There was a time, not long ago,
There came to pass, there was a river.
And at the River stood the Tree.
Below the Tree were Two Stones.

Your Soul came to rest beside the Tree.

It saw the Magic White Stone,
The other as yet unseen.

And you were told that you were Chosen.

You must take your stone to find your destiny.

You may carry your stone in your hand, mind and heart.
You now possess the Magic and Wisdom of the Ages.
Use the powers of your Stone to guide and protect you always.


Woodstock Adventures - Magical Moments with Merlin

Monday October 1, 2007

Z, aka Merlin, lead me to an image of a stone path which he said represented the grail cup, that would be part of a journey taken with my friend Dennis on this day. I posted the image at the top of my blog, Ellie's World, before Dennis and I took off on our adventure. The Holy Grail ... the quest to find the truth linked to the bloodline ... an important part of our journey we are encoded to quest for. Did we find something linked to the Holy Grail, King Arthur and related themes and metaphors? Read on ....

Sometimes someone appears in your life, for just a moment, yet that memory connects in a way no other can and will remain encoded forever. In the alchemical world of magic and illusion, when taking a sacred journey, anything can happen and for me always does.

October is the Month of Magic. Reality is myth, math and metaphor brought forth in the alchemy of time (magic) to experience then awaken sleeping consciousness. Magic takes us to Merlin the Magician, the Masons, the Magi and the Bloodline, Saint Germain, the Persian Prophet Zoroaster aka Z, Hermes and Mercury the Messenger. Mercury brings messages out of the blue. We find many 'M' words which take us to M & W in Time.

Originally from Bay Ridge, Brooklyn my friend Dennis has spend the past few years taking sacred journeys around the planet and is familiar with the Catskill Mountain region. Readers of Ellie's World, may recall that Dennis sat next to me on the floor during the exploding crystal bowl incident in my home 10/10/04. There is always something magical about our times together.

On this day Dennis and I were guided by Z to travel to Woodstock, New York, an area of the Catskills Mountains I hadn't visited since 1969, when my family and I had spent a summer in a bungalow in Monticello. Being barefoot and pregnant that summer, in the energies of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing and the Woodstock Festival.

Along the way Dennis and I drove past a sign that read Rip Van Winkle Resorts - to sleep and reawaken - and its endless metaphors linked to Missing Time in the Hudson valley not far from the home of Author Whitley Strieber an alien abductee who has experienced missing time.

After arriving in Woodstock, Dennis and I walked through the main street of town, passing a remodeled cafe called Corner Cupboard, where two patrons at a time, can sit at a counter and eat while facing out to the street.

As we walked by, my attention was riveted to a man seated in the window. Stopping dead in my tracks, I looked at him and said to Dennis, "Oh my god, he looks exactly like Merlin!" In truth the old man looked and dressed like Merlin, be he an actor from the recent New York Renaissance Faire, or something more magical. His beard was real and he wore a red cloak. Staring at him, I experienced something I had not seen or felt since my experience with EZ in Luxor, December 2000. It was the twinkle in the eyes, that Dennis witnessed as well.

I experienced the most compelling sense of recognition of anyone I have ever met. It was like being in an altered state where one detaches from the physical grid. I knew Z had set this up and was now merged with this man's grid. Breathlessly I stood there wanting more.

Months ago Z had taught me a hand motion only he and I share that would create magic for me within the program. It has worked. I named it 'flit'. As I stood gazing into the eyes of the man in the window, he made the flit gesture, winked and smiled at me. Z always winks. "It's Z," I told Dennis who understood the intensity of the moment as he looked on. Hand gestures used dramatically in magic are sometimes called a 'flourish', but this was a special signal between Z and I.

The man walked out of the cafe and came over to me. It was as if we were the only two people that existed. With an animated flit gesture, he said, "You are very beautiful." This manifested an inner knowing as we connected once again. Something deep inside me understood a far more greater truth than ever before as we stood there lost in time.

