Time Travel to 1944

Saturday October 10, 2004

Last week I felt another connection to the people involved with the so-called Montauk Project which is linked to the Philadelphia Experiment.

I became friends with the Montauk crew through a UFO researcher named Bill Knell, back in the 1980's when we all set sail on a journey through time. On Saturday I received an email from a reader who wanted me to check out an article by Bill Knell in Paranormal News as it has a warning about 2005 and is linked to the time travel experiments of WW II Germany. Linda knows that I feel something strongly for the end of 2004 going into 2005.

Friday I had hoped to watch the season premiere of Star Trek Enterprise. The show was pre-empted due a Yankee baseball play-off game. On Saturday, after having read the article by Bill Knell, I had gone out on the terrace to feel the energies and as for guidance for the workshop and confirmation of my work here linked to Time. Maybe I thought the sky would open up or something ... but alas no magic, nothing happened. Disappointed at not receiving a message from Z, I went back inside as darkness crept in. I decided to watch TV before going to sleep.

My cable box is always set for the Sci-Fi station, 44, as is my life, I suppose! I turned on the TV but 'accidentally' hit the channel button to Channel 9, UPN. Why was I not surprised that they were airing the Star Trek episode I had missed on Friday. The crew of the Star Ship Enterprise was trapped in a temporal distortion and find themselves in 1944. The Nazi Germans, are in cahoots with the some time traveling nasty ugly aliens, lead by Vosk, and Captain Archer has just escaped their clutches with the help of some Mafia thugs. Archer later discovers that he has time traveled to 1944, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. I laughed and thanked Z for the messages about time travel, the Nazi program, and more local connections. Captain Archer and his crew, with the help of the Mafia thugs defeat the Germans and the time traveling bad aliens.

It was interesting to see a news reel/real showing Hitler on the Brooklyn side of the Statue of Liberty ... so many metaphors.

Archer next finds himself 'somewhere in the grids' with a man named Daniels, a Temporal Agent whose job it is to monitor and protect the Timelines after time travel is discovered, and a Temporal Cold War breaks out, for control of all Time. It is Daniels whose had sent Archer back in time to 1944 to stop Vosk and restore balance, as is written in the grids.

Archer and Daniels meet in the time grids, which is shown exactly the way it exists, and was shown to me as a child, endless projected illusions on moving screens, also in Sarah and Alexander. We see the timelines resetting themselves and ending with a blast of light after which Archer and his crew return to what they consider their proper timelines.

Temporal Experiences, Temple Experience, Consciousness, Knowledge in Time

I have seen myself in parallel version of the WW II Germany lifetime, each with specific themes such as time travel and espionage, but with subtle variations in the roles the people I know in this lifetime remember about that timeline, and yet they all remember some version of the war linked with mine.

Several people I have met who are linked to the Philadelphia Experiment, believe that the timelines were fractured during the war due to an accident in the labs, resulting in parallel realities.

I have concluded that the program/experiment itself became corrupted 'outside the box', in a lab in a university/universe where a virtual reality experiment exists, involving consciousness projections to study linear time and emotion. Actually, I remember more and more about it every day and in dream time. If you are on the 'same page as I am', and have the same agenda here, you are already 'outside the box' and 'working' on correcting the problems to bring the program to a proper ending.