Reality and the Lab

April 22, 2003

Our universe is a university, a place of learning and experience.

For many years I believed that I was a scientist or professor in a lab during WW II Germany.

Through the years I met many people who also had 'past life' memories of working in the lab on time travel experiments. What we all remembered was an accident experiment that caused a breach in space-time creating parallel realities, or a loop in touch in which we remain stuck until we can figure our way out.

Most of what we call out past life memories, are memories encoding in our DNA. They trigger when we are ready, like time capsules, and awaken us to who we are as spirits having a physical experience.

Much of our DNA awakening is triggered by digital codes, such as 11:11 or 333, etc. This is because the reality in which we experience, third dimension, is created by a geometric blueprint that repeats in endless cycles. History reflects this repetition, as does Mythology, especially creational myths.

What I came to realize on this date is that the lab experiment was not in the Germany Labs. It was one of many triggers encoded in my DNA that help me awaken to the truth behind our reality / program / game of experience.

I now remember that reality, the consciousness that created this experiment in Time, exists 'outside the box'. Souls were placed in a state of suspended animation in a reality called Time, wherein they would perceive experience as movement in cycles, until the true experience was realized.

For years my friend Marcus and I have viewed reality as in stasis actually movement if one were to observe it from the outside. It can be viewed as a dream, the bubble effect , or being in a box=3D, whatever works for you.

Reality is merely a metaphor brought forth in synchronicities for experience and awakening.

Z, my partner on the other side, told me he was 'my co-chair', as in university studies. It you say that quickly it implies that he is 'My coach here'.

For years one of my triggers was 3:00. After a while I realized that 3:00 in NYC is when school lets out for the students. 3:00 means graduation from 3D. Time to spiral on home.....

Another clock symbol that is very familiar to me is twenty to four = 2004.

May 3, 2003

Saturday night I 'saw' myself standing in an field which had endless tall crops. A gentle breeze was blowing, allowing the seeds to fly free.

I heard the word germination, connected to the seeds, which means 'resumption of growth of the embryo plant inside the seed.'

I said the word germination several times as I was guided. It came out German Nation. Seeds sewn in the time of German now resuming growth. The lab energies are still with us, above and below.

Germination sounds a lot like 'termination' of things old as something new takes hold, the planting of new seeds.