Happy Valentine's Day 2007

Valentine's Day Quote

People often move through their lives without thinking about where they are going. The days pass and they get lonelier, without knowing why they are so sad or how they got so lonely. If they are lucky, something happens. They meet someone who has something in their energy that makes them feel connected. Maybe that's all falling in love is about ... finding someone who makes you feel a little less lonely, especially on Valentine's Day.

Leslie Bohem

Spiritual Heart

This illustration is from the mystic Jacob Boehme, (Illuminati). It depicts the Word of God as inscribed in the human heart. The heart is turned upwards, as the spiritual heart is a supersymmetrical counter-part to the material heart. Source: Manly Hall Secret Teachings of All Ages Early Christian Gnostic texts refer to those 'upright of heart.'

Apple with natural heart design

Adam and Eve - Creation - The Apple - The Mac


The Heart Nebula 1C 1805

Rose Nebula 2007

Sasha and Matthew

The Heart and Other Issues in the Box

2007 will be a happy Valentine's Day for some, but for those who have broken hearts and major disappointments in relationships, this will be a time to reevaluate romance and their lives. It seems people do a lot of that these days.

Change ... it's all about changes ... many of which are thrust upon us out of the blue.

Romantics always feel 'The One' is out there waiting for them, if they could just connect. The One is allegedly the person who will make them feel complete and always be there for them, no matter what. But is that really about a karmic debt, codependency, or something else we do not readily recognize or choose to ignore?

Recent client themes reflect women who are in their late forties and older, were married when they were in their early twenties, stayed home and raised a family, and now their children are grown or off to college. They did not build a career or educate themselves as they thought the men in their lives, no matter how dysfunctional, would always be there to share, especially with expenses. Now they discover, the man wants out of the relationship, usually a marriage, often leaving the woman to fend for herself or with a small settlement. In a tailspin, by divorce or the early death of the husband, she must now downsize her lifestyle, seek another caretaker relationship, which doesn't happen easily in this day and age, as people are learning to value personal freedom and become self sufficient.

Where does she go? The work place is filled with skilled labor, usually much younger and more attractive women with education, who will get hired immediately. Without education and a good résumé, it is hard to find work.

The woman who has not learned how to take care of herself may now be forced to live with an adult child. This sets up more issues as these children come to me and complain that they want to live on their own, but their mother cannot support herself so they are stuck. They tell me that later when they are married and settled in their home, if that happens, they would be okay living with a parent, but as a young adult looking to find themselves, they want to live with a friend or on their own.

The morale of the story is, and the main lesson our reality, is independence. One must plan for their future just in case ... they are left alone, the settlement or inheritance they are waiting for takes years to happen, their spouse/partner moves on, they can no longer live with the partner and they bail!

One woman I read found a way to keep her home, by renting a room to another woman. That's not uncommon if the roommate is compatible. Seniors couples who need extra money sometimes rent out a room to someone referred to them.

I know there are many cultures where children take care of elderly parents and everyone allegedly lives together happily in one house, but I live in NY and that can be a major burden for the children wanting to find themselves and have personal space for relationships.

So as we come to Valentine's Day, and fairy tale thoughts of the perfect partner may fill our minds, we must also take stock of the real world, the real issues and how we plan to handle our lives in regard to love and romance. If you have a broken heart, and dwelling on a lost love, move on.

Running Towards Something

Previously on Ellie's World, I wrote about a feeling many people now have, of running towards something, that for the moment may not be clear, but is the reason they came into the program. The clock is ticking, as is the heart. We are all in search of the heart and running towards it quickly.

I've been reading people lately whose mission goes beyond healing and awareness and into creation. 2007 is the first year this information is being given to me for clients, and shows me how close we are to the heart (zero point, center).