November 2009
Ellie's World Blog Talk Radio Interview With Alana Stewart (42 minutes)
Alana Stewart, New York Times Bestselling author of MY JOURNEY WITH FARRAH: A STORY OF LIFE, LOVE and FRIENDSHIP will talk to me about her book, her spiritual experience, her friendship with one of Hollywood's most adored celebrities and how she put her life on hold to care for her ailing friend. This is one interview that is sure to be both insightful, spiritual and emotional.

Ellie and George - Serious and Silly - on 2012 (45 minutes)

July 2009
Megalithic Adventures - Getting Stoned With Ellie and Gloria (Includes Meditation) (30 Minutes)
Ellie and Gloria discuss megalithic sites, ley lines, magnetic grids, patterns that united them - Ellie's Megalithic Adventures

Journey of the Kundalini - Dee and the Albino Snake (Includes Meditation) (30 Minutes)
Dee and Ellie discuss white animals in prophecy, - Kundalini Energy, Egypt, and Serpent Medicine (shedding of the skin). Dee shows photos of her experience with an albino snow king snake named Adam as it connects with her energies. When Dee told me the snake's name was Adam, it came as a surprise to me as I saw the images of her and the snake representing Eve in the Garden of Eden and related metaphors.

June 2009
Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson ... A Metaphysical Perspective June 26, 2009 (30 Minutes)
The day after Michael Jackson died ...
Michael Jackson ... A Soul Note June 27, 2009 (Meditation)
Michael Jackson Written Blogs

Father's Day - The Remix 2009 (60 Minutes)
Ellie and Mickey kibitz about relationships with fathers...alive...or not! (Healing and Fun)

Arctic and Alaskan Adventures (60 Minutes)
Ellie Crystal and Kari Lannigan talk about "The Last Outpost of American Civilization"
from an ecological, social and metaphysical perspective.

Blogging Schmogging (30 Minutes)
Ellie and Mickey Barber, a writer/blog & website consultant who specializes in
Search Engine Optimization and Social Media, talk about blogging and social networking.

January 2009
The Templar Codes (60 Minutes)
Ellie and Gloria Amendola discuss Templar Codes and their significance today.

Awakening the Divine (60 Minutes)
Dee Kennedy Live From Luxor - Initiation
Dee's Photos

Timelines (30 Minutes)
Ellie and Darlene discuss shifting timelines and reality.

December 2008
Winter Solstice December 21, 2008, Wheel of the Year, Yule, Visualization (30 minutes)
Ellie and Celtic High Priestess Dee Kennedy discuss the Winter Solstice and December 21, 2012.
After the show, Ellie took this photo.

Economy in Crisis (30 Minutes)
Ellie interviews Ron Alexander CEO of a major Fortune 500 Company

November 2008
Dreaming Green (30 Minutes)
Ellie interviews author Lisa Sharkey about her new book "Dreaming Green".

October 2008
Dee Kennedy - Halloween - Magic and Traditions - More (60 Minutes)
Dee Kennedy Earth Dance8 (Chant) (Meditation) (30 Minutes)
Gordon-Michael Scallion Presidential Election, Economic Crisis, Predictions, 2012, Earth Changes, Dreams (60 Minutes)
Nancy Burson Meet the Extra Celestials ECs (Meditation) (60 Minutes)
Messages From the Dolphins (Meditation) (30 Minutes)
Synchronicities In Your Life (15 Minutes)
Ron Alexander Economy in Crisis (15 Minutes)
James Gilliland E-CETI, Consciousness, ET's, The Future of Humanity (60 Minutes)

September 2008
Ron Alexander Economic Bailout (60 Minutes)
Q & A with Ellie's listeners (60 Minutes)
George Manning Economy in Crisis (30 Minutes)
Dee Kennedy Autumn Equinox, Mabon, Education, Vagaboom (60 Minutes)
Steven Blonder The Phoenix Lights (60 Minutes)
Welcome to Ellie's World The First Broadcast - September 15, 2008 (60 Minutes)