Star Date: July 16, 2004

I watch the premiere of Stargate Atlantis and loved the main characters, esoteric themes and special effects, resembling the mythical city of Atlantis. Viewers learned more about the Antarctica outpost of the ancients and their connection to another race of humans who once lived on Earth millions of years ago, from whom we are seeded. The ancients were forced to abandon Earth millions of years ago, create a floating city, and move through their stargate to Pegasus -- the horse nebula metaphors.

The floating city of Atlantis is shaped like a snowflake, fractal geometry, 6 sides, Star of David, Flower of Life, Qabbalah, creation. It rose from the sea of creation, grid matrix, collective unconscious, akashic record, blueprint of this program.

Once again we move to bloodlines with Stargate Atlantis. This time we reference the genetics of the ancients, some of who remained on Earth and procreated. Their progeny moved through the millennia until the time was right, the time of activation. This is the time we return home.

Twin Spiraling Ladders of DNA, Movement of Consciousness, Awakening

At the end of Stargate SG1, season 8, the moment of awakening began with Jack O'Neill, and continued with US Air Force pilot Major John Sheppard, a major player with a genetic code linked to the ancients. Their primary objective is to find a means of protecting Earth from their various enemies by securing power source/cell called a ZPM. Oddly those are the initials for Zero Point Merge - the closing of our program, another Z word.

Sheppard, one of few humans who carries the DNA codes of the ancients, discovers that he has the ability to manifest his thoughts while flying one of the space craft they designed. They named the ship Puddle Jumper 1 as it moves through the stargate and has many cool features. To experience with Sheppard, is to tap into that part of your soul which knows your are here for a special mission and that now is your time.

Along the way they meet a new enemy called the Wraith, who were responsible for destroying the Ancients. There will be other enemies and new allies.

The Wraith remind me of another ugly evil group seen in the last season of Earth Final Conflict called the Atavus. They feed on humans, have the same long nails, millions of year old, hibernated until an accident caused by humans awakened them from beneath the sea.

The cast of Stargate Atlantis is great. The chemistry and dynamics between the main characters developing, especially between Sheppard and an alien woman named Teyla, who is the leader her people.

The storyline opened with a dark skinned male and female parting millions of years ago, followed by the submerging of Atlantis into the ocean. I have seen that scene in my mind before. It is in the grid and a wonderful tool for us to connect with a return to source. The parting of male and female represents the split of the soul when half comes into the physical and the other remains in higher frequency to guide the journey. The ultimate goal, reunion of soul aspects, Twin Flames,

The storyline potential is endless. I really look forward to more in the weeks, months and years ahead. This show is slated for success.

My daughter, Nikki, who works at Sci-Fi reports that Stargate Atlantis was the highest-rated series premiere in Sci Fi history.

Monday I went to see the movies to see the new Will Smith film 'I, Robot', another fun movie. As I entered the main theater area I couldn't help but laugh as they had set up a duplicate of the Atlantis Stargate! We move through the 'stargate' to the projection room...

It's only a matter of time

and the activation of your DNA, 11:11

Tick Tock!