Workshop on Balance, Sunday, October 10, 2004

To best appreciate the energies of the workshop, please read about the events that occurred the prior week.

The White Rose, Adventures with Bob Sunday

Parallel Journeys Mimic Other Timelines, Atlantis, Pat, 3 Priestesses Monday

Getting High With George, Obelisk, Crystal Energies Tuesday

Tuning Forks, Photos, Dropa Disc Wednesday

Basic Black, Black Isis, Pat and Ellie in the Park Friday

Saturday: Time Travel Experiments, 1944, Hitler, Brooklyn Connections Saturday

Sunday, October 10, 2004

On this day of balance I heard about 4 births, 2 girls and 2 boys

and 4 deaths, including actor Christopher Reeve

The day started out overcast with a few drizzles. I quickly spoke to Z about changing the weather as I had been shown a perfect fall day. I shifted the grid, and within minutes the sun came out. When the grid shifts I often hear gears grinding, though I am not certain what that is about.

Students in the workshop started arriving early. Among them was Robert, who went to the park to create a labyrinth. As this is a time of rebirth and the return of the feminine, it was an interesting synchronicity that Robert's friend, has a daughter who gave birth to a baby girl the day before.

George arrived next and helped Robert create the labyrinth out of chalk.

Ron arrived with a white rose to take the place of the one that Bob and I found last Sunday in the park.

The energies continued to grow as the group came together, 20 people all told, 7 men and 13 women.

The theme of the workshop was Balance: Emotional, Physical, and Spiritual. Each member of the class, as with each soul in the program, having issues to clear and balance to restore, to their still point, zero point, green alchemy, the heart chakra, center of the universe is the spiraling center of your consciousness.

Astrological Influences

October 13, 2004, New Moon, 21 Libra, Partial Solar Eclipse

There are many astrological events now that act to bring the human soul to higher consciousness. In past years we might not have recognized their significance in the evolution of consciousness, the way we do today as the clock ticks down. But now we look to the heavenly patterns for messages as once the ancients did.

The Sun is in Libra, 5 planets are in Libra and we are under the influence .. of a partial solar eclipse. Libra, Goddess, Isis. The energies of the universe speak to us of balance ... above and below: within and without: 'X', Time.

Grand Quintile

There are 2 Grand Quintiles this month on October 1 and October 28, with emphasis on New York City.

October 28, 2004

Dubbed as the Harmonic Concordance II by astrologer and researcher Jill Whitman, she reports that this extra-ordinary sequence has not happened for the past 2,500 years. The 2 Grand Quintiles are astrologically related to the Grand Sextile of the Harmonic Concordance chart of November 2003 and the Venus Transit of June 8, 2004, 2012

Grand Sextile

In the darkness of the Moon, there is silence. And out of the silence, the first sound. Out of the chaos, comes light. Everything is in a state of becoming. Original energy and ideas come forth.

Labyrinth in the Park

Two hours into the workshop, the students and I went to the park.

We walked the labyrinth alone or in groups.

The two crystals George had placed on the upper ledge of the obelisk remained intact, balance.

As each person reached the apex of each turn on the labyrinth, they stood on a different color representing a different chakra following the color sequence ROYGBIV. In this place, not only was right-left brain functioning brought into balance, but so too were their chakras Later a finger labyrinth was given to each member of the class, to be used whenever needed to restore the balance created on this day.

At one point we formed a chain, facing in opposite directions, creating a vortex.

The energies weaved through us as if a giant DNA spiraling helix.

We walked to the tree where I had hung the tuning forks on Wednesday.

Several people mentioned hearing a hum. We know the Earth has a hum, most recently connected with the flow of the oceans the Atlantic Ocean just before us, or perhaps it was the Bay Ridge Hum or just the bridge itself.

While most of us remained in the park, Ron walked to the water and stood under the bridge to capture the energies of John Travolta from Ron's favorite movie, 'Saturday Night Fever' which was filmed in that spot.

