Gold Finger, Karma, Bloodlines

Some of the long-time readers of Ellie's World, may remember the blogs I wrote during the last week of August and early September 2001. There was an overwhelming feeling of fear. I would 'look' out and see the Trickster, court jester, with his hat shaped like the Flower of Life, smiling at me. For 3 weeks I wrote about something happening in September that would change reality forever.

It was September 2001 and the following thoughts flooded my mind. It is the time for Z to speak, 'Thus Spaketh Zarathustra', from the movie '2001 A Space Odyssey', a time of rebirth, the monolith, the monolith building at Ground Zero , the fetus, new beginnings, an eclipse of time and reality. Alchemical Kubrick

At the time I was writing the first draft of the screenplay version of my Sarah and Alexander called "2012 The Alchemy of Time". As I got to the part where Sarah engages the antagonist strange things began to manifest around here.

As I sat at my computer, my fingertips on both hands became red as if henna, ink, or some form of dye had been applied to them, yet there was none. I felt no sensation, but knew this had to do with blood being shed, my story activating, and of course my bloodline activating as well. The red stain lasted for several days. I regret not taking pictures. This all has to do with things that die/dye.

Henna links with ancient Egypt. I had traveled to Egypt in December 2000, and had several unique experiences on Dec. 12, 2000, 12:12 at 12:12 am and 12:12 pm, in and around the Great Pyramid.

My aunt Rose Crystal died the first week of September 2001. She was 98 and lived in a nursing home in Coney Island, not far from here. Coney Island is linked to my childhood, also spiraling cones of creation. Rose was buried in a cemetery in Staten Island. At the cemetery, one of my cousins, Richard, told everyone that he wanted to find the grave of the original Crystal ancestor, Nathan, who came to these shores from Europe, to Ellis Island, in 1909, with his wife and 4 children, my father being the first born in America later that year, December 3, 1909.

As Richard was about to go to the office to get the plot number, I stopped him and said that Aunt Rose and the Crystals would guide me to Nathan's plot. I knew he had doubts, but it didn't matter. Everyone watched as I walked a distance away, it took about 4 minutes, guided by the spirits of my ancestors, then stopped beside Nathan's grave. "I found it!" I shouted across the cemetery.

The living Crystals came over to where I stood and looked on in shock as I had been accurate. The energies of our ancestors surrounded us, and some of those in 3D, standing beside me, sensed their presence.

My father, Murray, came to me in the usually loving manner I had come to know all of my life. I embraced his energies and made a soul connection. He had died in 1984 of cancer.

Rose pointed in the direction of what is now Ground Zero in lower Manhattan. She told me that many deaths will happen in that place.

The other Crystals, my father was 1 of 10 + his parents = 12, all came to me and did agree. The time had come and the program had to be perfected. Chills ran through my body, indicating a 'truth'.

I did not let on to the others what was told to me.

A rose, Rose Crystal, had died and with it would emerge a new reality, flower of life.

On September 11, 2001, 9 months, almost to the day, after I had been in the Kings Chamber, 9/11 occurred.

Moving to present day ... August 4, 2004...

This morning I woke up and started to answer my email and write my daily blog, Ellie's World.

As I sat here typing, a gold spot, like a triangle, appeared on the middle finger, in Palmistry called the Saturn finger, of my right hand. It manifested, like the red fingertip experience in August 2001.

I had not been working with ink, paint, or anything that might physically explain the emergence of the spot. I was just sitting at my computer.

I tried to remove the gold spot with soap and water, then nail polish remover.

It remained as you see it, so I decided to take pictures of it to post. I was guided to take the first picture against a black tabletop.

The effect of the flash from the camera is compelling. It looks like a universe spiraling clockwise, fibonacci spiral, golden ratio, starting from the left side as you view the image, moving to a central source.

Scrying: The image at the top has many messages for me. To the left I see an hourglass. The white area is an eye, tunnel, sun. The number 36 at the bottom of the eye is significant. I see an Z among endless other images.

Aunt Rose came by and told me to take a picture in the sunlight.

I walked to the window that faces the Verrazano Bridge, and took the photo above, not realizing that I was also photographing a rose globe filled with water (collective unconsciousness) and white sparkles (soul sparks). It given to me by a client named Camille, who attended one of the workshops in June. The rose quartz crystals on the windowsill, were what remained of the crystals I gave to each student at the June workshops. The workshop dealt with the Venus Transit, 8 June 2004, 6 June 2012.

The gold spot manifested on my middle finger, the Saturn finger , which I link with Karma. It is on the first phalange, the one closest to the fingernail. Palmistry I link this area with Spirit Guides.

Scrying: In the image of the gold spot on the black table, just under my finger I see the number '3' also '36'. I see 3 gray aliens, one taller, watching, inside a triangle. Below the Grays I see a man facing the grid. Below him I see what appears to me, to be a gravestone with a cross on top of it. An 'X' separates the grays above with the men below.

So here I am 3 years later, August 2004, feeling a positive transition for human consciousness that is just around the corner as we lay a new cornerstone.

One week later ... The gold mark slowly faded and is now gone.

I was guided to these images

As is Above, So is Below