Energy in Your Hands, Palm Prints

May 16, 2005

My friend, George and I, created palm prints for each other. I had not had my palm print done for many years, but I have found there is always something new to discover if you know where and how to look beyond what is apparent.

Using a magnifying glass placed just above a specific area of the palm, you can watch images, names, dates, places -etc. emerge in black or white. These images are created by the electromagnetic energy of your unconsciousness mind, for you now to discover. In other words, you have sent yourself messages that now you will find and evaluate based on their position on your palm, [See Palmistry. ]

Fingerprints on the hand, that which defines our signature not withstanding our DNA fingerprints; an individual's unique sequence of DNA base pairs, determined by exposing a sample of the person's DNA to molecular probes. Both types of fingerprints are used as evidence in criminal law cases.

Palm prints, imprints created by the unconsciousness mind as if blueprints, encoded patterns, archetypes of who we are, forever changing, yet connecting us to the patterns of our personal expression and creation, a reflection of our journey.

George and I discovered that we both have many clocks on our palm prints, connecting our missions through time and Z! George's clocks seems to intertwine as if the gears of a timepiece / time peace. Some of the clocks read: 20 minutes to 12. Does that reflect the Mayan Calendar and the year 2012? My palm print has an image of Z seated at a piano, the letter 'Z' to his left, reflecting harmonics.

We laughed when we discovered a UFO in the 'travel area' of my print! George had a small ufo. Next to it we found the image of spiraling consciousness. The number 13 repeated over and over in his palm, which he told me that followed him all of his life. It is therefore part of his digital codes and is an archetype. (13=4=time=closure)

In the past/parallel life area George's print showed many roles linked to his journey here, from Isis and other creational forces, to aliens. Most astounding were the letters that spell his true name given to him long ago, which he has never shared with anyone.