After our outdoor adventures in balance, the class took a lunch break.

As the class resumed, Pat sat across from me, acting as my balance, with Ron and George on either side of me as if columns.

We spoke about Balance Partners the people you meet who help one create spiritual awakening.

Balance -- we can't seem to live with it, or without it! We spend our lives striving for it, and only get a small glimpse of what life and experience affords us.

Reality is consciousness. If one does not have a chemical imbalance in their brain, they can find balance in the physical experience. If one has mental illness and is not able to function, goes around unaware of their emotional problems, they will always live in drama.

In the bigger picture, no one can balance the grids, as they will always return to their primary programming, chaos and disorder. You can only work on yourself.

George says, "There must be a willingness to look at your issues, Awareness of your issues as they happen, and choice by choosing different paths than the negative ones you are repeating."

Among the other activities in the workshop ... each person got to stand under the skylight/portal, facing out to the bridge while one or two members of the class worked on their energy fields to create balance, as the rest of the class focused light and balance to their heart chakra. After the healing and balancing, members of the class could bring information to the person as was shown to them by spirits in time.

Every member of the class went away from the experience, a healer, as I placed symbols for healing within them, in their hands, crown, and heart. I am a Reiki Master, but these symbols were different, of a higher frequency.

We began with the healers working on each other one by one, then shifted to allow everyone to work on healing with their hands and energies, thus creating balance for all, and allowing everyone to experience their new healing and balancing gifts.

There was a visualization to the still point and a final meditation in which I was guided by Z to walk to each student and gently tap their heart chakra for only a second to connect them with their inner light, in one final blast.

The workshop was winding down. I gave each student a special aromatherapy candle as a gift. They need only light the candle to connect with the energies of the class and the spark of light ignited in their hearts on this day - their soul spark, Zero Point Balance, Still Point.

Several students went home while others remained behind as Robert used his large milky white crystal bowl - 'C' red, the root chakra, to complete the class by balancing the energies even further.

4 men and 5 women remained = 9 = endings, ending.

We sat on the floor in the dining room creating a circle around Robert and his crystal bowl.

I opened the sliding glass doors to the terrace, which faces the bridge, south, thus connecting with its energies and all of nature.

The room was lit by the 3 pink florescent lights in my domed wall units, and the lights of the bridge, which would guide our final moments.

Someone mentioned that they heard the ocean in the silence of the moment.

Another person heard tones emanating from the cables on the bridge. I thought of Ron, who would be crossing the bridge at that time and is so in tune with its harmonics.

Pat whispered to me that on Friday night Z had promised us an unexpected grand finale for the workshop, just as he promises us one at the end of this program.

So what was it? we wondered.

Robert, facing north, away from the bridge, used his crystal bowl to create a strong resonance. Next John lay on the floor beside him as Robert used the bowl to balance John's chakras.

Then it was my turn...

I lay down beside Robert and the bowl, closed my eyes and he began, 3 taps inside the bowl, then the circular motions of creating the harmonics.

The bridge seemed as close to me in proximity as the Great Pyramid was from my hotel room on the Giza Plateau back in December 2000. Had Jason created a connection ... or seen what truly exists? Is Brooklyn the new Egypt as Bob had suggested last Sunday? I chanted in the Great Pyramid on December 12, 2000, 12:12 at 12:12 pm, after Z had arranged for me to be alone ... and the universe responded.

It was now time to send a signal that would reconnect with that Source and New Egypt with Old Egypt.

I connected with Z who was above waiting for me in brilliant white light.

I merged with his energies and the bridge.

The energies flowed through me in ripples as if I was the harmonic.

Dennis and John sat alongside me.

The tones from the bowl rapidly increased in intensity and volume.

Approximately one minute later we heard a loud resounding BOOM! A Blast of Energy, Echoes of Creation and Destruction Mimicking the Big Bang!

The crystal bowl had imploded!

Everyone opened their eyes and sat there in amazement looking at the bowl which lay shattered on a small tray table and the carpeted floor, near my head, yet I was not cut. It all seemed so surreal.

