An Interview with
Chelsea Flor

By Ellie Crystal
November 1997

Chelsea's Biography

Chelsea Flor is a Metaphysical Researcher, Author, Teacher and Lecturer. Chelsea was part of a research team that worked in the Sphinx and Great Pyramid in 1996.

Meeting Chelsea

I met Chelsea in 1992 when I sponsored author and lecturer Bill Cooper, in Manhattan. Chelsea has come to my home to teach classes on many subjects.

Interview With Chelsea

CF: There is only one type of initiation but it is different for every individual. Whenever anyone is reaching a crest point in their life and they are looking to seek some kind of understanding that would bring them to a larger arena of consciousness, there are certain measures that person may undertake in order to receive this. This is where you can differenciate as to the method or modality of philosophies or what was laid down as ritual purpose in some of the ancient texts as to what their particular purpose is in presenting information that would lead to a transcendental experience for their neophytes or students. Each one had a particular way to do it, but it was still the same thing.

Initiation brings about a transcendental experience that opens up consciousness to the larger arena.

EC: Can anyone experience initiation?

CF: Yes. It's done all of the time and in various ways. Initiation can be as simple as walking down the street and becoming illuminated by a meeting a person, let's say a if you walked into a bag lady, she was in need, that could open you up whether it be your heart or your mind to a certain bead of information that gives you greater understanding to the whole. That is the purpose for humanity being here. That illumination could be just the tiny little germination of seed that will blossom later. But it would spark from that one point.

EC: How can one experience initiation?

CF: You could be walking through a sacred site and suddenly ritual information even perhaps you at one time had left there, is collected again. That illumination is almost like saying you are walking through an interference pattern of some sort that could be thought of as walking through a gate, trapped between dimensions including that of space and time, that resonates with your personal field. There is that spark that makes you feel that there is something of purpose and need there that you need to pursue.

EC: Is synchronicity connected to this?

CF: Synchronicity is caused by sending out a thought form when other people send out the same thought form. Those thought forms interacting creating some kind of effect from a particular cause. Therefore you attract into your arena the very things that you need like an experience that you have been calling 'synchronicity'.

EC: Are they occurring more so now at the end of the decade?

CF: The understanding of synchronicity is occuring because it is being accepted with more consiousness. The more that we become awake, the more we are looking to achieve the particular synchronicities that teach us and so it is just that we are more conscious of it because we are fulfilling the need to exercise this in a quicker way that we feel time is of the essence.

EC: Most people feel that in an initiation you have to go to Egypt or put on a certain type of attire. Is that necessary?

CF: If you want to ritualize initiation just to follow the pattern of what you thought was occuring before, too much emphasis is on the correctness of what you are doing rather than in what is actually happening. Initation in Egypt is quite profound because it contains within it those wonderful energies to aid you and to speed it up the process. As far as the wardrobe it is not nescessary. It is just theatrical.

EC: I guess we watch too much TV. You see people walling around in robes and you consider that an initation. Is it true that many of the souls living on the planet now were initiates in Egypt long ago?

CF: Yes. It has been shown to me that one of the main attractions of going through that energy field is that you left a residual of yourself there at sometime before to be reawakened now. If you feel that you mut be there you will go to any lengths to there. If a specific body needs to be reawakened then you are going to go there if it means that you need to sell your car to do it, anything that you need to sacrifice to place yourself in that field of energy for you illumination. Sometimes it is much easier than that. It is just a matter of intent. The synchronicity that comes into play that allows this to be, is a process that is quite rewarding in itself. The understanding that life is full of bounty. If you choose it to work in abundance, then the sacrifices won't seem that great.

EC: Were the ancient Egyptians from Atlantis?

CF: Well, there are two ways to divide this. Upper Egypt is in the south and lower Egypt is in the north. Both of them were two separate migrations. The Nubians which were a race formed by the migration of the Indian Dravidians into Ethopia that moved northward have caucasion like features. This differs from most black Africans due to the fact that they are a mixture of many different races. The northern or lower Egyptians formed their inhabitance long before that time period around Theus, Alexandria and Memphis, which was the original ancient capitol. The initiation center at Giza was placed in the desert since it was a secluded area. This were meant to be only places of learning.

EC: What did the initiations in the Great Pyramid, at that time, consist of?

CF: After you had gone through many different schoolings of philosophy, to try to understand what the human physiology as a vehicle was meant to do in its full capacity, then you could be initiated. The initation would activate the dormant centers of what people call today the new chromosomes or DNA.

EC: So they have been with us all along?

CF: Absolutely. The initiation reawakened the residual of the former self to allow the integration of the full spirit into the physical, is taking on a new 'garment of life'. The chambers in the Great Pyramid allowed you to go beyond the mundane centers of perception which we know as sight, sound, taste, hearing and touch. It deprived you of those senses therefore allowed more of the chemistry in the brain and the seven fields or chakras were revealed and reveiled in the 22 tarot which corresponded to that of the 22 chapters of the book of Revelations.

