Ellie's Alien Alignments

Monday July 10, 2017

I was browsing a story sent in my NBC news brief this morning - The Roswell Incident and the Kardashians Have Something in Common - when I decided it was time to post on Facebook so I clicked on that Safari window (I usually have about 6 windows open to get things done quickly). As I glanced at my monitor I couldn't stop laughing at the way these two images accidentally aligned. Hidden message? It looks like one of those Snap Chat funny faces.

This pic of me morphing into a Reptilian was taken at a
restaurant in Narragansett, Rhode Island August 2014

It connected with this Anunnaki (Sumerian) Goddess

Ellie "Taken" ~ Seeing The Light

Remote View With Ron - 7/8/2017

Cue the first image ... the former UFO-looking TWA Flight Center at JFK under reconstruction to reopen as a hotel in 2018

I've seen this image most of my life and not sure what it means.

The semi-circles slowly move up and down - never in alignment.
The parallel lines never meet. It feels like a form of transport
which my mind is connecting to this Anunnaki image of Z.

Old standing clock and train station from the 19th century

Train Station somewhere in time ... or not

Above and below

Ron grew up in the Catskill mountains of upstate NY where I spent summers as a child.

He spoke about connections to Native Americans and the Circle of Life -
which is also a song from The Lion King.

Cue this image - Ellie age 6, Monticello, NY, July 4, 1949, birthday party of my best friend, Sarah.

Suddenly Ron and I saw a bright light which turned into a translucent orb of some kind that I apparently physically entered that day. The only image I saw with Ron was the face of actress Sara Gilbert. Ron and I paused ... laughed ... and simultaneously acknowledged, "Sarah", realizing I was connecting with the Sarah aspect of my soul. Not much else happened in the 1949 encounter that was shown to us but it was interesting to see that I was being tracked before my 1954 experience in Nevada.

I just remembered the 1948 incident when I almost died of pneumonia in the hospital, had an out of body experience sitting on the branch of the tree with a little boy who told me I had to go back. Like most people I preferred not to, until he promised he would reconnect throughout my life. After 1954 I recognized him as Z then Alexander who came to me in 1989 to dictate "Sarah and Alexander".

Ron and I wondered about other encounters I may have had where I was taken. I know I've stopped time on several occasion when I should have died, all witnessed events. Here is an example ... after I moved to Bay Ridge I was invited a party at a local restaurant going with a friend named Lisa. As we crossed 3rd Avenue, Lisa dropped something which I stopped to pick up. Suddenly a car came tearing down the street. I could hear Lisa and others shouting at me. The next thing I knew the car had passed by and everyone stood there wondering why I wasn't dead or injured. From Lisa's perspective, I stopped time, the car passed through me and time resumed. I have many other stories like that.

Back to Ron ... It would seem that my "taken" experiences all start the same - a bright light, time stopping, and the return to Sarah. Most interesting was a scene Ron and I witnessed in the Catskill mountains where Ralph and I, and our three daughters were at a pool at the Raleigh Hotel. Again we see the light and I am gone. Amazing that this is first being shown to me now. All we can conclude is it's leading up to something important.

Ron and I ended with the image of spiraling consciousness and the message, "Everything in reality is a 'consciousness' spin-off." LOL Thanks for the info Z. Look forward to what comes next.

Earlier that day ... Symbols

As I woke up this morning I saw four symbols; a navy blue steamer trunk with shiny brass trim on a ship (navy and gold represent Sarah and Alexander), the steering wheel of the ship which represents time travel and the Alchemy Wheel on the cover of Sarah and Alexander, passing the Statue of Liberty with blinding rays of light streaming through her crown, and finally the separation symbol, all posted below. I have never encountered so many end time symbols as presented in recent days. My favorite is the Breath of God experience as it reflects the end of "Sarah and Alexander".

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Remote Viewing With Michelle

Saturday June 24, 2017

In the late 1990's and early 2000's my friend Michelle, an occupational therapist in Gilbert, AZ, and I spent time remote viewing. What does that mean? While at home, talking on our phones, we relaxed and took a simultaneous consciousness journey through the grids of reality.

Sound difficult? It all depends on the way your consciousness connects to the person you're doing this with and how your brain is wired to move though space and time. When someone is on your frequency it's fun with lots to explore and learn along the way. As we "travel" we discuss what we see to be sure we're in the same grid experience.

Through the years Michelle and I explored: different timelines, all things related to aliens including bases on and off world, and more. Sometimes we had a specific destination in mind, but other times we followed the flow of the consciousness grids to wherever.

A prime focus for me has always been World War II Germany and the underground time travel experiments of which another aspect of my soul was a part. Michelle, among others I have met along the way, also have similar memories. When we meet there is an instant connection.

Apparently there were different time travel experiments going on in Germany back in the day, including the Glocke or Bell, discussed on shows like "Ancient Aliens" but Michelle and I were part of underground time travel experiments interacting with some notable physicists of the day. Through the decades I have met people who remember working in the labs and the success and failures we had under the Nazi regime. Some people I have met remember alien intervention with our work.

We developed technology that sent animate and inanimate objects through a "time tunnel", if you will, though we were unsuccessful in our ability to retrieve anything.

So here we go ... Timeline 6:00 PM - 1800 hours - June 24, 2017

I have always believed that at the end of the experiment I was to return to the Nazi lab through a portal in time where I would be shown what was next.

I've never gleaned information about end times through remote viewing ... until now. It has been years since friends and I decided to remote view ... so there we were in Brooklyn and AZ ... connecting.

In the blink of an eye Michelle and I were back in the underground facility where we spent a great deal of time in the past. Evidence showed everything had either been removed or destroyed with nothing more than debris everywhere we looked.

Over in the corner Michelle found an old gray metal file cabinet that was empty. Just behind it I noticed a crinkled up piece of paper which depicted a schematic for what resonated as a time travel machine, perhaps the one we were working on with other physicists.

Across the lab were tall metal shelves. After inspecting them, a memory flashed in my mind that something was behind them. Sure enough they opened to a secret lab covered in sheets and sheets of paper everywhere. Though we weren't able to decipher what they said we knew they were linked to our project.

As if physically doing this we ripped the pages (sheets of paper) off the "walls". When we reached the far end of what looked like a long corridor, and removed the pages, it blasted opened with such a bright light I jump back in my seat at home. Whoa! Perhaps this had something to do with the time tunnel. Without hesitation we entered the light finding ourselves somewhere and nowhere.

We passed a mirror that showed our likenesses as gray aliens. How curious. It occurred to me to change our images simply by thinking of something else. Michelle wanted to be the tall, dark, handsome Pleiadian, while I decided to be a woman. After role playing it was time for something more serious.

We found ourselves in an endless library. I got to thinking this might be what with people call the Akashic Records or reality grids. OK ... what were we doing here?

Suddenly Z appeared looking like one of the Shining Ones from creation myths. In his hand he held a shiny black book whose energies reminded me of a black hole. It got bigger and bigger until it enveloped us and poof! We were back ... with Z's message for me to figure it out. Hmmm....

Michelle and I hung up saying we would do this again very soon. It had actually been years since I did a remote view with anyone. In this timeline two hours had passed though we could hardly believe it.

What was Z's message? Okay ... I got it.

Time travel, the sheets, the black hole - In the end discovering the hologram

Remote Viewing WWII Germany With Friends

UFO Hangar Door Opens on top of Mt. Adams ~ ECETI June 30, 2017