Miraculously, no one was hurt.

So this was Z's grand finale - a resounded explosion near the temples, temple, head, of consciousness. It is all about spiraling consciousness, tones reaching a certain harmonic in the bridges of time when all blips out of existence at Zero Point. We were all sad for Robert who loved that bowl and took it with him on many sacred journeys in past years.

Email from Members of the Workshop...

Architect from Manhattan who has studied many modalities

I thought the energy level of the workshop was fantastic. I felt an all-time high on all levels as waves of energy pushed through me, clearing and balancing.

I have been feeling energy building since the beginning of September, the events of the workshop serving as a giant crescendo.

When Ellie touched my heart chakra, I saw the image of a spark plug and felt as if an engine was ignited within my soul.

When I first used the crystal bowl with Ellie's energy fields, it stumbled around on the table and I had to pause momentarily to steady it. It seemingly was unable to remain stationery. I had never experienced anything like this in the two years I have been using the bowl. It was like it had a mind of its own.

Once it became steady, I continued the circular motion and the frequencies increased. Jennifer sat beside me, watching, while everyone else had their eyes closed and focused on the harmonics and energy.

Suddenly I realized I was reaching a new harmonic.

At that moment the strangest thing happened! The crystal bowl seemed to change its physical state and disappear! This was followed by a loud BANG as the bowl imploded before us. Jennifer could not believe her eyes. It was the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

Dear Ellie,

My sincere and heartfelt thanks for being part of your workshop this past Sunday. Due to the powerful and diverse energies and healing abilities in the group, I felt I had let loose latent energies within me.

When I joined hands with you, Diane, Barbara, Pat, and Jennifer at the obelisk, I felt an instant electrical charge surge through my solar and heart chakras. This then emanated up through my body, causing a tingling sensation and feeling of radiating warmth which began to circle from the back of my head to the front. I became dizzy and felt myself lifting. I felt almost instantly realigned or balanced.

When you touched my heart chakra, I felt an instant warmth that spread throughout my chest which produced an image of a pulsating, glowing, purple light for me with my eyes closed.

On my trip to the airport and on my flight, which included many potential situations for stress, impatience and imbalance, I managed to achieve a strong sense of balance and inner well being.

I want to make an observation of the harmonics generated by Robert and the crystal bowl. I was facing South towards the bridge with Robert facing me on the other side of the bowl. Each time, he generated a crescendo of very deeply emanating and intensifying waves of energy, that culminated in me hearing, a distinct high frequency, high pitched 'chattering', 'chanting' of a high frequency, a group of souls?? and/or birds??? This would be created each time like a halo of super sound that seemed to be generated outward from the bowl to the North. I heard it first, each time in my right ear, and then created a circular pattern around the room and exited out the south facing window.

When Ellie lay next to the bowl, I closed my eyes, and I heard the same crescendo, then the shrilled sound, and then - it stopped. When it stopped, I opened my eyes immediately, and observed the bowl had imploding, (like the Twin Towers on 9/11?) Remarkably, Ellie was not hit by chards of glass, even though she was lying not more than 2 feet away.



The Language of the Birds /Gods

Pat Healer and Energy Worker from Brooklyn

George healer - astrologer - psychic - from Manhattan

Ron from New Jersey Ellie,

I just wanted to say a few words about how I have been feeling since your healing class last weekend. George said something in the class that has proven to be extremely accurate. He stated that the energy work we did in the class worked like any pharmaceutical drug would.

The first day after taking whatever medication you need, it doesn't really have much affect. After a few days, you will start to show improvement.

That is exactly how I have been feeling all this week. After the class on my drive home, I felt that something change but it wasn't anything dramatic.

The next few days, I began to notice a marked change in not only how I was feeling but also, how I was thinking. It is like, not only did something change in my body but how I perceive things now is different.

I just feel like I'm now effortlessly moving threw time and all of life's problems are so insignificant. I can only contribute it to the energy work we did in the class.

