Just Words...

Aleph, Alpha, Olive (branch) (new beginnings)

Analysis, Paralysis

Arcs, Arks, Ark of the Covenant

Comic, Karmic

Cones, Comes, HE Comes

Electromagnetics, Magnetics, Magic, Magi

Illusion, Delusion

Ellie, El, 'L', 90 degree turn, 90 degrees of separation

Eleven, 11:11, El=god, Eleven= El-Even = God comes from balance, God=Higher frequency of light and conscious awareness

Evolve, Love

Exist, Exit, Next

Experience, Experiment, XBox, Bio-genetic experiment in time and emotion

Eyes Isis, Eye of Ra, God, or Horus (Ancient Mystery School Teaching, Masonic Program), Cataracts, Pupil (we are students), Cones, Rods (of Gods), Shape of eye, Vesica Pisces

Good, God

Devil, Evil

Harmonic, Harmony, 'H', Balance

Hor(us)-eye-sons, HoriZons

Horus, Hours, Horse, Horse Nebula, Creation

Hourglass, Our Class

In a sense - Innocence

Journey, Journal

Master, Zoroaster

Matrix, X, My Tricks

Meditation, Medication

Metaphors, Metaphysics

Mine, Mind, Cave, Consciousness

Psychic, Psychotic

Professor, Proof, Poof

Ptah, Path

Shasta -- Seshata, Seshat -- 'She' is Thoth's feminine expression

Stars, Stairs [Spirals], Stares, Eyes,

Tara (Goddess), Terror

Thoth, Thought, Time,

Torah, Torus, Taurus

Tree of Life, Book of Life, Leaves, Leave

X, As is Above, So is Below,

Z, Zero Point -- As is Above, So is Below, Hourglass, Time

Just Expressions ...

YANA - You are not alone

YAHOO - You always have other options

Friendship has gone from From Best Friend to BFF (Best Friends Forever)

Children has gone from psychically gifted to Indigo to Crystal

Romance has gone from 'The One' to 'Life Partner' ... From 'Soulmate' to 'Twin Flame'

Healing has gone from Therapist to Healer or Energy Worker, from Reiki Practitioner to Quantum Healer, from Spiritual Counselor to Life Coach or whatever comes along that allows souls to understand it is all a genetically encoded program. When you understand that behavior and experience are determined by DNA codes attracting social conditioning by design, you've got it. At that point, you are forever changed and can just go out and play.

Blue, Blueprint, Prophecy, Electricity - Reality is an electromagnetic grid matrix -- EEG - brain or consciousness - Sacred Geometry

Handle Your Scandal

Overlook the Look

2012 Sarah and Alexander The Alchemy of Time