Now this is how far it has gone to be reveiled over and over again. The new student would go into the sarcophagus and go through the ritual of second death. There are many types of death. There is the physical death. There is the death of the former self which occurs by throwing off all of the bondage that is incorporated into your Akashic Record of emotional chaos. And become anew by reinstating this new garment of life. Each one of these is a rebirth. A death is never what we perceive it to be in the physical.

EC Would you say that the average person who visiting the Great Pyramid would experience some kind of intitiation?

CF: I'm not sure whether or not that would be accurate unless you had been privileged to spend time there because if you were to go in group mentality and do a mock ritual or a prayer, it might have some effect on you because here you are inundated with a field of energy that has great memory. But you may not be sensitized to be able to perceive it. If you were to go alone, you would find that a sensory deprivation chamber, like a resonant chamber like that of the king's chamber as well as the queen's chamber, were there to open up the dormant sensors by way of sound, frequency and interference patterns. This would work in conjunction with the brain's chemistry to produce illumination.

EC: Have you been to the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx?

CF: Yes, that privileged space and time.

EC: Is there anything you can share about your experiences there?

CF: Most of what I've been talking about has been through personal experience, not something that I have read about. So I have experienced it as a sensory deprivation that once you lay down in the sarchophogus you are inundated with a spiralling of energy based on the particular geometry of the king's chamber. The walls of the chamber are lined with granite. It is layed out in a Golden Mean proportion. By nature of the shape of the 51-51 angle, the slopes of the pyramid this is in direct resonance with not only that of the planet Earth.

EC: In other words, some one being lucky enough to go into the King's Chamber, if that person were to lay down in a tomb, their body would begin to resonate with the pyramid?

CF: Yes. But you have to have a complete reverance for nothing more than your breath or your heartbeat as far if you are there with another person you do not discuss it. You do not even try to interpret it. That could be one of the worst things you could do.

EC: How long do you have to lay there?

CF: As long as humanly possible in this day and age. If yu are lucky you might get to stay overnight.

EC: If a person were allowed to be there only 10 or 15 minutes, would anything glean from that?

CF: Only sensitivity from a residual of need to be there, I would think because you actually have to go through a physical tranformation of what that particular time and space has to offer. The Great Pyramid is many things. Its architectural form, gives it the ability to harness cosmic energy in a direct form. It allows for that cosmic energy to be multiplied into sound. If you understand what the electro-magnetic spectrum is, everything is based upon the harmonic or a multiplication of the divisions of the whole. Universally a complete unit. By nature of design each chamber is a resonance chamber the resonance of each chamber builds energy in such a way that the sounds spiral back, arc back, and multiply themselves many times over until the interference pattern is so complete that the sound bursts into energy that illuminates into light.

EC: Was this your experience?

CF: Yes

EC: How have you grown as a result of this experience?

CF: I began to understand more of the unit of what we call Life - the intellectual cosmic consciousness that allows for the direction of the manifestations of this energy into form and how they interact with one another.

EC: What else can you say about the pyramid?

CF: It is a record contained in interference patterns. Every initiate who has passed through there has left a residual of themself there. If one were to go through that initiation one could collect that memory. This is what most people are looking to do now. They are looking to reinstate or reawaken former selves. In order to go forward you either have to recapitulate all of the bondage of emotional garbage that is in the body now and take yourself back into the full memory of past lives of the spirit because it truly is just one life. In order to go forward all of that has to be collected again.

EC: Is the initiation a recall of the personal acashic record?

CF: Yes.

EC: Do you have anything else that would guide us with initiation?

CF: Don't interpret the symbols, mysticism, or geometry as you experience. Just BE and it will all be shown to you.

EC: Are certain places on the planet better than others for initiation?

CF: Every cross point on the grid is an initiation spot because of the way the matrix of the crystaline structure of the grid operates. The most popular ones are transversed by consciousness that may not necessarily be the type of conscious you want to absorb. In other words the great pyramid has a lot of negative energy poured into it to entrap those that looking for illumination. Unless they are wise enough to be able to rise above that they could be sucked into it. It is what I would call a psychic farming of sorts. This is at every major power place. But that is the duality of man, that at the end of every great time period when a 'new race' is being forged there is always a residual of the old looking to hold us back.

EC: What do you mean by a "new race"?

CF: At the cross point of every age, like the Piscean Age many of the mysteries were revealed that would allow for the new dynamic of a new consciousness in the planet being birthed. There was in a short time period when over 70 masters were here who had the ability to take it from the beginning all the way into ascension. History will not give you the correct interpretation of who they were and how they came to be. All of this has been covered up by the so-called representation of what the Goddess moment was. This has to do with the human race's ability to procreate with spirit rather than with the animal way of doing things.

EC: Have we just entered the Age of Aquarius?

CF: The age began about 120 years ago. We are in its infancy stage.

EC: Why does humanity seem illumination and initiation at this time?

CF: Part of our intuitiveness is seeking this. Consciousness being transferred from a morphic wave form to a higher wave form. So we can function not just on the physical level but in higher consciousness. Many people are going through a reawakening making people seek their personal initiations to get back their personal power. We are complete. We are just dormant.

EC: Thank you for sharing with us Chelsea and good luck with your work.

Chelsea Crosses Over - December 11, 2014

Chelsea's Workshop December 14, 1997