Thank you, for all you do.


Dear Ellie,

Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop. It was such a beautiful experience and the energies were so incredible. I felt like a cat must feel sitting on the couch in complete comfort feeling the great vibes.

Its days later and I am still feeling the loving energy moving down into the rest of my body (especially the throat). Everybody there offered such a great sense of openness and learning and wonder and I was glad to be a part of it. I look forward to coming to the next and sticking around to see it end with a bang!

I was flabbergasted by the mode de break. The glass pieces just fell around Rob's hand which was still in the bowl, but didn't hurt him by falling inward and didn't hurt anyone else by flying out. That's what I found to be the most amazing. I am not a physicist, but the break seemed to defy some physical laws. It didn't implode or explode, rather it fell away, like the layers of an onion. And so unexpectedly!

I also want to add that the healings we gave each other were an experience I've never had. I can't believe the power of just sending someone's heart good vibes. There is the intention coupled with the power of community that made it so warm. There was so much love in the room and when it was my turn to get the healing I was overwhelmed by the energy being sent to my heart. That was the first time I felt a chakra spin, and at warp speed might I add, like my heart was leaping inside my body.

It was also beautiful to share people's stories and issues without anyone being defensive, judgmental or withholding about their blocks. Everyone was so receptive and I felt so much affinity for every single person in that room dealing with their own legacies of insecurity, not in enough belief in oneself, doubts, heartbreak, whatever it was.

I also got a lot from your talk about 'not dwelling' and taking a few minutes each day to connect with the light.

Really, thanks for such a new and beautiful experience.



John a writer from Brooklyn

Hi Ellie,

It was wonderful to be a part of another one of your workshops. It never ceases to be a fascinating experience to be with everyone, and to grow and discover more about myself. I'm glad this workshop was about creating healing and balance. It is something I need very much in my life.

This workshop had some memorable moments. The first was in the labyrinth, by the obelisk in Cannonball Park. Each time I faced the Verrazano Bridge, I felt the most incredible warmth overcome me, and I saw some of the deepest colors of red and orange I have ever experienced. The energies were really strong, but they were even stronger when we all went over to the tuning fork at a nearby tree. I held on to the fork with my left hand, and I could feel the energies go through my body, all the way to my right hand and out.

Later in the day we all did a meditation, and I felt you touch my heart chakra. I then felt the presence of a dear departed friend come to me with very calming and touching words. I felt a few tears come to my eyes, and after the meditation it took me a few moments to get my full bearings back.

The best happened at the end. Most of the group had left. Robert pulled out his crystal bowl and I laid down next to it. The energies, as well as the sound coming from it, were unbelievably high. I could feel the energies most specifically around my breastbone area, the heart chakra.

Then as you lay next to the crystal bowl, an amazing thing happened. It suddenly imploded from all the high energies. I was totally stunned that it happened, and glad no one was hurt. It also gave us all a good laugh, but I did feel bad about Robert losing such a nice bowl!

I thank you so much Ellie, for another wonderful workshop. I am also appreciative to George about his discussions about creating balance and meditations. I also thank Dianne for working on my energy fields, and I was impressed she came all the way from Ottawa by bus to be there! I also glad to see a few people I had met before there as well.

I look forward to your next workshop, Ellie. Thanks also to Z and all the other spirits who dropped in!!


Dianne lives in Ottawa where she works as a healer, psychic and energy worker with strong ties to my work through the years. Dianne came to NY this weekend for the workshop and brought me a small music box shaped like a Fabergˇ egg in blue and gold with a crown on top. She wrote...

Dear Ellie,

I would like to take this opportunity to express a gratitude that cannot be explained even by a simple 'thank you.' Your workshop wouldn't have had the same movement/insight, nor the same direct genuine experience for all of us who attended, without the work that you, Pat, George, and Robert and of course Z created.

