Ellie Speaks at the UNSRC

Friday August 11, 2006, (8/11)

The focal point of world negotiations generally returns to NYC at the United Nations. Today the United Nations Security Council unanimously approved Resolution 1701, intended to resolve the ongoing Israel-Lebanon conflict. This event in history occurred at the same time I spoke there. I may have been in another room, but one could sense the importance of what was occurring, while in the building.

The timing of my being there reminded me that I had been invited to Washington, DC on March 19, 2003, the day before the 2003 invasion of Iraq began, for a meeting that was politically connected in the sense of my remote viewing abilities.

9/11 happened exactly 9 months after I chanted in the Kings Chamber (Great Pyramid) in another unique set of circumstances that was obviously a 'set-up'.

My energies appear to be linked to the Middle East - Masonic Program.

Today I spoke at the UNSRC, a cultural group, within the United Nations. If only the leaders of the world could create the understanding about peace and evolution felt by those who attended the session, but as we know, that is not the nature of the physical experience.

Driving to the UN

The weather was perfect and the city not too overcrowded as I drove north on the FDR Drive, getting off at the 42nd Street exit, police vehicles everywhere, then somehow getting caught up in a police motorcade on 2nd Avenue, and finally parking just down the street from the UN, on East 46th Street.

Security was very tight. Lots of news vans parked in front of the UN, most from FOX news. Interviews seemed to be with important people, or just the 'man on the street' giving their opinions of the foiled terrorist plot to blow of 10 airplanes using liquid chemical devices, coming into NY from the UK on yesterday. "24 London citizens are arrested for planning to blow up flights bound to the United States from Heathrow International Airport. The terrorists were reported to have planned to use liquid explosives concealed in sports drink bottles and detonate them using the flash from a disposable camera. Airport security is tightened in the United States and other countries, and liquids are no longer allowed to be carried onto planes."

I had to wonder if this latest act of terrorism was meant to fail as a diversion for something bigger. This cell group had been under investigation for at least 6 months, as reported in the news. Here in Brooklyn, where many people from the Middle East live, there are cell groups under investigation. This all goes to the souls who are here to play the game of espionage.

Back at the UN ... security was tight as I walked to the entrance, called the woman I was to meet inside, and stopping to ask a black man dressed in African attire to take a picture of me by the brass globe outside, before entering the UN.

The UN ground were not that crowded as it was Friday in the city and many people leave early, summer Fridays, and long weekends often away. With a final relief from the insanely hot and humid weather of recent weeks, many people preferred to spend this day outdoors.

Security within was not that different from airport terminals as I walked through the zigzag rows of people ... for inspection. People were required to remove their belts, shoes, and often empty their bags. One guard asked me about my bottle of water tucked securely in my bag, but let me take it with me into the main building as it was sealed.

There I met Susana, from Uruguay, the UN member who had invited me to speak at the UNSRC. Security was no longer a problem as we made our way to the room in which I would speak.

I placed my books, business cards, and several index cards with notes, on a table set up for me, then greeted some of the arriving guests who came from different countries around the world, some of whom are daily readers of Crystalinks.

Much to my surprise I was greeted by my friend Ben Erwin who lives in Manhattan and works as an IT consultant at the UN. Ben taught me most of what I know about html and has been doing the graphics for Crystalinks for the past 10 years. This includes the alchemy wheel on the index page which became the template for the cover of Sarah and Alexander. Would you believe ... in the 10 years Ben and I have emailed and talked on the phone, this was the first time we met. I also had the pleasure of meeting his wife, Helen, from Sweden, who works with Reflexology.

Other photos of the event were taken by an Asian woman who promised to email them to me.

The one and a half hour speech about reality, creation and related information, went to two hours and then some, as I discussed my theories and ended with a past life reverie, the focus of the speech. The audience was receptive and I made several new friends, who joined me for an early dinner afterwards. People understood that their current experience in this reality ... their nationality of birth, race, sex, etc. does not reflect the totality of their physical experiences which are happening simultaneously.

In the evening, after returning home, I called Susana to thank her for inviting me. She said she hopes to have me back again to discuss my theories on Zero Point. She also wanted me to know that most people generally leave these meetings after their one hour lunch break is over. Interestingly, no one got out of their seat until I was finished, after which I answered questions from members of the UN audience, on various topics.

Karma ... people want to know about their issues in this lifetime and karmic ties with another. Is this lifetime payback for deeds done in another?

Is your experience in this lifetime random or by design? If so, by who?

People are becoming more aware each day, as are you. They seek answers ... which lead to more questions ... but that is the path to understanding and truth. Always go within to get of sense of balance for yourself and the world. You already have the answer. You just have to remember it is all just a virtual thought in the alchemy of time and consciousness.

Peace and the uncertain destiny of the planet is now on the minds of millions of people as they read they read the news and watch the changing face of the world unravel before them. There are warrior souls, here to experience and peace keepers, here to create balance in whatever way they are guided. This goes to global and personal agendas which are reflections of each other and consciousness at large.

A cease-fire was passed by the U.N. Security Council on this day and approved by the Israeli and Lebanese governments. Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah also signaled his acceptance, but sadly I do not see it lasting very long though a few years would be enough. At the end of the program everything appears to become explosive, so this is just another 'band-aid' to prevent zero point from happening off schedule. The cease-fire began on Monday 14 August 2006. But what about the aftermath of weeks of fighting and loss in the hearts and minds of the people living in Israel and Lebanon? In an age of healing, how will they heal, if at all? Terrorists souls (cells) are always plotting and scheming with much more ahead linked to the Middle East.