Economic and Earth Shattering

Earth Changes are accelerating exponentially

7.3 Honduras Earthquake Wikipedia - May 28, 2009

This is one of many earthquakes that have occurred this month, increasing in intensity and coming more often, with stronger aftershocks.

The poles are melting down and the rest of the program is reflecting this energy with more of the same to come. If you still don't believe the program is ending ... it will show you in the months ... then weeks ... then days ... to follow.

If you are looking for a safety zone ... it's not on the planet ... it's above. Don't think about a sustainable community as they will go down with the rest. As they do, the crazy people will invade and destroy as that is human nature - caveman mentality that lingers till the end. We are not going back to our caveman past (lives).

We are evolving ... but you know that already .. though you're not quite clear how that will come to pass and wonder ... could it be that Ellie is right and the entire program ends (blips out of existence) vs. going to another version of Earth in a surreal dimension of Shangri-La la land ... because someone channeled that intel ... perhaps an ascended master ... wait! That's the next blog ... below.

Think about where you want to go next - not as your ego self - but another adventure - perhaps having more powers but not in this Earth Program.

1010 ...Now you see it ... Now you don't.
10:10 -- 11:11 -- 2012 Codes
Check out Binary Code and Gray Code.

Economic Tsunami
May 28. 2009

As the recession ripples down, more businesses close or downsize, jobs are lost, people panic, and my recent clients come almost exclusively from the business sector, where replacing a $150,000 + a-year job - is not easy task, especially when many of these people are in their fifties. Mostly men, they are good guys, hard workers, educated, self-made, not into drugs or drinking, and have none of the emotional problems, many of my clients in the healing grid experience. Their challenge may not be to find the right meditation/medication to help them, but just as important ... where does one get a job when there is so few out there?

Can a wife who has not worked for decades, staying at home raising children, find a way to earn money and help out? Turning to family members for some money can help, but for how long as people struggle in all sectors. Many are willing to relocate anywhere just to find work - taking their families with them - or leaving them near/with extended family while they go off to work. The issues are endless.

All one can conclude is that life as we know it on planet Earth .. is transforming as is meant. Not everyone will use time without employment to seek answers in the esoteric, but most will understand the impact of the inescapable Earth changes - which are linked to metaphysical prophecies. These changes are like a giant tsunami on all levels - economic, physical, and emotional. As the tectonic plates shift faster and faster, everyone will be affected one way or another within 2 years. And don't let the quiet sunspot activity fool you. It too will make its statement in a big way. It feels like the calm before the (solar) storm - Moreton Wave - Solar Tsunami.