Recollections of 10-10-04:

The day began with a soft drizzle falling softly upon my head. To me it was very similar to a cleansing before a very meaningful ceremony. Reality then set in, so to speak, and I thought, No way, I want this to be a memorable day full of sunshine. I don't want it to rain on our parade.

The instant I walked through the threshold of your home, I immediately felt transported to Egypt into the Queen's Chamber; I was home after thousands of years. I experienced instant peace and harmony.

As you greeted me with a hug, I opened my eyes and noticed the sun's rays beaming down on a white crystal bowl near the sliding glass door in the dining room. The energy of the bowl emanated/pulsated throughout your apartment. I sensed the presence of Z, the Great Pyramid, and at one point even heard sounds, which were confirmed by George.

Slowly, people began to gather. Male and Female energies were grouping/regrouping. High Priest, High Priestess and Initiates were merging/joining into unconscious awareness allowing events to proceed without intervention, by such things as cell telephones, etc.

The Harmonics/Energies were building until all of us were in attendance, which was confirmed by the drop of water. (A glass of water accidentally spilled to the floor.) From that moment on everything became calm, each and everyone of us being aware of the greater consciousness.

The class began at 11:00. The students were gaining knowledge creating a calliope of information that spun through the room and connected us all in sound light and color.

At approximately 1:11 pm we went outside to walk the labyrinth and connect with nature and the tuning fork. I sensed the energies of nature and those that you and Z had created Everything seem to merge. I observed people walking to the labyrinth and the energies. I also made a mental note and quietly mentioned it to one of the men in the class that people who had blocked their chakras would have difficulty standing centered on the chakras inside the labyrinth. He confirmed my observation. Additionally, I noticed people who just merged into the 'tree of life' as they held the tuning fork and felt its vibrations. It was magical and mystical.

The last event, a visualization that went into a meditation, will have an everlasting effect on me and still beholds me as I write this email. As you touched my heart, I felt heat. The energy then transformed into an amulet/locket, and inside the amulet was a seed; a seed of knowledge, a key which is personal to me. It made me smile inside because for a instant I felt like "Mme, de Marchand" from Sarah and Alexander.. As you released your gentle touch, I sensed all the energies harnessed within.

Thank you Ellie, and Z for unveiling another secret to our matrix.

P.S. In the image at the top of this page, has anyone noticed any symbols where 1931 is written in stone? I noticed the Eye of Ra, Anubis (top left hand corner), and Isis (in the top right hand corner).

On Friday October 15 - Dianne had this related dream..

Hi Ellie,

A week ago, I was in NY. Seems so long ago, but the energies remain.

Since you are having your next workshop on dreams, I thought I would share the dream that I had last night.

It all started out, you were a male in Germany in the year of 1940.... I could even make out the colors of the men's uniforms and the women with the beautiful gowns. You were attending a lavish ceremony, in a room where there was a band and lots of people. I noticed expensive paintings, chandeliers and brocade curtains.

You were looking around the room, standing near a crystal punch bowl enjoying the sights when a man with a heavy accent came up to you. He said: "It's over, 'fini'. You have to return to the lab. "J' (I think he said Joseph) will meet you there. Put everything in the cylinder. People cannot know the secret of time travel. When you have everything, go to the fountain on ... then I saw the word "Kronach" ... Bavaria like it was a destination. "You will see a man waiting under the street light. Give him the cylinder and he will keep it safe."

In my mind the man whom you were going to give the cylinder to, was someone in a resistance group. Then, he said, "Hurry, hurry."

Next I see you were in a laboratory. There is a mirror and lots of steel. There is a small cabinet that has an odd smell. There is another man in there already at work packing the contents of papers, making sure they are in the right sequence.

This is the man I was sitting beside at the workshop, Ron, I believe is his name. You both hurry.

There are sounds/footsteps, coming from the stairs. Without uttering a word, just having eye contact, he sealed the cylinder, then looked at his left. At his left was a vault, behind it a secret passage. You would flee through this. Footsteps were nearing. He opened the vault. You left. Next thing I heard was gunshots.

