June 18 - 21, 2008

Full Moon Illusion

Tuesday night, on his way home from work at 9:00, Ron called. This time it wasn't about strange lightning and thunder. It was all about the moon. Ron lives at the top of a mountain in northern New Jersey. Appearing suddenly on the horizon, was a large oversized moon, hanging there, close enough to touch. Truly breathtaking, he reported, as he went on to explain the Moon Illusion. Ron and I often talk the illusion of reality, and this moon was another instance of connection.

Solstice Moon Illusion
NASA - June 16, 2008

The NASA article mentions the Ponzo Illusion.

Above and Below

The Hourglass of Time

As far back as I can remember, the 'converging railway tracks archetype' has been part of my consciousness program. It goes to zero point and the underground time travel experiments in WW II Germany (and above), converging with our timeline - time track. Then we have music tracks, tones and cones and physics. Opening the 'black hole of closure goes to tones emanating from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. Currently black hole and creational energy take us to the Large Hadron Collider, underground in Switzerland and about to be activated, to find the "God Particle" (great metaphor). Still waiting to see the date for the start-up of the LHC. This is all coming together.

June 18, 2008 - Full Strawberry Moon, Rose Moon

This Full Moon was at 27 Sagittarius, the Galactic Center.

In the energies of a Full Rose Moon Illusion,

wake up and smell the roses.

Once or twice a month people use the energies of a Full or New Moon to activate DNA codes. They go to special places, perform ceremonies, whatever ... Even if nothing happens, they can always make it up along the way and pretend they had this really cool experience, which is forgotten as quickly as it was created, unless it alters their behavior. That's a stretch ..... Can they really go from dysfunctional to functional by meditating in the moonlight? I have met too many people who meditate all the time, yet remain lost and live in drama. Awareness and change of lifestyle is what does it.

For me, ceremonies generally don't connect. They take me back to ancient times when they controlled people's minds ... or is that still happening today? I love the frequency tones of drumming, but just in the moment. I guess we all beat to a different drummer. Friends who used to be involved with ceremonial work, have all stopped after discovering it's best to chill and let life happen. For people new to energy work, it can be helpful, much like Reiki is for beginners, allowing one to feel and move energy - a good primer tool.

When people meditate/medicate during celestial events, they may think they have changed the planetary grid, but think again ... it always shifts back as programmed.

They may feel an anchoring-in of energies, as they put it. In that moment, the energies are held by 'light workers' who have existed throughout time by many names, from priests to healers, etc. They create a momentary vortex for souls on the frequency (station/harmonic) activated. This can be compared to activation of the Large Hadron Collider - creating a tiny black hole, that opens to give a glimpse of creation, then quickly shuts. It is just in the moment, but is the first domino.

People believe many things. Most need to believe in Free Will. They believe that we shape the consciousness of the grids with our thoughts, as reality is virtual and is therefore consciousness, an illusion of mind.

It's actually the other way around - grid consciousness shifts our thoughts. Free will is something we believe we have, but in the end, it all manifests as programmed.

If we could shape reality, we would all be living happily-ever-after. Consider the state of the world ... not so good, for that matter it's declining so souls will release from the physical grid at zero point.

We experience within the parameters of what the grid provides - that's it at this level. The grid dictates our behavior. Your soul reads the harmonic messages and you play them out.

I know you feel you want control, but the only way to achieve it down here is keep your life simple, positive, and then you wait. For what? Don't you think you're waiting for something?

During our momentary 'energetic' highs one must change and remain that way, or try again another day. Your soul knows that if you do not respond today, there will be other windows of opportunity.

The Full Moon is often associated with things that come full circle. We all have times that bring the New and on the flip side, go to Closure. Some of us do well with change, but others have a hard time with moving on and loss. It is believed that the closing of one door, opens another ... not always, especially with the loss of a partner. Don't believe all of the metaphysical cliches. View them from outside the box, as metaphors, to understand why your life has unfolded as it has.

Part of closure goes to changing consciousness and globalization - it's all coming together. Collectively we are not happy, furthermore, many have no direction and feel lost.

Clients worry about business opportunities, job changes, and a strong desire to do something they have a passion for. While looking for a job in one field, they discover skills acquired through the years that take them in a whole new direction.

Full time jobs are killing people, in more ways than one, many choosing to work part time with less pressure, especially with the increasing cost of transportation. For most, working is about paying bills, health insurance, and feeling stressed out trying to balance everything. The way the world turns, the way we earn a living, is forever changing and challenging.

I don't pretend to understand most of the quickening cycles of economic changes, nor those of technology. People working in the field tell me they have a hard time keeping up - today's technology is ancient history in a few months.

If life, all life, is a metaphor ... it makes you stop and think ... Is the entire concept of the human experience outmoded and therefore its software is updating ... faster and faster ... perhaps for a reason you have not as yet discovered? Maybe a new computer, with quantum speed processors, contains the answer.

Consciousness Shifts through the Stargate

Consciousness shifts through the StarGate of sacred geometry that creates the mathematical matrices of our reality.

The frequency of the program (hologram) is accelerating exponentially, allowing more windows of opportunity to become available and visible for souls to move up the DNA ladder/lattice of consciousness. Each soul is programmed for specific shifts in the grid, to that end.

The higher your frequency, the less you need a special occasion or reason to shift your gears to the next. Why? Because it happens effortlessly and with greater intensity.

Anything, or anyone, can be a catalyst for awakening your soul if the grid points connect and you are paying attention.

Do you realize that sometimes you miss messages - no, not on your cell/mobile phone, but on the direct line to your soul. "Please leave a message after the beep!" Beep? What beep? What the bleep?! The tone? The dial tone? Helloooo ...

Somebody dial the Stargate ... SG1 - Sacred Geometry... Window of Opportunity

I know you don't want to disappoint your soul, as you are a wireless customer, but alas sometimes messages are missed or misunderstood. Make sure your 'plan' is best suited to your needs.

Summer Solstice, Sun in Cancer

Happy Birthday to the readers born in Cancer.

The Summer Solstice occurs when the sun moves into Cancer, which is ruled by the moon, an emotional time for some. People could be a little off-the-chart !

Back in the days of Ancient Egypt, the summer solstice was the most important day of the year. The sun was at its highest and the Nile River was beginning to rise linked to the Flooding of the Nile. Today we find flooding everywhere on the planet.