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Arctic temperatures are increasing four times faster than global warming
Large Hadron Collider - 6 New Articles
New telescope to detect gravitational wave events
Archaeologists carry out first dig at tomb linked to King Arthur
Georgia Guidestones Destroyed
2,000-year-old Roman shipwreck that carried the Antikythera Mechanism ...

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July 7, 1887 - March 28, 1985

Marc Chagall Painter, Impressionism - Videos - Art

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works. If from the head, almost nothing does.

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Hajj - Black Stone of Mecca
Boris Johnson Resigns
Georgie Guide Stones Destroyed
Highland Park Parade Shooting
Mental Illness
Large Hadron Collider Rebooted

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July 7-12, 2022

Hajj - Annual Islamic Pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia

What is the Black Stone of Mecca?

BBC: Prime Minister Boris Johnson quits as Tory leader, saying will of party is clear.

CNN: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced his resignation

The Georgia Guidestones Destroyed

Crystalinks: Georgia Guidestones - Megalithic Sites

The state of Georgia highlights again this week with subpoenaes by Fulton County DA Fani Willis investigating whether Trump and his allies criminally interfered in the 2020 election in that state to overturn the win of President Joe Biden. (Sick of readings about this? Would you like to see Trump and his allies pay for what they did to destroy our resemblance of democracy or simply for their arrogance? Would you prefer to see them go free resulting in four more years of Trump and his allies in office aligning with some of the worst dictators in the 21st century - as things he set in motion little by little erode constitutional rights?)

As we know many of Trump supporters incite violence on his behalf. Is the destruction of the Georgia Guidestones related to the investigation which could land Trump and his allies in jail? Trump hasn't exactly been loyal to anybody so will one or more of his allies take an immunity deal and spill everything they know?

Authorities are searching for the individuals who set off an explosion at a mysterious Georgia monument   CNN - July 6, 2022

A mysterious Georgia monument was partially destroyed Wednesday when an explosive device was detonated near the attraction - and authorities are now searching for the culprits. The blast happened around 4 a.m. in Elberton, about 100 miles east of Atlanta, according to the Georgia Bureau of Investigations. Authorities released a video of the explosion at the nearly 20-foot monument known as the Georgia Guidestones. It shows a large section of the granite slab breaking apart and collapsing. No one was injured, officials said. A second video shows a car leaving the site shortly after the explosion. For safety reasons, the structure has been completely demolished.

Aerial View - No Audio

Highland Park Parade Shooting

In a split screen image describing July 4, 2022 we witnessed two version of America today. From people across the country enjoying holiday festivities to mass shootings including the July 4, 2022 Highland Park Parade Shooting that ranks among the more notorious in recent history. I am familiar with Highland Park as I have clients who live there some of whom are connected to local Jewish communities here in Brooklyn. As much as I try to avoid repeating myself - these are end time events. There can be no doubt we are moving into chaos very quickly. Stay safe.

It's been a long time since I blogged about mental illness. Psychology was my major in college. I am a therapist incorporating what I learned back in the day with the way the world works today as needed especially with clients. I was also a high school teacher who taught Special Ed students before retiring.

Mental illness as you know is genetic - part of one's DNA programmed experiences. It may show itself in childhood - often undiagnosed or misdiagnosed - then manifesting at puberty with laziness and acting out - until reaching its peak around age 19 to 20 when clients tell me the 'voices in their head' guide irrational thoughts and behavior such as suicide or murder. Substance abuse to self medicate and balance brain chemistry is notorious with mentally unstable teens.

The world is filled with young people lost, confused, abused, bullied, and more - who see no future. They often emulate what's going on with those in their peer group, following social media, and more. As we are programmed for End Time events this is not going to cease but to accelerate.

This is not to say that adults aren't also experiencing burnout, feelings of isolation or disconnection, experiencing mini-breakdowns and just dropping out.

The influx of challenged souls with 'special needs' ramped up from 1998 increasing through the years - highlighted with autism and Asperger's disease. The need to evaluate and treat these now young adults will help them understand and cope but many are programmed for destructive behavior.

I am a big believer in medication to help balance brain chemistry so people can function. This is nothing new. It goes back to the beginning of the human experiment when herbalism and psychedelics were used to treat mental illness. Sadly that road often damages the brain even further ... but it would take a long time for people to realize that ... with some people today arguing about the positive side of hallucinogens. Whatever works. Proceed with caution.

Natural treatments and different forms of energy exercises to balance brain chemistry are good tools if they are programmed to work for you. They have both positive and negative results from the simplest breathing techniques, to meditation and visualization, and other physical activities you might find useful in the metaphysical toolbox.

Bipolar behavior in a bipolar reality is built into the equation. Life was never programmed to be easy in physical reality - the classroom and workplace of emotions.

Women who have mental illness and become pregnant by men who have mental illness - which goes with additions - used to have the right to abortion in the US. The Supreme Court shut that down depending on where you live - as well as changing gun control legislation. Does this make sense? Nothing does as society experiences its own breakdown - splitting everything from the country and consciousness in the human experiment.

The concepts of free will and hope allow you to believe that there's a solution to all problems but that's not true. Often solutions found lead to more problems in a program set up to highlight mental illness.

It's simple. When you're emotionally healthy - you remain physically healthy.

Your lifeline is determined by your DNA programming. People who are more susceptible to immune and autoimmune diseases suffer from some form of mental illness. This would apply to those who died from COVID-19 and its variants. 1 in 5 people who died from COVID-19 during 2020 and 2021 had dementia, new figures confirm

Large Hadron Collider Rebooted

Physicists say they've found evidence in data from Europe's Large Hadron Collider for three never-before-seen combinations of quarks, just as the world's largest particle-smasher is beginning a new round of high-energy experiments   Science Alert - July 6, 2022

I'm waiting for the discovery of Dark Matter at the end of the Simulation
as we move from navy blue and gold to ... FADE TO BLACK.

The Large Hadron Collider's crowning glory was the discovery of the Higgs Boson,
but there's one thing that could usurp it: the discovery of dark matter - July 5, 2022

Crystalinks: Dark Matter

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