It was dark, raining. You were running and at the same time making sure no one was following you. You arrived at the fountain or square..... You saw the young thin lad waiting for you. He was nervous/anxious. You handed him the cylinder and wished him luck. He thanked you, but stated that he would never get involved in this type of journey again. I am sure I sensed "Marcus"...

Anyhow, this was the dream and I thought I would relay it.


Jason, age 22, in New Jersey. When Jason was 13 he was diagnosis of Rheumatoid Arthritis and could barely move. This is what he experienced at that time..."I was lying in my bed one night and was suddenly awakened by some kind of 'force.' I looked around but could not see anything, I felt though that there were these beings surrounding me holding me. I became very nervous and scared. Telepathically I heard not to worry that I was safe. I felt a warmth from them so I let go. Soon after I felt myself rising from my bed. I went through the ceiling and rose into the sky until I reached a black room. I felt myself floating in mid-air. On one side of a 'wall' I saw all this coding which soon went into my body, as if being downloaded into me. This repeated with another set of codings. The only way I could identify the coding now is by comparing it to matrix type coding, (that kind of symbology) and a Japanese type coding. Afterwards I felt myself going down (descending) back into my room. While descending I felt myself expanding and imploding, expanding and imploding. One minute I felt the entire room, the next minute everything was so giant-sized. Then I was back in my body. Six months after, my Rheumatoid Arthritis was in full remission. The doctor was very surprised as the method he used was new and the prognosis uncertain. He chalked it up to me being young and my body being resilient. I often wonder if that experience had anything to do with my healing... I didn't know anything about aliens at the time, but as I grew up I learned more and more about them. I've also wondered if the experience had any connection to aliens or spaceships ... maybe or maybe not ... who knows."

Toni from Florida


Just wanted to say Thank-You and the group support I received from the workshop last month. It was great.

Vicki and I both tell everyone what a fantastic opportunity we shared with you. as we journeyed to New York from Florida.

There were many synchronicities after we landed in Kennedy, beginning with our arrival at the airport and seeing a white Rose in the back seat of the driver's car. How coincidental or maybe not?

The energies continued to build until the very end with the Grand Finale and the bowl imploding.

Again, Thank-You and everyone else for all their love and support I felt that day.

I came home feeling much stronger and balanced.

I would like to especially say, "Thanks to Dianne", for her extra Healing Powers. I felt as if she were drawn to me like a magnet.

Again, you were great and it was a pleasure meeting you.

Best Regards,

Toni Gianfortuno

Victoria from Florida

Dear Ellie,

Many thanks for a wonderful and enlightening afternoon. Am still buzzing from it, and it's taken a few days to get my thoughts together.

Had the good fortune to visit Egypt this past May, and loved the Brooklyn analogy! Am loving the many metaphors a symbolism that you use and describe so often.

From the minute Toni and I arrived in New York on Saturday, until our departure on Monday we experienced many such symbols along the way and just enjoyed the ride!

The energy in that room was nonstop and found your whimsical side, and contagious laugh refreshing! (so pleased you like to play!)

The workshop was extremely timely for me, and this week there were deadlines to meet, so was able to put it to practical use already.

The group was interesting and diverse and I learned something from everyone in the room.

It seemed as though the grand finale was when you touched our heart chakra, however the exploding/imploding bowl is hard to top!!

Am truly grateful for a marvelous afternoon, and I may see you in November!

Peace, Love and Smiles,

Cheryl from the Philippines

> Anna from Brooklyn, Kabbalah, Qigong

Hi Ellie,

The most impactful experiences involved standing beneath your skylight which we all know by now is a vortex. I stood under it the first time during my individual balancing with George, who was behind me as healer.

I felt as if I was being propelled forward. I think I would have gone right through your window if I didn't fight it and stand firm. The energies just sort of took over. It was a bit like being under water - that feeling of being enveloped by the energies and passing into a different space.

