Conspiracies Through Time

Our reality is based on duality which means there would always be conspiracies and a need to find answers - the ultimate truth being that we are living in a holographic simulation in the illusion of linear time to experience emotions. Conspiracies come and go - some resolved - others lingering since the beginning of time to present day - found in every facet of our experiences here. Who, what, when, where and why... explaining the unexplainable ... solving mysteries both physical and metaphysical. That is how we are programmed.

Malaysia Flight 370

Conspiracy Theories: Hijacking from within or from a remote location, Terrorism,

Pseudoscience: Bermuda Triangle, Wormhole, Secret government project that created a temporal anomaly

  Malaysia flight saga: 9 questions linger   CNN - March 25, 2014
1. How did experts determine where the plane went?
2. Has that explanation garnered criticism?
3. Wait, the flight data recorder has not been found? What about wreckage?
4. What could wreckage reveal?
5. What are some relatives demanding?
6. Besides relatives, have others been critical of process?
7. Is the search for Flight 370 unusual? Are ocean recoveries complicated?
8. Speaking of China, how are officials there reacting?
9. Who was on board the flight?

There was an article in the news last week about the collapse of society. Societies come and go. Civilizations come and go. Holograms come and go. Is the purpose to learn and evolve or is that just part of what we are supposed to believe - along with the fact that we have "free will" - one of the biggest conspiracies of all ...

Let's go to the hologram itself. It has been telling me that it's going to create events that allow us to remember/understand that we live in an illusion. Could the disappearance of Flight 370 be one of them? How about the major science story this week connected to the Big Bang ... astronomers have detected a signal from the beginning of time.

The average person I read these days is savvy to the fact that we exist in a hologram. Most feel the hologram is about to reboot after which we will be in a better more productive space. Some believe that we will take our ego identities with us while the majority believe this is impossible.

My friend, Mike Christol, a UFO researcher in Kentucky, told me Thursday, "The soul is like a drop of rain. Once it hits the ground it becomes part of it - forever losing its original signature."

Mike agrees that UFO research has produced nothing new for decades. It's as if there are no aliens in our part of the hologram - their purpose - reverse engineering and to show us that we are part of a biogenetic experiment. Many of the UFO researchers have died - the rest retired as the findings are redundant. The "Ancient Alien" TV series is recycling old story lines.

The Anunnaki, the Hopi Ant People, the Egyptian God Ra, the Gray Aliens, among others, were all symbolized with big eyes. They are the same energies just different subroutines (civilizations). The eye takes us to the spiral which is our galaxy symbology with a center eye or black hole.

Let's segue to another UFO researcher, author, and long-time friend also in my age group - Michael Luckman, who lives in Manhattan.

Mike contacted me last week about Planet X (Nibiru) to do an interview for his new book. Do I believe in the return of Planet X? The answer is simple. No. I don't believe in the return of anything. None of that seems real to me. Reality is Myth, Math, and Metaphor. Planet X - with its reptilian logic and symbology - is part of the mythology of another subroutine of this hologram. I have always known that no one is coming back. We are playing "here in time" until the hologram ends ... and that's all she wrote.

In the end, everything is a gag.

Charlie Chaplin

"Are you ready, Ellie?"

"It's about time, Z".

"Computer end program."

The closing scene from the final Star Trek Episode ...

"Computer End Program" - Jonathan Frakes

All that was left were the grids ...

Troi and Riker walked through the door ... and then they were gone.

Fade to Black

Hi Ellie,

I had an out-of-body experience once where I actually saw grid lines all across my field of vision. I told my husband I felt like I was in a computer game. I consider myself a very sane and rational being and I know what I saw. The grid lines were a glowing blue color. I agree with you that this is all a holographic experience.

On another note.. I am not really intuitive or an energy worker, but I do have this ability to feel the directional movement of energy - kind of hard to explain. For as long as I can remember when I make an effort to be still and connect to what I call "higher" energy, I have always felt it moving in a linear spiraling direction - sometimes clockwise sometimes counter clockwise. But within the last year or so all of that has changed dramatically.

The energy is now going "haywire" - it is spiraling in multiple directions - horizontally - vertically - all at once.. the only way I can explain it visually is that it's like watching one of those gyro-scopes when they spin. The sense I get from it is that it's like multiple time-lines or dimensions have crashed or merged into each other and they each still have their own directional energy movement.

Love your blog and thanks for listening :)
Wendy Kisicki

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