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Hello Ellie,

My name is Peter Goldbeck. I'm a musican and a healer. As a Reiki Master I also do Reconnective Healing, Infinite Energy Rays, and other techniques in my work. I'm a friend of Leah, the woman who sent you this photo. I took it on September 19, a week after 9/11/2001, in Bay Plaza Shopping Center, which is in Co-op City in Bronx NY. This followed a cluster of a dozen unidentified flying objects (lights) that appeared in broad daylight, 2 pm Saturday afternoon September 15, 2001, pretty wild because nothing ever happens in the Bronx.

Anyway on the 19th, around 3pm, I got out of my car as I noticed people were pointing at the sky. A friend named Satoko was with me. I immediately thought that perhaps the UFO "lights" had returned, but to my surprise it was a tiny isolated cloud that was filled with the colors of the rainbow. The rainbow was only in this tiny cloud directly above us.

Suddenly Satoko shouted, "Look!"

As she pointed to the Sun, a small miniature sun formed to the left of the large sun and filled with the colors of the rainbow. A large crowd was now forming in the parking lot near Pathmark, observing this phenomena.

Then I shouted, "Look to the right of the Sun!" As I pointed, another miniature sun, also with a rainbow in it, formed in front of our eyes. People were flipping out because we are now looking at 3 suns....the 2 smaller ones had rainbows and the rainbow cloud above us was still clearly visible. I had a throw-away camera from a Rite-Aid Drugstore, so I quickly started taking snapshots.

A week later, after the film was developed, the 3 suns didn't come out very well because the cheap camera couldn't handle shooting right into the sun. But instead of a little tiny rainbow cloud there was this HUGE cloud that looked like a ballerina or an "Angel" with a trace of the rainbow in the center.

We were shocked because what we saw was so much different from what was captured on film....Is this spirit photography? I'm still amazed when I see it. Since then I have seen 5 different rainbow clouds at different times and locations, almost like they follow me.

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