5 Painful Facts You Need to Know Live Science - July 25, 2008

I was going to write a blog about pain but the opportunity never presented itself until Friday when I found the article above.

Pain is generally not an expression of my experience here, but I have met thousands of people who suffer from all kinds of afflictions, pain being a barometer of their emotional code.

If you are emotionally healthy, you will never allow pain to rule your life, dictate your decisions, or exist in your experiences. But then again, how many people do you know who don't have issues and live with some degree of pain as a result, usually emotional. Remember that all emotional pain will at some time, manifest in the physical body. That's the way things word down here.

Today we look for a body, mind and soul connection for pain, as we understand their interconnection, then address the issues and try to alleviate them. It all originates in our DNA codes which contain the blueprint for our experiences here. Changing them to make one healthy on all levels, has been humanity's goal from the beginning, highlighted in recent years as the program concludes and souls gain greater understanding of their emotional code and how it keeps them grounded in the physical grid.

This can be said of all aspects of the program. It grounds experience here so it can perpetuate the games. That is how it is programmed. The object is to get free and see the trickster nature of it all.

As a rule, pain promotes the healing process, since most people will protect an injured area in order to avoid further pain.

Pain has proven to be the inspiration for creative endeavors. People riddled with pain often like to express themselves in art, music and poetry (the written word) to help them heal. They are generally guided to take their healing project to others, like a domino effect. This is part of the reason the internet was created at this time - unification and understanding.

Pain is a part of the body's defense system, triggering mental and physical behavior to end a painful experience. It promotes learning so that repetition of the painful situation will be less likely.

Despite its unpleasantness, pain is an important part of the existence of humans and other animals and is sometimes a survival mechanism. When recognized, pain can serve as a warning that an injury is imminent.

We process and experience virtually through the brain which is nothing more than an electrochemical machine, and hence cannot experience pain.

Okay ... you all study metaphysics and know how about the nature of pain and what to do ... right?

Do you think the way to heal pain is by inflicting more pain on your body with some of the healing modalities that really hurt when you experience them? Don't you find something wrong with that?

Anybody in pain will tell you they don't want to be there. All they have to do ... if they dare ... is find out what brought them there in the first place and then find answers. For many this is linked to their metaphysical and healing journey.

Along come the healers, energy workers, coaches, pain management people, etc. bringing help to those who have been part of the healing grid most of their lives, in one fashion or another, unable to break the cycle.

Here's the key ... nobody heals until they are ready, then they can do it themselves.

To find the answer is to lay out one's life plan and run with it.

To not connect with the experience of pain, as it touches all of us, is to not allow it 'in' if physical (grid shifting) -- or release it if emotional.

Grid shifting ... This not easy to learn until you really come to terms with who you are and what motivates your behavior and responses. You must learn how to think outside the box, observe your patterns and then you'll get it. Most of all, you must come to terms with the fact that none of this is real. It feels real because emotions make it seem that way, but it's not. Next you 'tune up' and pay attention to what the experience is, view all potential outcomes and find the best possible selection. Don't get defiant if the choices are not to your liking down here. That is when you get lost in emotions and wind up with pain, suffering and a fractured soul. Grid shifting has nothing to do with emotions. It's objective and creates choices.

Substance abuse will relieve pain ... until the soul finds another outlet for the root cause of that pain.

Need a book to guide you step by step ... then go buy one. They're endless. Regardless of what any book says, you may not be able to manifest everything you want, so come to terms with that. Books bring hope but what happens when that which you think will manifest doesn't happen?

How many people read books about manifesting 'The One' and it doesn't happen in today's crazy world? Back to grid shifting and understanding your needs in a relationship, and options available in the grid based on other things you came here to experience. Personal freedom and feeling in control may be the only choices. Get your head out of your emotions and adapt.

Have your past relationships created pain?

The placement of pain in the body has to do with the emotions you need to address. The back goes to burdens, the chest area to love, the feet and legs to moving forward, you can figure out the rest.

Pain is subjective and often becomes invisible as people learn to shut it out and ignore it in order to function, or it becomes a useful tool to just drop out to be taken care of by others.

People either have a high or low tolerance for pain.

Spending a lifetime doing nothing more than finding a cure for one's pain, must be an awful way to live.

Most people who live with chronic pain, do so most of their lives, as it is familiar and generally goes to childhood issues and self worth. It is often associated with fear, and we know that in this reality, fear rules and manifests the worst in us. These people simply do not know how to break the cycle and so it gets worse as their experience here progresses. If ready to move on, they can go to their grid and change it, but that is a very scary thing for handicapped people. Here's an example ... You live on disability which allows you to be free of the work environment. If healed, the money would stop. You would have to work and function, but you are afraid and don't know how, or if you are able, to take care of yourself. Go to the grid ... you created the disability to find out something. Find it now.

There are people who enjoy inflicting pain on themselves and others and get off on it.

In the rituals of sex, the painful and bizarre things people do, totally amazes me. One day I have to do a blog about 'sex and the internet'. It would appear that many people, especially men, experience online sex on a regular basis. Clients have left partners who prefer online sex than with them, as they are in control and only have one person to satisfy. Control ... now there's another blog.

The body can take just so much pain, then will break down and leave.

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