Ellie Crystal's Megalithic Adventures ... Autumn 1995

November: Steve and Ellie in Connecticut


Pine Bush, New York Adventures

In the 1990's, Pine Bush, New York, was a hotbed of UFO activity, mostly connected to Gray aliens, and featured in Ellen Crystall's 1992 bestseller Silent Invasion.

Having had my own encounter in the Nevada desert in 1954, I always maintained some degree of interest in UFOlogy, highlighting from 1989 on. Networking lead me to a meeting and friendship with a couple from the Pine Bush area, Mimi, a housewife and abductee, and her husband Joe, a High School teacher. Years before they had been guided to Pine Bush, from the Bronx, by Mimi's spirit guide, Mr. Nicoli. It was there they would raise four children and become active members of the UFO community, monthly meetings still continuing.

Joe, Mimi, Ellie, Magdalena, Rene, Steve

Anthony, Ellie, Magdalena, Rene

On October 19, 1995, I traveled upstate with friends, Magdalena, Rene, Steve, and Anthony to experience the energies of the Catskill Mountains and visit Mimi and Joe. There was much to explore alone or in a group, as we discussed all things metaphysical.

Mimi and I bonded from the moment we met. I taught her something called Gatekeeping, or releasing souls trapped in the program's grids. Mimi would remain a Gatekeeper until the end of the program - the interdimensional portals on her property conducive to this type of work.

The Catskill Mountains are the main setting in my book and screenplay, 2012 SARAH AND ALEXANDER. On this day, we all experienced the energies of Alexander, as seen through the lens of my camcorder. This is a great metaphor of reality as a consciousness hologram projected in time for experience.

By the end of 1995, I would make an Alexander connection with a man named Marcus. The book was completed on 12/21/2002, 13 years after the first draft was written, the first 1,000 copies distributed on 03/03/03. We await the destiny of the screenplay which will be known in early 2010.

In the fall of 1995, something else was happening that would change the destiny of the world. Something called the Internet was taking hold, along with the original draft of my website Crystalinks, which was posted on August 25, 1995. Both would create a unity of consciousness for souls as they move through their journey into awareness.

Humanity's past is that which is buried beneath the surface of the planet, underground and in caves (the mind).

Humanity's present is what we experience on the surface of the planet and believe to be real.

Humanity's future is where we are going - back to light and higher consciousness.

In the meantime, put a smile on your face and try to keep your balance.

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