Helpful Hints About Living With Spirits

We all live with ghosts or spirits, whether we are aware of them or not. They are projected illusion in another frequency that share the same space, but different timeline.

Awareness of spirit can be a one way or two way experience. You may catches glimpses of spirits or may never be aware that they are they.

They may pass by briefly or live in your home permanently for an number of reasons.

Some are friendly, others mischievous, or even dysfunctional. Some have unfinished business, and others just like the energies of your space, or in their timeline, consider it their home.

Living with spirits guides or other disincarnate entities is not always easy. They are not into cleaning or housework, so you are on your own!

Spirits can be very mischievous, especially poltergeists attracted by teenagers at puberty who have strong telekinetic abilities.

Spirits sometimes knock things over to attract attention. They do not clean up broken items.

Sometimes they take objects, returning them after you have searched for days. The objects always show up in a place you know you have looked.

Spirits sometimes leave Angel Hair. Be careful not to clean it away until you determine who left it as there are generally messages created by the patterns of the angel hair.

Spirits often leave floral fragrances in your home which you may or may not find offensive! Those fragrances subside after the spirit leaves, so don't panic. They are generally connected to a deceased loved one trying to convey that they are okay on the other side.

If the food you cook was a favorite of the spirit - you may hear the dishes rattling in the kitchen when you're finished or a smell connected to the spirit.

On occasion you may find that spirit have left a little gift behind called an apport.

Of course it is best to be gracious and accept the gift. But if the spirit persists on bringing you things like a trumpet and other artifacts from the other side, all of which clutter up your home, you must tell them to stop.

Many spirits like to have fun at parties.

They often show up on spirit photos , their essence referred to as ectoplasm, to let you know that they are okay on the other side.

Playful spirits will turn on your stereo, TV, DVD player, or the phone rings and no one is there.

Spirit guides leave messages anywhere, including your steamed up bathroom mirror. Spirits are often seen in mirrors as they are reflections of another reality.

Many people believe they are visited by aliens or angels who enter through portals found in most homes.

Living with spirits can be fun and enjoyable, especially after you raise your frequency high enough to interact with them.