In parapsychology and spiritualism, an apport is the alleged paranormal transference of an article from one place to another, or an appearance of an article from an unknown source that is often associated with poltergeist activity or seances. Apports reported during seances have been found to be the result of deliberate fraud. No medium or psychic has demonstrated the manifestation of an apport under scientifically controlled conditions. Read more

Apports are gifts that manifest from non-physical to physical reality. Manifestation may be sometimes linked to teleportation or telekinesis by one or more of the people in the room, though often there is no explanation. Many believe a spirit, such as a deceased loved one, has brought the gift, usually linked to an observer in the room. Often the gift has symbolic significance for the person receiving it.

The most frequently apported items are small but in some instances larger items have allegedly manifested. There are also incidences where a lost item appears with no explanation. That takes us to the concept that reality is nothing more than an illusion, a trick, in which we are experiencing. As we live in a consciousness hologram anything can manifested at any time, the hologram itself showing us it's all magic brought forth into physical reality for our experience.

Ellie (white shirt) in her 9 foot pyramid with Sue Reeve at a psychic fair in Brooklyn, NY

Sue Reeve was my psychic development teacher in 1985. Each week she presented another topic allowing students to develop their skills though I would say that most were already gifted or they would not have come to her classes.

Sue always had interesting stories to tell about events that occurred during previous classes and on field trips students took to places where paranormal activity occurs. One of Sue's favorite topics was Apports. Though nothing manifested during the class I attended about Apports, here are two stories Sue shared that evening.

In the first story, Sue had a class of 15 students, only seven students remaining for the meditation after the class. When the meditation was over, seven stones had manifested in a straight line on the coffee table - one stone given to each student. After another class meditation, the head of a bisque doll had mysteriously manifested on top of a television in the room.

I've never been witness to anything manifesting in front of me either during Sue's classes or the dozens of classes I've taught through the decades, so I have no way of knowing how physical objects manifest. Perhaps it was Sue's thoughts that manifested the object as reality is a consciousness insert or simulation in which we all participate on many levels of conscious awareness. You need video proof of something manifesting to be sure it's not a hoax as most reports are.

As physical reality is guided by the laws of physics, somewhere there is an explanation when manifestation is valid. Though I am gifted in things having to do with time and time travel, physical manifestation is not part of what I am programmed to do, though there is undoubtedly an overlap with the two.