Solux - Alien in a Crystal

My friend Greg and I made this video exploring messages received by looking into quartz crystals. It's called scrying or pareidolia - a subjective way of defining abstract images. - a subjective way of defining abstract images. The images reflect the fact that we exist in a holographic universe or simulation.

In the late 1980's and early 1990's, I found myself in the world of ufology, working as a licensed hypnotherapist with alleged alien abductees. During this time, I made a telepathic connection with an entity, a tall gray insectoid looking alien, who said his name was Solux, and came from the other side of the sun. He resembles the description of the praying mantis aliens, allegedly more evolved, very tall and keeper of knowledge. He said he came here from a distant galaxy on the other side of the sun where I was experiencing with him. His energy was powerful, yet compassionate, and all-knowing. I could feel his presence with me as I sat there gazing out at the countryside. Though he seemed harmless, and only spoke of the mission I had here to help consciousness evolve, I never really trusted him. After several conversations, I asked him to leave, and he did.

In June 1990, I visited Sedona, Arizona to explore the energies and grids. Z and I spent time alone in the mountains each day, meditating in the vortices he guided me to along the way. On a sunny hot day in June 1990, in the late afternoon, I climbed a mountain somewhere in Sedona, guided by Z. There I sat, on a mountain ledge overlooking a majestic view of the red rocks and below. One has to climb a mountain to understand the total impact of such an experience. There I was, me and Z, who told me to take out the crystal and hold it in my left hand.

In my hand I held a smoky quartz Herkimer diamond, shaped like the UFO I had been on in 1954. I had found this crystal in the home of a crystal dealer who didn't want to part with it, but felt guided to do so when he saw my connection with it.

To my surprise Solux showed up. I did not feel threaten as I knew Z was with me. Being in the energies of gray aliens is unsettling, though I have never been abducted or are part of their biogenetic experiment. Solux remained with me only few minutes. Though there was little conversation between us, before he left, he telepathically told me that he had placed a message in the crystal that reflected my work.

After he left, I opened my hand, took the crystal in my thumb and index finger, held it up to the light and looked into the upper and lower windows. This is a form of crystal scrying, yet goes beyond that as the images are clearly depicted. The once clear crystal, was now inscribed with encoded messages.

I clearly saw Solux sitting on the ledge of a mountain, his legs crossed. He looked as he had showed himself to me telepathically. There is a UFO on his right and a pyramid behind the UFO and Solux. Below the UFO, on your left there is a woman standing on the ledge of a mountain looking at Solux, which I assume represents us. I am very small in proportion to him. Solux has long skinny arms. He holds a rod in his left hand and a book in his right, which is next to me. There is another alien, the top half of his body seen from behind, watching both of us at the front of the window. Are the Grays, Watchers? The image and energies have the energies and symbology of creation. We will soon know the truth.

Many people have seen the hologram in the crystal through the years. All say, "There he is! This is amazing." I'm sorry that I cannot get the photo clearer. A client helped me take several pictures, the one above being the clearest.

Solux is an anagram for Soul+X - As above, So below, the Emerald Tablets of Thoth and related.

Reality is a hologram or simulation, experienced virtually in the alchemy of time and consciousness. Perhaps your crystals contain, or will contain, holograms with messages that are part of your journey.

Gray Aliens

Holograms in Crystals