Internet Addictions and Romances

People become addicted to the Internet for various reasons. For the most part it is about boredom or finding a way to fulfill needs not met in their lives. When does the Internet become an addiction? When the focus of the person's life turns to the Internet to the point it consumes all of their free time, not to mention intruding on other responsibilities in their daily lives. The Internet becomes a form of escapism.

We tend to be an addictive race, sex, smoking, eating, drinking, gambling, pretending to be more than we are, spending money and how we create our abundance, and now the Internet. Addiction is about taking away pain and fear, forgetting about your life, chemical imbalances, depression, lack of love and self-esteem, issues, seeking recognition and instant gratification - patterning. We tend to seek out new ways that can feed our addictions in a search to find ourselves, get help and release the issues. Addictions help relieve tensions and take us into altered realities if only for a while. With all addictions, there is a price to pay.

The Internet has several advantages. It is not only available 24/7, but it is interactive. We can hid who we are and create who we want to be. Addiction to sex rooms for those who cannot find a physical partner, becomes a place who one can create fantasies and experience them. This goes beyond videos. It is there without leaving home.

Chatting online can be therapeutic if it is done with integrity. But one must be careful, as those who seek to heal issues online, are usually dysfunctional. They can tap into your emotional body as a means to feed their issues. You in turn see this as real, but in the end the results are detrimental.

Internet Romances

Humans are a race in search of the heart, the soul connection.

Reality begins and ends in the heart. We search most of our lives for our soul mate.

People often go to chat rooms because they are lonely and seek this connection. They have internet romances and fantasies of escaping with the person they chat with, about leaving their current lifestyles and living together. Rarely does this happen and if it does, it often doesn't last. One must look at their karma to know where their destiny lies. We are here to experience what we perceive as karma, often to the loss of someone we love.

Karma is not real, though it is a good excuse for what we do. To evolve is to break free and follow your heart, maintaining the integrity of your physical destiny.

If you cannot, you become trapped in the web.

Many people have email affairs through they can play out sexual and emotional fantasies. It is about healing and finding someone with the same issues who wishes to connect and share. A bond is created. But is it just therapy? Everything we do is either therapy or busy work, until we come into spiritual awareness.

Is the Internet affair a way to fill in lonely moments? It is so easy for lonely misunderstood people to find happiness with someone in cyberspace who seems to care and understand. Keep it in perspective especially if you are emotionally needy, and most people are.

How do you know if you are having an Internet affair, as it is not physical? Signs: You can't wait to get to your computer each day. You IM for hours. But how much of what you share is truth or is it fiction? You won't now until you speak to the person many times, the meet them and get to know each other.

Someone who will not give your their phone number, is not available or not who they pretend to be. Don't ever make excuses for anyone.

It either works or it doesn't.

Meeting in the physical can be fun but is often disappointing as the 'spark' that was on the email, the issues gratified in cyberspace, are not present.

True soul mates meet by synchronicity, when both souls attract each other for one or more reasons. It is all created 'out of the box', not in 3D.

Please be careful about people you meet online. Be totally aware of the parameters of the relationship. Do not be fooled by fantasies created by you and another person as to what you want vs. what is real in both your lives, especially if both of you need and want love.

The desire for the perfect partner, the soul mate, the person who is there for you all the time, will always be part of who we are as we seek reunion with our twin aspect, as is above so is below.

For those ruled by the heart, the fantasy will happen over and over again online, with more than one partner. This is what is meant by repeating lessons until one gets them right.

Please be careful where you place your heart. Do not become addicted to the illusion.

To know if you are addicted to the Internet, as with all addictions, stop and think, "How long can you go without being online?"