Time is Encoded ... Something to be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is a tradition that goes back to our forefathers and the legacy and destiny they brought from the European continent to the Americas locked/encoded in Masonic Symbolism. Early days of giving thanks go back 400 years or more to the first settlers. On many levels much has changed, but the fundamental premise of the journey, the quest for freedom, remains the same. In focus this year will be the economy and family issues.

As the holiday season approaches, emotions are tapped, buttons pushes, and the need to create a healthy balance in the things that affect everyone on the planet grows more difficult each day .... until one understands why it's happening and where it's all going. You can blame anyone you want for what is wrong in your life and in the world, but it was all meant to be, and thankfully is evolving into something far more interesting and less dramatic. For better or worse, we live in chaotic times. Psychic abilities and lucid dreaming accelerate and the information you receive gets clearer, more concise and makes better sense each day.

People read books, buy CDs and DVDs, go online and continue to quest for ways to make us better so we can make sense of life and help others along the way. As I have blogged in the past, everyone who goes through the healing process, develops a desire to heal and help as we evolve and awaken, at which point we give thanks not just at a designated holiday, but to have completed the monumental task of visiting this reality, researching and recording it, and to finally be going home.

For years people in all walks of life have predicted the global economic crisis, environmental changes, as well as social and religious upheavals. At last we have caught up with what the indigenous people and the ancients always knew - reality is an illusion - a dream through which we virtually experience emotions through linear time.

The illusion is spiraling backwards. Many connect with end time codes and see glimpses of reality. It could be the proverbial white light or something far more intriguing that they cannot as yet name - archetypes unknown as if an alphabet suspended into time trying to communicate in code. You have the answers and will figure it all out very soon. How long? 'Tune in' and you will know. The rest are just details. The grids are collapsing. It's just a Matter of Time.

The answers are encoded in time

and back ....

If you have nothing else to be thankful for this year,
be thankful it's almost over.