The Great America Solar Eclipse From Manhattan and Brooklyn

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Below are pics taken in Manhattan by my daughter Nikki - and in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn taken by me and neighbors. What Nikki and I found was a feeling of sharing freely ... eclipse glasses, viewing boxes, and energies, with everyone. Nikki said this was the best Manhattan energy she has experienced in a long time. I felt the same about Brooklyn. People across the nation experienced the same camaraderie and fun. With everything going on in the Trump administration, this energy was greatly needed to bond people together and share their stories about the experience. (Video: Trump looks directly at the Sun) Everything that is happening now - for better or worse - is uniting consciousness. Perhaps this was not only a physical eclipse but an eclipse of consciousness and an indicator of that which unites us at the end, comes from above.

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Subliminal message about aliens on the moon?

Nikki Reporting From Manhattan

Bryant Park

Nikki with her friend Brendan

Nikki (Left) and Gretchen - Eclipse Selfie

You cover the camera lens with the sunglasses then take the pic.

The Bay Ridge Brooklyn Experience

I went downstairs to experience the energies of the eclipse about ten minutes before the eclipse gave us 71% visibility in New York. Though I could have watched it from my terrace, but there was something about sharing the experience with neighbors that felt right.

Walking to the park I met an 8 year old boy named Sean, and his mom who didn't have eclipse glasses. There was nothing more exciting than the expression on his face as he looked through my glasses and saw the eclipse. He will always remember this moment. I took several pics of them so Sean can share them when he goes back to school. They took this one of me. I met an 8 year old boy and his mom and took several pics of them so he can share them when he goes back to school. They took these two pics of me as we walked to the park where I met other neighbors.

The sun was over the Brooklyn arch of the Verrazano Bridge from our perspective when the eclipse began. It gradually moved west over the water as it completed its journey. It was an interesting experience, but my neighbors and I expected it to get darker. I just seemed a bit overcast.

What you see when you look inside a homemade eclipse viewing box

Everything that is happening now - for better or worse - is uniting consciousness.

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