Mars, August 2003, Close to Earth

August 27, 2003

On August 27, 2003, Mars made its closest approach to year in 60,000 years. It was the time of a New Moon in Virgo, Mercury Retrograde, Jupiter moving into Virgo, and other planetary shifts. Along with the usual changes we make in our lives at the end of August, into the fall months, this added to the energies.

There is much talk at this time about the possibility of water and life forms on the planet at one time, keeps the researchers guessing and seems like busy work to me as I know they will find evidence of water there.

Z woke me up at 5:00 this morning to watch Mars as it 'moved through' the arches of the Verrazano Bridge. At that time, it was in the exact center from my POV, point of view.

I sat out on the terrace in the dark, no lights inside my apartment, just the lights of the bridge, and watched Mars move slowly through the arches. There was something about the placement of Mars in the exact center of the arch at 5 am that seemed important to Z. He was bringing me a message.

A few minutes later, a large ship passed under the bridge heading west. One of the white pigeons flew by as the ship passed by.

I closed my eyes and asked, "Why am I here?"

The message from Z was a completed circle with an 'X' in the middle. The top and bottom of the 'X' were shaded in, creating an hourglass effect.

Then I saw a huge electromagnet, the kind they use in an auto junk yard to smash the cars into a box.

Before me was a metal box, then poof it was gone.

I tried to take pictures of Mars over the Verrazano, with my digital camera, but they came out too dark. I took pictures with my Olympus camera and will develop them later today. If that didn't work, I will try a roll of high speed film.

Unfortunately the pictures I took with both my digital camera and 33mm Olympus camera, did not show anything.

Next Z guided me to Yahoo news and this image.

Is there a coded message in the digits, for somebody. With so many people writing to me about the digits they say, I had to key codes have been 553--->555. Could 557 mean anything? The other digits almost look like a sequence. Maybe it all means nothing.

I thought about what Z was showing me and how this linked to, Sarah and Alexander, Amaan, the Middle East, a young girl, and the Eye of Ra.

Somewhere in my soul this all made sense and leaves me with a sense of inner peace, that all is going according to the Master Plan, the Blueprint, the Book, the Torah.

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