The Life of An Egyptian Initiate

I am El-Amaan an Initiate in the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt.
I have come to tell you about the life of an Initiate in Ancient Egypt.

5,000 years ago ... give or take

There were many degrees of Initiation and many levels of Priesthoods as all things have hierarchies. Some priests were born into families of Priests or Priestesses and assumed the destiny of the family bloodline when their predecessors got close to death. A Priest or Priest could select their successor. As this would not be an easy journey one had to chose carefully.

Secrets were told within the families about the mystery teachings and the Rites of Passages of Initiation. One usually became a Priest or Priestess after a long course of study, fasting, ritual, and a lifetime of dedication. Remember, the life span in ancient Egypt was not long, the souls of many Priests often reincarnating again and again keep the sacred knowledge within certain bloodlines. To this very day, many people still have the ability to access that information as they were there.

Priests would study for many years to achieve the highest level of spiritual accomplishment they were meant to attain. They would forfeit all personal goals and belongings living a life of semi-solitude and worship of the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt. For the most part they were men, but there were High Priestesses.

As with priests today, many initiates did not marry nor have families. Some were said to have mated with the gods during an Initiation, producing offspring with unique abilities.

There were Brotherhoods - most notably the Great White Brotherhood - that some believe exist to this very day.

As the Kingdoms and Dynasties changed, so too did the way initiations were conducted, though religion followed many of the same traditions and patterns for centuries, mirroring many of today's practices. Many Priests later became alchemists and mathematicians.

To visit a sacred temple in Egypt, and walk in the path of the Initiate in another timeline, is to feel their experience and frequency of knowledge. Some call this the Hall of Records or Akashic Records - a frequency of knowledge and a library of information that tells the story of humanity from beginning to end. Some believe this knowledge remains hidden in a secret chamber beneath the Sphinx, but that is just myth.

Initiates believed in myth and the power of the Gods just as some people do today. To questions the nature of the gods was to be expelled from the priesthoods and brotherhoods. One did not question ... one followed and blindly believed.

Lower level Initiates followed ancient rituals hoping to become empowered to serve God and Pharaoh. The goal was to become High Priests or Priestesses a journey filled with many pitfalls, rituals, challenges, quests, and uncertainty. Only the best would achieve their goals and it was competitive.

There was great anticipation as young initiates, most in their teens, began their journeys with only the most basic of training. For those who succeeded, this would be a lifetime commitment. What could be better for a young man or woman than to learn the secrets of the gods and their powers. It was all about "The Calling" and tradition.

The journey was one of study of the ancient mystery school teachings many of which follow through into more modern texts. There were incantations, litanies, rituals, and the learning of scared knowledge only given to those deemed worthy. Not all of the Initiates would remain at the end of the Initiations, only those allegedly chosen by the gods after years of study and sacrifice - those who passed the tests of the gods.

There were times of fasting and prayer during which the initiates would raise their consciousness to attain higher wisdom to guide the Pharaohs when the ceremonies were complete.

There was mirror and water scrying into pools of water
or oils to gain a glimpse into other worlds and the future.

Initiations were conducted in sacred temples and monuments to bring the initiate closer to the many gods linked to Egyptian mythology. There were secret passwords and codes one would illicit "from the gods" in meditation and prayer allowing them to gain entrance to temples with higher and higher frequency as there was an order to be followed.

One had to understand the motions of celestial objects, and be attuned with their energies, if they were to become a High Priest or Priestess. There were ceremonies aligned with these events highlighted by a strong connection with Orion and Sirius and the annual Flooding of the Nile which meant their survival.

Mathematics, Geometry, Astronomy, and Astrology were a very important part
of their course of study as they told the story of the past, present, and future.

Meeting the Gods

High Priests and Priestesses were allegedly initiated by Ra in the Great Pyramid when the Sun aligned with the capstone by exact degree.

Some recorded the return of Ra in what we would call a spaceship to select those who would best serve the religious needs of the gods, the Pharaohs and the people. Today one has to question if these were gods or aliens/ancient astronauts who were part of humanity's creation, for indeed they told the Initiates and Priests they would watch over them and return one day. The study of extraterrestrial life was known to them - visitors who came from other places and were part of humanity's creation.

Priests began their final initiation by disrobing and walking through a rectangular pool of water to the far end. There they were given robes and told to walk forward into the Great Pyramid, to be greeted by the gods who would descend [beam down] from their ship and enter the Great Pyramid through a "portal" welcoming the initiates who followed them to a chamber, or was it another dimension?

Torch carriers lead the way to secret chambers whose lighting has yet to be explained. The walls contained text with symbols not of this world. There were altars, statues, and sarcophagi.

Within the chambers magic would happen along with the appearance of Thoth the record keeper and scribe of this reality. Thoth was indeed a magician and trickster who taught through illusion. Ah ... the tricks he showed the Priests that had them laughing as he had quite the sense of humor, and still does.

What had been written on papyrus was brought into physical reality as Initiates and Priests were shown secret rites as if watching a hologram in which they could interact with the gods.

Some say they breathed in strange vapors and essences, or were given some sort of hallucinogens in which reality shifted. Perhaps ... but not exactly true.

Amulets, garments laced with jewels/crystals, headdresses, rods, and other items were given to connect with the gods, their magic abilities known only to those chosen. These items were to be used for communication, teleportation, and healing.

How long they remained with the gods is hard to tell as time is part of the illusion.

Today people are initiates once again as they quest for the knowledge of their creation. Were you there? If you have been guided here, you probably were. Close your eyes and join me in one of the initiations below.

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