Welcome to the Temple of Nefertiti


Today you are an Initiate of the ancient mystery school teachings of Nefertiti.

Close your eyes.

Relax your body.

Quiet your mind.

Breath slowly and deeply.
Inhale through your nose then
exhale through your mouth.

Close your eyes.

Behold ... you see the wheel of alchemy and time.

The cones of the wheel begin to spin counterclockwise.
taking you back in time to days of the Initiates in Ancient Egypt.

Before you is the ancient Temple of Nefertiti.

Enter the temple.

Pause and allow your entire being to experience its energies.

You experience objects, entities, sounds, fragrances, a feeling of deja vu...

See before is a pool of water.

Enter the pool.

Feel your garments dissolve away.

Remain in the pool as long as you like, experiencing its energies.

When you feel complete, walk out of the pool on the other side
dressed in a garment made of sacred threads and stones.

Before you is the Priestess Nefertiti here to take you on a sacred journey.

You walk together past walls engraved with ancient symbols.

As you touch each one, a hologram appears.

The holograms are the codes of the Ancients Creators.

Read them one by one.

Remember their messages.

Continue your journey with Nefertiti, one that will alter your destiny forever.

Remain as long as you like, for time does not exist in the Temple of the Nefertiti.


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