Harmonics and Sacred Geometry Workshop

Date: Sunday December 14, 1997
Where: Core Energetics Center: Manhattan
Speaker: Chelsea Flor

Approximately 25 men and 25 women gathered in the room for the workshop. They sat on cushions, soft carpet or chairs. The room was well lit and the energies high. The students welcomed their teacher for the day ... Chelsea Flor.

On a long table in front of the room Chelsea placed many visual aids and tools related to sacred geometry.

She also placed seven bowls on the carpeted floor on top of a black rubber ring. They were arranged in a certain pattern according to the note they represented in the musical scale.

In the back of the room, Chelsea set up a six foot copper pyramid to be used by students when guided.

Part 1: Chelsea taught Sacred Geometry and how it helps us understand the creation of all things.

She said, "Your answers are internal not external. In essence we all have the knowledge within us to ascend. It is just a matter of healing issues that keep you on lower frequencies and believing that you can do it. That is why the planet is filled with light workers doing one type of healing or another. It is all the same. If you believe you are ready to ascend - you will get there."

Lunch Break:

I sat on the floor with my friend Yolanda and someone I met that afternoon, Ariel a talented pianist and singer from Long Island. Ariel and I moved the felt covered sticks over the bowls and began to chant. This set up a harmonic that brought others back into the classroom who felt connected.

Chelsea played the crystal bowls chanting in Native American languages.

She had just come back from working with Standing Elk and other
Native American spiritual leaders at the Star Knowledge Conference.

Other musicians played various instruments: Bill and his Bass, piano, bells, guitar, flute, and xylophone.

Chelsea explained that the harmonic tone connected to each color and chakra, corresponds with different bowls. As she played each note it was to activate the corresponding chakra in our bodies.

We chanted as Chelsea played. Everyone chanted from their soul not with any specific sound in mind. John, chanted Native American healing chants as Chelsea did healing and atunements on everyone.

As each person lay on the floor - one bowl was placed on their solar plexus - then another to their right side - and one to their left. The bowls had to be in balance for that person's frequency. Chelsea played the bowls and chanted. Everyone joined in the harmonics.

I experienced an out-of-body sensation - lifting from my physical form. I saw streams of light around me as the room vibrated. I was not to have this type of experience until my workshop on October 10, 2004.

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