Video Blog
    Brooklyn Student to the Rescue
    "One Love Manchester" Ariana Grande "Somewhere Over The Rainbow"
    In the End It's All A Dream

Bugging Out - Insect Bites 2017
John's Dream About Reality and 2017
Truth and Consequences - Notable Quotes
Thinking Ahead 2017

Ellie's Adventures
Ellie's Gazebo Adventures in Brooklyn Video Blog
Ellie's Mother Day Adventures With Doug Crystal
Memorial Day with Family in Basking Ridge, NJ
Fleet Week NYC - Ellie at the Verrazano Bridge May 2017
Russian-American Relations - Ellie and the Russian

Trump Tweets "Covfefe"
Robert Bigelow ~ Man on an Alien Mission
The Next Battleground - Space? The Arctic?
Trump in the Middle East - Saudi Arabia and Israel
Parallel Revolutions - America and France
Theft Identity 2017
World Press Freedom Day 2017
Kentucky Derby 2017 - "Always Dreaming"
Our Lady of Fatima 100 Years Later

Ellie's Adventures
Ellie joins her client Brian from Dallas, discussing country music on the night of the CMAs Video Blog
DNA Day - Science and Pseudoscience Video Blog
"Creation of Adam" Mural Painted in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn Video Blog
Focus Group ... Foodtown
Happiness is ... Joie
Ellie and Joel on Passover, Turned Away, Z Connections
Ellie on Equal Pay Day 2017
Ellie's Memos and Memories From Lincoln High School
National Walking Day, Nietzsche, Ellie
Easter 2017

Newsreel or News Real Videos
Focus: Brain, Emotions, Politics, Peaceful Revolutions/Resolutions
National Richter Scale Day - Donald Trump's Signature
Earth Day 2017, March for Science, Lyrids, Giant Icebergs, John Muir, Taurus Themes
Zodiac Themes Taurus, Call of the Wild, Weed Day
Boston Marathon - Women Are Winners
The Return to Chaos is Often Puzzling
Remembering Comedian Don Rickles
The Lost City of Z
Control 2017 - Brad Pitt

Ellie's YouTube Video Blogs
Metaphysically Speaking ... Ellie and Diego
The Phoenix Lights (UFOs) 20 Years Later
International Women's Day 2017 - Back to the Beginning
Trump - Collusion and Diversion March 20, 2017
Winter Storm Stella
Filming in the Park

Egyptian Themes Revisited - Irene and Ellie in Egypt - Egyptian Plant Blooms, Thoth
Ellie's Reunion with Nina
My Daughter Tracy's Selfie - Giovanni Wins a Tech Award
Visiting the Apple Store in Staten Island
Sami on National Puppy Day
We Could Back Up The Entire Internet On A Gram Of DNA
In the Matrix March 2017
US Healthcare 2017 - Sudden Death Syndrome in Adults
Spiritual Retreats and Brain Chemistry
On the way back to Chaos - The Global Game Board
Is Consciousness Real? It's all Optics
Poetry Day Novel Ideas: Conspiracies, Family Business
Flood Stories: Swept Away in the Tsunami of Time, "Inception"
Autism Spectrum: Emotions, Healers, Careers, Biomarkers
Tips For Women - Reality Check 2017
Algorithm For Humanity
Walking Styles and Foot Shape Reflect Your Personality
Exit Flight Simulation ... 3.3.17 (Healing)
Ellie Mentoring the Hologram - Lucid Dreaming
Remembering Chuck Berry - Johnny Be Good
Remembering Chuck Barris - The Gong Show

Ellie's YouTube Video Blogs
Walk-ins, Wanderers, and Inserts
Inserts in the Hologram
Reacting Emotionally Before an Event Occurs
Blizzard of 2017, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse
Ascension As We Understand It Today
Ellie Turns 74 on 2/17/17
Nikki: Food Network Salesperson of the Year Award

What if the US Power Grid Went Down?
Fly me to the Moon - NASA or SpaceX - Elon Musk
"Dynamic Tower" Mirrors Spiraling Consciousness or DNA
Acceleration 2017
When Your Elderly Landlord/Landlady Leaves
Oscars - Did the Oscars just proves that we live in a simulation?
Gorgeous Pop Singers Who Had Twins
Groundhog Day, Time, Holographic Universe
Valentine's Day 2017 - Relationships

Ellie's YouTube Video Blogs
Channeling - The Switchboard Effect
Being a Teacher
Inauguration Week January 2017
Dealing With Stress
The Return of Nibiru
Post Inaugural Blog

Ellie Flip Hair Style - Mary Tyler Moore, John Hurt die on same day
Ellie Faces the Elements
Reset :: Doomsday Clock Reset - 2.5 Minutes to go - Tick Tock

Philosophy on Life, Simulated Thoughts, Augmented Reality
Political Blogs in the Matrix
Immigration Then and Now
The Time Traveler 2017 - It's about Time
Trapped in the Matrix of Time - Neo - Simulation Evidence
Life Review Experiences - LRI's After Death

Inauguration Day - The Trump Era Begins
Walls: Trump's Mexico Wall, Wall Street
"Alternative Facts" - Kellyanne Conway Phrase
Millions March for Human Rights

Trump's First Week in Office
Politics and Aliens - Josh Holloway and Steve Colbert

On the Matter of Prophecies - Matteo Tafuri
Nibiru and Doomsday Predictions

74th Golden Globes
SAG Awards - Politics and the Immigration Ban

"Dumpster Fire" - Phrase of the Year
2017 Year of Transition, Z Day, Earthquakes Continue, Algorithm
Chinese New Year - Year of the Rooster 2017
The Z Files (Harbor Lights)

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