Ellie's World Archives 2024


Trump Assassination Attempt - Time Stopped
On a Collision Course With Destiny - Climate, Sun, Politics
Project 2025 Set in Place by the Powers-That-Be as the Trump Manifesto
Bridges, Fog, Friends, Aliens, Bloodlines - Gray Alien With Blue Eyes
Sunset of the Great Pyramid Experiment
Journey of the Soul - Ellie, Alien Connections, Reincarnation, Dali Lama
Ellie with Model Agent and Manager Greg Chan, Time is the Biggest Conspiracy of All

Fireball Over NYC and New Jersey
The Verrazano Bridge and the Oceanliner
Cotton Ball Clouds
July 4, 2024
Caesar Salad Turns 100

2024 Thoughts on the Biden-Stephanopoulos Interview
2024 Presidential Debate - Biden and Trump - Super Seniors in Denial

It's All Here in Black and White
     Ellie on Climate Change, M. C. Escher on Fibonacci Countdown,
     New World Order, Axis Powers and Allied Forces Aligning in 2024
Lawrence O'Donnell on Tariffs and Taxes
The Garden - Ancient Artifacts - Holy Relics
Precognition 2024
Ellie and George Shared Dreams and Precognition
Messages in Meditation 2024
Whitley and Ellie "Taken"
Steven Spielberg Presents "Taken" With Ellie and Allie
D-Day in Normandy 80 Years Later - Foo Fighters - Maccabee
Remembering UFO Researcher and Physicist Bruce Maccabee
Monoliths: Art Installations 2020-2024
World Oceans Day - Science, Pseudoscience, More ...

Ellie and Einstein in the Grids - Keep it Simple - Time
Ellie's Purple Crystal Earrings
Joie, Dragonfly Necklace, Chakras
Father's Day 2024 With Ellie and Family in NJ
Ellie: "Gravesend" TV Series on Location By The Bridge
Peregrine Falcons on the Verrazano Bridge in Brooklyn, New York

Princess Kate Makes First Public Appearance of 2024
Relationships - Benifer 2.0 is Ending

The Trump Era - And just like that
The People of the State of New York v. Donald J. Trump
Out of the Blue - Trump on Trial

Verrazano Bridge Shrouded in Fog
What do you see - Man on a Pyramid or a Pier?
Memorial Day 2024
Solar Cycle 25, CMEs, Auroras
On the Edge of Time is Knowing
Dandelions Are Almost Free In 2024
'Journey of Exploration' Podcast With James, Past Lives, Old Souls, Remembering

The Red Portrait, the Monarchy, King Charles, and the 'Blood'line
Influencers - 2024 Campus Protests
White Animals and Prophecies - Birth of a White Bison
150th Kentucky Derby - Horse Racing Industry Today
Met Gala 2024 - Theme: Garden of Time

Pickleball in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn
Ellie and Family Celebrate Mother's Day 2024

The Trump Era - And just like that
The People of the State of New York v. Donald J. Trump
Out of the Blue - Trump on Trial

*Ellie's Peacock Epiphany
*Ellie's Image Capture, Sun, Lens Flare, Contrails, Black Hole
Capturing Pyramids, Triangles, Black Holes, Light
Sierpinski Triangle (Fractals, Creation)
Masonic Memories, Constitution, Ancient Civilizations, The End
Visiting Oculus at the WTC
Trump, Charlie Chaplin, Cliffhangers, Fog

Hold the Eclipse [Pics]
April 8, 2024 Solar Eclipse Text, Pics, Video
April 5, 2024 - New Jersey 4.8 Earthquake
Precession of the Equinoxes 2024 - Coming Full Cycle

Bada bing, bada BOOM - Fade to Black
Instincts - Animals know before humans do
Lucid Dreaming 2024
Superheroes and Flying Dreams
Ether, Reentry, Man and Nature

Taylor Swift - The 'Tortured Poet's Department'

Remembering O. J. Simpson
Golden Bachelor Divorces - Relationships 2024

Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapse
Reality Runs On Codes
Art Therapy 2024
I rest my case ... Trump the Court Jester
Disappearance of Flight MH370 - Ten Years Later
Snakes, Ellie, Eve, Origin Stories, Stone Circles
Dunes: Text, Videos, Pics, News

Journey of the Bloodline, Scotland, UK, ETs, Mystery School Teachings
King Charles Has Prostate Cancer
Princess Kate Has Cancer

Magic Mountain Illusion - Meditation With Music
Ellie's E-bike ride to the 69th Street Pier

Democracy Lost - Ukraine Two Years Later
Aging Politicians, Mitch McConnell, Trump, Biden, more

Ellie's Blogs Featuring the Color Purple
     Purple ... Plants, Boots, Jacket, Nails
     Lavender (Sterling) Birthday Roses Live On
     Elizabeth Taylor's Lavender Eyes
     Remembering Count St. Germain The Lord of Time - Purple Frequency
     February 29 - Leap Day - The Science of Time
     Missions and Mysteries - Journeys in the Gears of Time - Time Travel
     Missions and Mysteries Frozen in Time - Lunar Lander Odyssey
     Remote View of the Moon - The Crystal Tower - Alien Artifacts
     Missions and Mysteries Frozen in Time - Antarctica Continued ...

It's All Connected
     Birthday Presents and Presidents - Ellie Turns 81
     Presidents Day 2024 - Messages From George Washington - 2044 Quarter
Red, Purple, Pink, Sunset Over the Verrazano and Manhattan Skyline Split Screen Aerial View of the Verrazano Bridge at Sunset
Bay Ridge a Winter Wonderland - February 17, 2024
Winter Storm Lorraine Pics

Super Bowl LVIII - Fun and Football
     Chiefs win in last seconds, set records
     Taylor Swift and Travis, Usher's Halftime Show, More - Text, Videos, Pics
Ellie and Carl - The Cheerleader and the Quarterback
Tailor and Taylor - Creating New Material
1989 Adventures with Taylor and Travis - Ellie's Adventures

Lunar Odyssey - 50 Years Later - What's on the Moon? Remote Viewing
Antarctica - Missions and Mysteries Frozen in Time
Meeting Don at Wendelle Stevens UFO Conference 1991
Climate Predicts the Future - Atmospheric Rivers and Rainbows in California
Kings Charles Has Cancer

Escalating Middle East Conflicts 2024
Inserts - Human Migratory Patterns
Hacking a Cyber Reality
Wars, Physicists, ET's - Oppenheimer, Einstein, New Mexico
Blueprint of Creation - Whales Form Fibonacci Spiral Off Antarctica
Stunning Sunset and Signals From My Terrace
Earthquakes Japan, NYC - Isaac Asimov and AI
Blue Image - Terminal Connections
2024 Out of the Blue
Crystalinks Review Before 2024

The Sun, the Moon, and Everything Playing Out Below
     Stunning Red Sunset over the Verrazano Bridge in a New Moon
Stunning Sunset and Signals From My Terrace
Sunrise Over The Verrazano Bridge January 18, 2024
Fog: Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay with a Spirit Named Robert

Remembering Chita Rivera
E. Jean Carroll After Settlement - Rachel Maddow Show