Sequence Dreams of Creation

Saturday September 11 (9/11) - September 12 (9/12)

Ongoing Dream Sequences through the night 10:00 pm - 8:00 am

I took notes each time I woke up ... then fell rightback to sleep. I keep a writing pad in the top draw of my night stand in case I need to remember something from dream time. Remember that as your consciousness spirals back into 3D, physical, awareness you forget the experiences you have in higher frequency. I rarely remember dreams and generally sleep soundly through the night. During this night I had 4 dreams with the same theme "Creation". They were all vivid and meaningful.

Wake-up dream #1- Midnight

I hear, "Tell the readers of your blog that Atlantis Rising means the evolution of consciousness." I see an egg and a peach pit. (Peach=Balance. Pit=Seed)

Wake-up dream #2 - 2:00 am

I hear, "Biogenetic Experiment."

I am a Spirit in the Void with a Male Spirit who is on my left. I see an egg made out of anti-matter which contains musical notes and symbols all of which are in motion. The egg is inserted into a woman's womb. Creation has begun.

Wake-up dream #3 - 4:27 am

4=time. 27=9=endings. 27 reversed=72=sacred geometry.

I enter the gynecologistŐs office in my building which is on the street floor. Though I don't look pregnant, I know that I am and have to be there for a check-up. The waiting room is busy with lots of women, some of who are there with men. I put my black bag/purse down on a chair near the receptionist's desk and give her my name.

I turn to get my black bag and it's gone. I don't panic as I walk around the room looking for it. Everyone in the room has a black bag also. The receptionist comes over and I explain what happened. She asks if there was anything important in the bag. I tell her I must have my keys (answers), my ID (identity), and my money (power), in that order.

ID goes to the Id, Freud.

Wake-up dream #4 - 8:00 am

I am back in the gynecologistŐs office, which is busy again. I realize I have time to run some errands. I find myself at 92 Street & 4th Avenue, a main street in my area. 92=9/11- Saturday's date. 4=time. It is 4 blocks away is the entrance to the Verrazano Bridge.

I am in the office of my old gynecologist who originally had the office space in my building, but moved 3 years ago. I ask his receptionist if the doctor has time to see me as I feel I am running out of time. She says the doctor has no time as he has to deliver a baby.

I look at my watch. It reads: 4:40 I rush home to be there in time to keep my 5:00 appointment with the new doctor who is a woman.

8:00 am - I woke up, lay in bed writing my notes about the final chapter of the dream, then happen to glance at the cable box on the TV across the room. It read: 8. I never watch anything on Channel 8. I have no idea what's on channel 8 or how it came to be there. Could it means 8 years from now, 2012?

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