The second time I stood in the vortex is when I participated as the healer. The energies just took over and moved my hands up and down in a double helix pattern. I didn't have to think about what to do or how to do it. It was wild.

Prior to all of this, while I was sitting on your couch, the energies were going directly through my solar plexus from front to back. It almost felt like someone was physically pushing on my solar plexus.

This was an extremely powerful class and I am very grateful for having been able to experience it.


DeShelle from PA.

Being guided by spirit to Ellie's workshop was an enlightening and engaging moment. The day started out overcast and rainy but it cleared up to bright sunny skies. On the highway to Ellie, my friend pointed out the extremely large birds hanging out on the telephone poles. I told her that I see them flying above me all the time and I felt that birds were "watching" me. I always find feathers in my path wherever I walk. I sensed my energy level getting extremely high. I know I have begun a spiritual journey and that this is another part of my process.

For the most part I wanted to keep to myself during the workshop. I needed to focus so as not to miss a single thought or what someone said. I also wanted to feel and understand the energies I so longed for. Balance is something I find hard to achieve but the workshop helped me to focus.

Through modeling, I try to balance my "T" zones using make-up. Through spiritual balancing; however, visualizing a "T" bar is almost like an instant fix for obtaining balance. My experience was almost instantaneous. I felt as if my body became centered on it's axis and the energies began to flow. When I opened my eyes I looked out the window and saw feathers falling from the sky. I also noticed the birds. It seemed as if it were the same group of birds flying around in circles as if someone hit the repeat button on their flight pattern. Oh, I also saw rainbows over Pat. I mentioned this to her and felt validated when she told me why.

The next step: the finger labyrinth and actually walking it outside. Here's when it all began..... Outside, near water is where I feel most comfortable and since everyone was out there walking I felt compelled to wait by the water. A sycamore tree called out to me so I went to it and decided to meditate with my back against (my back was sore from lack of sleep the night before) it's bark=dog=Bailey the Yorkie I had for such a short time.

As I meditated, there were children playing with a Yorkie pup! I forget her name but it was a clear as crystal I was tapping into "something" else. The Bridge is powerful and has high energy flowing through. You can feel it when you see it...With my back against the sycamore tree I felt at peace with life and nature surrounding me. I shut my eyes and saw pyramids. I remember thinking about being in harmony with mother nature and at that moment it felt as if the grid "burped" felt like the earth (this dimension) combined with another dimension...I actually felt the "link". I wondered if anyone else felt this.

Next, I walked the labyrinth. I felt most connected to the root, throat, and crown Chakras. I had my eyes closed and I felt like I was spinning and something in me in my spirit was changing. I felt like I was being jump started... like a when you turn the ignition on and your car was weird. I opened my eyes and was buzzing with so much energy!!!!! I actually heard buzzing...

On the energy/healing work:

We went inside and did energy/healing work. I once was told 2 years ago that I have special healing capabilities. I didn't really pay too much attention to it b/c I felt that everyone does....what makes me so special? During the session, the one that sticks out the must was the gentleman from currently leaving in Texas. When they were done with him, we told what we felt during the session. At first nothing came to me. Then as he was walking to take his seat the word "leave" popped in my mind. I didn't want to say anything but I had this urge in me so I told the group what was there. He then said he understood exactly what I was referencing. Later, it was explained to me that he was facing a lot of tough decisions and leaving was the one thing that would help him. I got the validation I was looking for.

To describe my very first workshop I use these words: Validated, activated, energized, synchronized

I felt like I accomplished my first steps in self discovery....but I thank Ellie, Z, and Dianne for their assistance and guidance.

P.S. Ellie, Dianne and I are all ironic?

Barbara from Brooklyn

I really enjoyed the energies of the workshop on Sunday. Since that time it has helped me stay balanced in my everyday situations.

Elena from Philadelphia

It's always a pleasure to come to these events with Ellie and meet plenty of interesting people. It really helps me to get in touch with my own world, to put everything into perspective. I understand myself better these days as a result of the workshop.