Meeting Marcus ... aka AlexZander or Trae

It started with a computer

In November 1989 I bought my first computer, though not sure why. I am a storyteller, not a novelist, so I wasn't sure why this computer was meant to be mine. One month later the spirit of a six-year old by named Alexander visited me and told me that the purpose of the computer was to set in motion the story, and eventual screenplay, 2012 Sarah and Alexander. Alexander had blond hair and blue eyes. Seemingly shy and soft spoken, he told me about himself and a girl named Sarah who lived here on Earth ... and how their journeys intertwined.

And so the story began.

When Sarah meets Alexander, he gives her an amulet - the alchemy wheel of time - 12 around 1 spiraling cones to form grids in which human consciousness can experience.

First Drawing of Sarah's Amulet - 1989

Final version of the amulet

The creation of the book, or the story behind the story, is as fascinating as the story itself. I worked on the book off and on for years, always visited by Alexander who seemed to age quickly between our encounters. 13 years later closure was made on 12/21/02, the first copies of the book distributed on 03/03/03. The screenplay of the book will find its destiny in the year 2010.

There never would come a time people would not love and connect with Sarah and Alexander, but as the story developed I always wondered ... who is he and could a human version of him ever manifest?

By the end of 1995, Alexander looked like a man in his early twenties. Months before he had shown himself to me and several friends while exploring the Catskill Mountains. His energies and presence seemed close in terms of physical manifestation so where was he and what did he have to do with the rest of my journey here?

Meeting Marcus

Monday: Christmas Day 1995:
I challenged Alexander by telling him that if he did not physically appear, or send his human counterpart, within one week I would put the book away forever!

I saw a post on a UFO list server from Iron Simek in Calgary, asking to meet a real ET. Intrigued, I emailed Iron and asked if he had any response.

Iron emailed the name of the only person who had responded, a man in Texas named Marcus.

I sent Marcus an email asking him if he really was an ET.

This is what he wrote...

Needless to say I nearly fell off my chair when I read the name spelled with a Z.

Marcus, a Pisces, was 22 in 1995. Over the next 4 days we emailed back and forth. I asked him questions that only Alexander knew the answers to. Amazingly he had most of the answers and had already connected to Z. He said he always placed a Z in his name and AlexZander was his name Outside the Box. Most of all he understand about reality as a consciousness hologram.

Our first phone call met with synchronicity. My friend Mimi from upstate New York called two minutes before Marcus. She wanted to remote view about the UFO's and entities that have been abducting people in Pine Bush. I told Mimi that I was expecting a call from Marcus and was not sure if he could do this type of work or if he would want to help us.

9:30 PM: Marcus called which lead to a conference call with Mimi. Without missing a beat the three connected, talking to Mimi for a short time.

Marcus and I spent hours on the phone rekindling a friendship that seems to go back to the beginning of time. The rest is history ... or should I say ancient history. By February, snowstorms not withstanding, Marcus came to spend a week with me in New York. Past life regressions have given us interesting insights into who we are to each other in other realities. Though not romantic, we are connected and could be seen as two aspects of the same soul. It was so easy to access information forgotten in this realm that would unfold for us over the years.

Marcus would change his name to Trae (as in Tree or Tree of Life) - AlexZander, remaining someone from another realm. We would have adventures together and he would become the Admin for Crystalinks. He still is connected to me through a computer in one manner of speaking or another.

2012 Sarah and Alexander - The Alchemy of Time

In the year 2012, Sarah Manning races against time to fulfill a prophecy set in motion by her ancient ancestors, the Guardians of the Seed. Connected to the ancient mystery schools, this epoch adventure, spanning 72 years, and crossing 3 continents, explains the foundations of reality, and the prophecies of time. In essence, the story of "Sarah and Alexander" is the esoteric history of the human race. The protagonist's struggle to pry open her family's dark secrets is also humanity's struggle to uncover its hidden past. This tale, written hard against the backbone of history, is awash with mythic overtones and replete with revelations of mystical realities. Journey with Sarah to unlock many of your own truths. The screenplay adaptation of the book, titled "2012, The Alchemy of Time" is in the hands of a Hollywood producer, its destiny to be known in early 2010.

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