Angel Hair

Angel hair is a substance of unknown origin, sometimes believed to be connected to aliens, angels or manifestations of the Virgin Mary.

Descriptions vary but most say it looks fine silver-like hairs that form a cobweb gel of some kind, or is possibly ectoplasm. It is named for its similarity to fine hair, or spider webs, and in some cases the substance has been found to be the web threads of migrating spiders.

There have been many reports of angel hair around the world, often linked to UFO sightings. Unscientific theories among ufologists suggest angle air is created from "ionized air sleeting off an electromagnetic field" that surrounds a UFO, excess energy converted into matter, and the usage by UFOs of a G-field causing heavy atoms in ordinary air to react among themselves and produce a kind of precipitate that falls to the ground and disappears as the ionization decreases.

Angel hair is said to disintegrate or evaporate within a short time after forming. I am not aware of any scientific data that can define the exact cause or composition of angel hair. Non-the-less it physically manifests without explanation.

Ellie's Personal Experiences

Just after Christmas 1989 I awoke one morning to find odd patterns made out of some sort of gel fiber-like substance on my navy blanket and the navy carpet in my bedroom in clearly defined lines. They looked like translucent glitter used in art projects or translucent gel though they weren't sticky to the touch. Actually when touched they felt like nothing and disappeared. If left untouched, they remained for weeks. Unfortunately they did not show up in photos.

The lines varied in width from very thin and fine to one inch in diameter, creating never-ending patterns. One pattern followed in a zig-zag design from my bathroom door across the bedroom, about 12 feet, to my bed, then straight up and onto my navy blanket. Other designs were found in the room.

Not understanding what they were, and assuming they were from a spider though it was winter, I went in search of answers in the world of metaphysics, having made friends with several paranormal researchers. One man came to see them and told me they were called angel hair and were messages left by Spirit or Aliens.

A psychic told me they were left by little boy in spirit which I found interesting, because just after she left, I was "visited" by a six year old boy from another realm who stood beside me as I sat at my computer. He told me his named was Alexander and he had come to Earth to meet Sarah a human girl with who he shared a destiny. He told me he would dictate the story of Sarah and Alexander which would become a book and screenplay - and it did. Sarah and Alexander.

On 9/1/91 - I moved to my current apartment in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. I had forgotten about the angel hair experience until they appeared again in my new bedroom. I took it to mean I was living in a special place - which revealed itself to be the truth through the years and fills many of the files in Crystalinks. It is now September 2020 - nineteen years later. Winter Sunset - Saturday February 2, 2019

Did the patterns created for me represent my journey in the Simulation of Reality

In April 1954 - at age 11 - my mother Florence Crystal was guided to take me on a cross-country road trip to Nevada where we had a UFO encounter in which I was taken. I discovered that exactly six months later ... a football match ground to a halt when unidentified flying objects were spotted above a stadium in Florence, Italy. What did they see? Read the story on BBC

While updating this file I received a call from a client named Marie in New Jersey who sells crystals. When I told her I was updating my file on Angel Hair she told me about something called "Angel Hair Rutilated Quartz Crystals". Interesting synchronicity especially as my name is Ellie Crystal. I am in the Simulation as a Teacher and to make sure the Simulation Ends in Time.


Unexplained phenomenon always go back to the beginning of time when records were not kept and there was no way to photograph what people were seeing. Perhaps there are pictographs or geoglyphs somewhere but I have not read about them.

Angel hair was reported during the 1561 celestial phenomenon over Nuremberg was a mass sighting of celestial phenomena or unidentified flying objects (UFOs) above Nuremberg, Germany. The phenomenon has been interpreted by some modern UFO enthusiasts as an aerial battle of extraterrestrial origin. This view is mostly dismissed by skeptics, some referencing Carl Jung's mid-twentieth century writings about the subject while others find the phenomenon is likely to be a sun dog.

Angel Hair was reported after the Miracle at Fatima in 1917 at the time of WWI.

A widely reported incidence occurred in Oloron, France in 1952, when "great flakes" were reported as falling from a nearly cloudless sky.

On October 27, 1954, Gennaro Lucetti and Pietro Lastrucci reported standing on the balcony of a hotel in St. Mark's Square in Venice and seeing two "shining spindles" flying across the sky leaving a trail of the angel hair.

In the Portuguese city of Evora on November 2, 1959, angel hair was collected and analyzed at the microscope by local school director and later by armed forces technicians and scientists of the University of Lisbon. Conclusions were not possible although it was formed, apparently, by a small organism featuring 10 'arms' stretching from a central core. It was advanced that it could be a single-celled organism of some kind. This event followed the sighting, by the population of the city, of several UFOs. Angel hair was also spotted in the same day, at the Air Force Base of Sintra, several kilometers to the north.

In New Zealand and Australia local newspapers have reported many sightings since the 1950s, although many have been identified as spider webs after analysis.

UFOs Drop 'Angel Hair' in New South Wales -- USA Today - August 19, 1998 - Twenty UFOs, described as "shiny silver spheres," flew over a number of farms near Quirindi, New South Wales, Australia last weekend, littering the ground with cobweb-like filaments called "angel hair." According to USA Today, "Residents of a small Australian community swear that they saw cobwebs fall from the sky after UFOs passed overhead. Dozens of residents of Quirindi called Australia's National UFO Hotline after the incident." According to the Tamworth, N.S.W. North Daily Leader, "Mrs. E. Stansfield, 61 years (old), said that she saw cobwebs falling from the sky. She saw twenty silver balls which passed overhead. When she went out to her daughter, she too was covered in fine strands of cobweb. When she tried to pick it up, it disintegrated in her hand. The family car had cobwebs all over it." The incident took place at 5:04 p.m. on Sunday, August 9, 1998. Quirindi is just north of the Liverpool mountain range, about 70 kilometers (42 miles) southwest of Tamworth, N.S.W. and 300 kilometers (180 miles) northwest of Sydney. Australian researcher Raymond Brooks reported that the "various craft" performed aerobatic maneuvers over the farms "for 1.5 hours, including the release of 'angel hair.'

An incident was reported in Polonnaruwa, Sri Lanka on October 20, 2014.

Angel Grass

"Angel grass" is a related phenomenon that occurs when short metallic threads fall from the sky, often forming intertwined loosed masses. Some believe they are a type of Chaff, a radar counter-measure which can be in the form of fine strands, which is dropped by some military aircraft. Allegedly they can form from sounding rockets and balloons, which would have released them at high altitude for radar tracking.

Star Jelly

Star jelly (also called astral jelly) is a gelatinous substance, which, according to folklore, is deposited on the Earth during meteor showers. It is described as a translucent or grayish white gelatin which tends to evaporate shortly after having fallen. Read more

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