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Halloween 2023
Alchemy Themes:
   Joie's Sexy Halloween Photo Shoot
   Ellie's Wake-up Dream: War, Tunnels, and the Matrix
   Ellie's Bouquet of Real Miniature Pumpkin Flowers

NYC's 50th Village Halloween Parade
   2023 Theme: "Upside Down, Inside Out"
   Video: Michael Jackson's "Thriller" performed along 6th Avenue

Alien Themes:
   Be careful ... Humans ahead ... Mass Shootings, War
   Starman, Orson Wells

Celestial Themes:
   Astronomy Pic of the Day 2023
   Rare Orange Halloween Auroras Over Canada
   Full Hunter Moon Lunar Eclipse - Protests - 80° in NYC
   Pink Sunset Through the Arches of the Verrazano Bridge

Children's Themes:
   Annual Halloween Party in the Park
   Gia: World Pasta Day & Pumpkin Day

Halloween 2022
   Stroll in the Park
   Twinkling Lights at Sunset
   NYC Village Halloween Parade
   Nikki's Halloween Birthday in Connecticut

Halloween 2021
   UFOs, Starman, Stargates, Men in Black, NASA
   Pumpkin Stroll in the Park with Ellie - Text and Videos

Halloween 2020
   Trump Election
   Blue Moon
   Video: Orb Above the Moon

Halloween 2019
   Joshua Tree Unique Home looks like a UFO or Pumpkin
   Local Haunts (Bay Ridge Stores)
   Seshat and Ellie Return to Standard Time
   Joie and Her Friend - Halloween Fun in Phoenix
   Magic with Houdini and Thoth
   Iraq Where the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers Meet
   Steve, Ellie, and The Cave

Halloween 2018
   Adventures in the Park
   Courtney and the Spirit of Her Unborn Baby
   Carlo the Dog Dresses up for Halloween

Space Images
   Hubble Halloween Bat Image
   Skull and Crossbones Nebula
   The Ghost of Cassiopeia
   R Leporis: A Vampire's Star
   Cool Martian Halloween Ghost
   Full Pumpkin Moon - Full Heart Moon Over Bay Ridge

War of the Words 80 Years Later

Halloween 2017    Local Haunts in Bay Ridge
   Powerful Hurricanes are Increasing

Halloween 2016
   "Kinky Boots" on Broadway
   Black Moon in Scorpio
   Ghosts: Creepy 'spirit photos' of William Hope
   Ellie's Superimposed Photo

Halloween 2015
   Magic, Illusion, Thoth, Emerald Tablets
   Inception, Dreams

Halloween 2014
   Ellie Meets a Ghost in Walgreens
   Family Fun

Halloween 2013
   Candle Magic
   CMEs and Spooky Auroras
   Spooky New Moon Solar Eclipse 11° Scorpio

Halloween 2012
   Mayan Calendar
   Hurricane Sandy Hits

Halloween 2011
   Matthew and Noah Trick or Treat after a surprise Nor'easter

Halloween 2010
   Time Travel With Ellie

Halloween 2009
   Owls On Halloween
   White Owls symbolize (transformation) death and rebirth

Halloween 2008
   Wheel of the Year
   Pentagram Geometry With Music
   Ellie with her Dee Kennedy Blog Talk Radio - Pentagram

Halloween 2007

Halloween 2006
   Life Can Be Scary Even When It's Not Halloween

Halloween 2005
   Dream of Losing My Identity
   Newborn Noah on Halloween
   Ellie's Head in Pics Looks Like a Pumpkin
   Ellie Morphs Into Dilmun an Anunnaki Alien
   Noah and Dilmun - Gilgamesh and Flood Stories

Halloween 2004
Skull and Bones, Presidents and Destiny

Halloween 2003
   Wheel of the Year

Halloween 2002
12 Days of Magic
   Day 1: October 21, 2002 - Full Moon Meditation With Music
   Day 2: October 22, 2002 - Alien Connections
   Day 3: October 23, 2002 - You Are The Alchemist
   Day 4: October 24, 2002 - Becoming Invisible
   Day 5: October 25, 2002 - Creating A Plasma Ball
   Day 6: October 26, 2002 - Candle Magic
   Day 7: October 27, 2002 - Conjuring Up A Ghost
   Day 8: October 28, 2002 - The Power of the Circle
   Day 9: October 29, 2002 - Witchcraft
   Day 10: October 30 - Magic Day
   Day 11: October 31 - Halloween - Samhain
   Day 12: November 1 - Day of the Dead - All Saints Day

Halloween 2001
   Working at a Psychic Event in Manhattan after 9/11

Halloween 2000
   Dealing With Your Issues