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Great Choice. Taylor Swift worked so hard. Wishing her continued success and happiness.

Taylor Swift named Time's Person of the Year
  CNN - December 6, 2023

Behind the Scenes of TIME's 2023 Person of the Year Issue
  Time Magazine - December 6, 2023

Taylor and Travis - Fun and Football - 1989

Autumn is the time of the year people like to find a partner to cuddle with on cold winter nights and to enjoy holidays with. It's an old pattern that probably goes back to early humans.

We've learned a lot about love and life - so though it may be instilled in us to find a partner to share life's trials and tribulation - we understand that relations are challenging due to time restraints and other factors. And yet we all know there is nothing like the energies that go with a new relationship and hot sex - even if it is short lived. The quest for a fall-to-spring romance is eternal.

Taylor Swift (December 13, 1989) always conjures up memories of the many songs she's written about her broken relationships and what she's learned from them - melodies in melancholy that thousands - if not millions of people - can identify with.

In 2023 her Eras Tour went above and beyond in terms of entertainment and revenue. For the first time I stopped looking at her as a singer who is perpetually whining about her life and someone who is a superstar deserving all the kudos she gets.

Let's take this to romance. One of the reasons Taylor's relationships don't last is because of conflict in scheduling. Taylor is married to her work - at least for now and that comes first.

Along comes good looking Travis Kelce - also born in 1989 - (October 5, 1989) a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs. You probably remember him when he and his brother Jason Kelce - a center for the Philadelphia Eagles - played against each other in Super Bowl LVII last February - also featuring fun times with their mom Donna - the woman seated next to Taylor in the pic above.. The final score was Kansas City Chiefs 38 - the Philadelphia Eagles 35. It's really hard to beat KC quarterback Patrick Mahomes though the Eagles were amazing last season.

So now we have two Super Stars in their fields having fun enjoying a relationship wherever it takes them. They energy of it all brings positive energy to people around the world and that's all that matters in these trying times. Keep having fun.



There is something about 1989 ... That was the year I moved forward on my metaphysical journey and also wrote the first draft of my book Sarah and Alexander. It was a turning point in my life.

Ellie's Alien Adventures in 1989

1989 is an upcoming fourth re-recorded album by Taylor set for release on October 27, 2023

Sunday Night Football

October 1, 2023

In a world that needs united positive energy - last night's game did not disappoint for Chief's fans and those waiting to see Taylor Swift and her entourage of celebrity friends. But for Jets fans it was a disappointing ending as they fought valiantly - in the fourth quarter with the game tied - losing 20-23.

This had been one of those circle-your-calendar dates when this much anticipated celebrity QB battle between the Kansas City Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes and the New York Jets' Aaron Rodgers was scheduled. With Tom Brady gone from the NFL this season it certainly would've been one of the highlighted games of the 2023 season.

But it all changed on that notorious date September 11 (9/11) - the first Monday night of the 2023 NFL season - when Rodgers tore his left Achilles tendon. Would Rodgers have played the game differently? You could tell by the expression on his face he would have. Jets quarterback - Zach Wilson who replaced Rodgers - is starting to show how good he can play once they let him pass the ball. Before the game started one of the announcers said that Rogers plans to return after the Jets' bye week (one week near the middle of the season where they do not play a game).

For Mets fans it was great to see Aaron Rodgers greeting his teammates and coaches, and talking to Patrick Mahomes, then watching the game from the owners box looking glum while texting messages to somebody.

Mistakes were made by both teams and by the end of the third quarter the game was tied 20-20. In the fourth quarter the Chiefs scored a field goal which would be the final score of the game - Chiefs 23 - Jets 20 - disappointing for us New York fans who would really loved to see the Jets start to play the way we remember them from the good old days.

There is nothing like the excitement of an NFL game to bring fans together - removing them from the 'noise' of every-day life if only for a few hours. Featured during the game were live shots of Taylor Swift and some of her celebrity friends watching from a luxury suite as she is dating Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift cheers on Travis Kelce at Sunday Night Football (again), joining Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman and other stars.

As was highly expected, Taylor Swift was in the crowd at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey on Sunday night to cheer on tight end Travis Kelce and the Kansas City Chiefs as they play on the road against the New York Jets. Swift, who has been recently getting to know Kelce and sparking the creativity of brand marketers everywhere, was shown on the NBC broadcast about 30 minutes prior to the game, alongside Blake Lively, Lively's husband Ryan Reynolds, and Sophie Turner. Other stars photographed at the game included Hugh Jackman, Paul Rudd, and 'Succession' actor Jeremy Strong.