And then he was gone ... crossing over as we walked down the street in the opposite direction. I will forever regret not taking a photo, but in the energy of the moment one does not think of such things. I would assume the man is a local resident, who turned up dressed like Merlin in that moment in time in my life for a reason. This was the union Z had talked about when he guided me to the image of the 2 merged hands creating a vesica pisces, that I posted a few days ago. Vesica Pisces Wikipedia

From Dennis ... "Before turning to Ellie, Merlin glanced at me, connecting my attention with his. I found myself riveted to his eyes, as they twinkled and sparkled briefly. He gave me a wink. It was a magical moment for me as time and space ceased to exist. One could say it was almost hypnotic."

Dennis and I talked about the Merlin experience off and on throughout the rest of the day as we traveled around the Catskills discussing reality, our lives and destinies, while listening to Oldies Music.

We drove into the mountains in search of solitude finding the KTD Buddhist Monastery. Nothing about the area, nor the monastery called. The energies were dead, or closed, for us.

The Catskills are much different than in past years, as are all areas on planet Earth, the Catskill region now more populated, leading me to the conclusion that my work in that part of the grid is complete. Dennis felt the same ... and we agreed .... everything is shutting down.

We checked out the master grid and noted how most programs have already shut down, from Atlantis to Lemuria and all things in between, off and on the planet. Check it out!

Returning to places once visited, is often more about closure on some levels, not the same as the initial time spent. When you try to revisit something, you are experiencing with a different reality ... check! Going back doesn't work anymore. It's like producing a movie sequel - sometimes they work but for the most part the initial production is the one to be embraced and internalized. I also find this true with most of my readings. The initial reading says it all, while other closely placed sessions, need to be more of a counseling session than anything else.

During the journey, working the grids as a team, yin and yang, Dennis and I encountered no traffic along the way, not even in rush hour going home. Perhaps we had a little help from Merlin. Wink!

The Collective Flow of Consciousness

Taken in Ellie's House - 10/1/07

Back here in Ellie's World, as the sun set in the most spectacular shades of azure blue, pink and red, we sat in my living room embracing the energies of the bridge, a strong fragrance of roses wafting through the room.

Dennis and I had both envisioned the same scene, the place we would find answers ... mountains, a stream and lots of old trees, one of those places where spirit roams free and one can embrace nature in its autumn hues. We were both a bit disappointed that we were unable to manifest that space, as were drove through several areas that were all populated.

Sometimes the answer is right under your nose if you understand where to look and capture the metaphors. The next day, Z showed me what we had envisioned all along ... a message conveyed to us simultaneously before departing, yet not understood until now. It was not about a geographic location, but all about the painting on the wall just above my couch were we sat after returning home. The painting faces the bridge and is not far from the huge skylight in my living room. People have told me the room is a portal. So there you have it ... our place in time.

The energies were very intense, lingering from my experience with George on August 15, 2007 - the The Wow Signal. For that matter, during my travels with Dennis today, we passed a large billboard that read Wow and I mentioned what it referenced for me ... there would be a wow signal today.

Dennis mentioned that the street below was amazingly silent for that time of night. No matter where had been on this day ... and on other trips around the planet ... we agreed that the energies experienced here in this moment, were more powerful.

I no longer believe I have to travel anywhere to complete my mission. When I moved here on 9/1/91 ... I was told that if I am patient, all will come to my door, experiences far beyond my imagination. And so it has come to pass ... and continues till the end of time.

Dennis and I sat across from each other in the energies of the light from the bridge and my three pink fluorescent domed wall units, my favorite place to be to grid travel. This lighting creates changes in one's facial features showing other aspects of their soul's experiences within the framework of the grids. For me, I always morph into a male (Z) or anything Egyptian. Dennis saw me as Isis as we traveled to the beginning, the initial insert. I saw him as a bearded man who went from black light to his soul spark, then gone in time.

It's always been about time and the games we play under the sun that go on and on in the university of the experience.

Dennis and I believe reality is a A HREF="holographic.html">Simulation that is ending. He has discovered his truth by doing his homework, as all is a biogenetic experiment in time and emotion in a university/universe ... somewhere out there. His path, like yours, is about questing and letting go of emotional attachments to the dramas physical reality creates based on one's programming to experience them.