Holograms in Crystals

Looking for images in crystals is a form of Pareidolia or scrying. Many crystal appear to contain natural holographic images vs. carved ones, usually created by inclusions in the crystal matrix. When you hold the crystal up to the light and can see them through a 'window' in the crystal. Most of the time this is subjective, leaving the image to to individual interpretation, but often the image within is clearly defined and seen by all. Moving s crystal will often show other holographic images.

As crystals go through changes, the images within also can vary through time. This goes to the person who owns the crystal and how it is used. My two favorite crystals changes after I received them, for reasons given below.

Here is bit of personal history before I discuss the first crystal. In April, 1954, at age 11, my mother and I had a UFO encounter in the desert of Nevada. There I was taken on board a diamond shaped space craft where I encountered a male and a female in spirit and a boy approximately may age, who sat next to me and said nothing. I were shown my destiny, one that would unfold to help consciousness evolve out of the cycles of time. And so it has come to pass... with the creation of Crystalinks, my book, screenplay, and more.

Through the years I would return to Nevada on several occasions, but it would not be until the fourth of July weekend in 1989 that another major awakening would occur. On July 2, 1989, I flew to Las Vegas to attend the annual MUFON Conference, UFOs and more. I arrived two days early to allow time in the mountains with Z, my spirit guide, and to recapture the energies of April 1954. Alone at dusk, in the mountains, I leaned against a large rock, closed my eyes and meditated. I held a light green clear quartz crystal in my hand that had been given to me a month before.

A strong wind suddenly blew up as I stood there, but I did not open my eyes. As I spoke to Z, I felt that I was experiencing an initiation that would transform me forever. Messages where given allowing me to further understand why I am here. Later when I returned to my hotel room, I discovered a hologram had formed / as if carved into the 3-inch vertical crystal.

The image is a man, from the shoulders down, looking down lovingly at a woman, who looks up at him. When you tipped the crystal up slightly, the woman looks down at another man. The male and female roles reverse down the crystal, each couple appearing younger than the one above, until you see a male and female child. In person it looks like DNA around the couples. There are also pyramids in the crystal surrounding the couples.

I have recently come to realize that the image of the man and woman
looked like the people on the cover of my book Sarah and Alexander.

The image would be drawn later that year by a friend named Deja, who I met just after returning from the conference. Z came to Deja and showed her the image, which she drew for me.

The conference was incredible, lectures, workshops, experiences, and friendships with people I know to this day. People from all over the world were drawn to this conference with different agendas, abductees, researchers, conspiracy buffs, government types, people selling products and services, you name it, it was there. Everyone was on a journey linked to discovering that which is beyond and controls our destiny.

When I returned home to Brooklyn, I discovered that the Edgar Cayce , A.R.E, bi-monthly magazine, had chosen my name in reference to pyramids and networking. I could hardly believe I had been selected, but I remembered Z telling me I would be. This was the days before email and the internet. Initially I received approximately 50 letters from ARE members who were looking for others with the same interests. It is how we learn and grow. One of the letters was from Deja, which began a very special friendship that continues to this day.

In December 1989 I wrote the first draft of Sarah and Alexander after a series of synchronicities brought my first computer into my life, after which an entity, in the form of a 6 year old boy named Alexander, came to me. As a medium, I am able to communicate with the other side. The following summer, Z guided me to my current home at the Brooklyn side of the Verrazano Bridge , an area steeped in history linked to the American Revolution.

Solux - The Praying Mantis Gray Alien in a Crystal