Michael is my grandson.

Michael, "Who's there?" (ET shivering!)

"Hello little ET. I'm Michael from planet Earth! Please don't be afraid. I won't harm you. Take my hand and I'll keep you safe." "Michael, my ship crashed and I am abandoned here on this planet."

"Don't worry little ET. You've crashed on planet Earth! UFO's crash here all the time! Wrap my cape around you. I will take you home." "Thank you Michael, but that is a long long way!

"Which star is yours, ET?"

"The universe is such a big place! I am not sure."

"No problem, little ET! We will find help on planet Earth.

"Let's ask the dolphins! They will show us the way." The dolphins told them, "Look for the crystals . . . They will guide your way home".

"Say good-by to planet Earth, ET, we're on our way!"

In a universe that stretches as far as the mind can imagine . . .

ET and Michael journeyed to the land of the Purple Crystal People where they met a Purple Wizard who told them that the way home was to follow the golden road - through the purple crown.

ET and Michael found themselves in the land of the Blue Crystal Pyramids . . . the land of 'beings of light' . . . As they moved through the pyramids, seeking answers . . . two beings of light emerged from the blue crystals and spoke to them, "The answers you seek shall come if you follow the white light." In the distance they could see the light . . . They followed the light . . .

to the land of the Golden Crystal People where they met a beautiful white Dove. "Fly with me," she told them. They felt peace and love as they flew with her to . . .

the land of the Magenta Crystals Keepers who have the records of the whole Universe. The records told them that in order to find their way home . . . they must pass through the hardest challenge of all . . .

The Sacred Green Portal of the Alchemy and the Heart . . . With love in their hearts they journeyed through the portal.

At last they arrived - in the home of ET - the place where all creation begins.

"I'm finally home Michael! They're sending a ship to take me the rest of the way! Would you like to stay with me?"

"No, I cannot remain here! I must go back to my assignment on planet Earth."

"Then take this new flower (of life) back with you, Michael. Plant one of its seeds in your field where the dandelions grow free. From that seed a new root race shall grow and we shall know each other in a new way.

"I love you, ET. I shall miss you!" "And I you, my dear friend!"

"Until we meet again . . . we shall remain as ONE through the Light!"